Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Time for a quick gratitude list. My life is full. Even when I feel empty, my life is full. I'm thankful for:

*A trip to the MN State 14U hockey tournament this coming weekend for my oldest daughter Ryan. She and her team have worked their BUTTS off for this. I'm so excited to see her SO excited. She can't sleep. She's her mother's daughter.

*A WIN in the District championship for Reese's team. She scored the gamewinning goal in overtime and I may or may not have kicked another mom in the head with my boot.

*A little 8 year old boy with who LOVES when his mom comes to watch him play around at Memorial!

*This beautiful little boy, my nephew Cohen, who has led a more difficult life that any 20 month old child should EVER have to live.....

*My friends J and B who have continually showered me in support. Very few of my "tangible" friends are runners but yet I'm so blessed to have a couple who really seem to understand what it means to me. SO much help with my kids. Just a quiet understanding.

*My "internet" friends. Honestly, I would not have ever believed I would have "internet" friends but I must admit there are a few who are SO NEAR and DEAR to my heart.

*Mail therapy from an internet friend that totally makes my day:)

*My husband..... 99 leg rubs, 2 tubes of icy hot, at least 100 "I love you's", 4 Netflix seasons of Modern Family, 4 bottles of Cabernet, nachos, notes of encouragement, spoken words of encouragement, personal research, blank checks, strong hands, bear hugs, and a lot of coffee made MY way.

I'm not overly present in blogworld these days. For those potential 6 readers that I don't keep in contact with but perhaps you read my blog and wonder if I'm still alive, I am:)

Short and sweet. I am once again down for the count. A recent MRI for a pain in my right leg has left me with a useless Boston confirmation hanging on my bulletin board. This is somewhat significant injury #4 in 3 years of running. A WHOLE lot of info and thoughts going through my mind.. I will have some time to process them in the next few weeks and make a plan for the future here. I feel a change comin' on...I'm ready:)


Suzy said...

It sounds like your cup over-floweth! Good to know you are still alive. :)

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

What a great list and so important to think about when you are sidelined with an injury. So sorry that you are :(

Congrats to your girls and their great hockey achievements this year! That is awesome! And what a good husband to make coffee your way!!

I'll be looking for more infor on your injury but I do hope it isn't too serious and you get to feeling better soon!

mfranks said...

Feeling for You. It makes me so happy to see you are a hockey mom: ) always love the photos.

Not sure if you are cleared to cross train or not, one thing I like to do when I am hurt is go through a few really good books I haven't had the chance to read when I am running. Do You have an indoor training? I bought Satan's for my bike last year...it was like 100 bucks at dicks sporting goods. One of the best purchases I have made to date.
Take care! Sending well wishes your way!- M

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

So happy to see you back here. Your posts were missed:)

Love the pictures! Reese and Ryan look so happy! And Max skating? OMG, Truly amazing, and such dedication to keep doing the same thing over and over and over. Such good life lessons:0

Yes, you do have great friends, because of who YOU are Jenn. Such a great friend who continues to encourage me daily even when hurt. Excited about the "changes":) and I know you will come back stronger and faster - cliché, but true in your case!

middleagedrunner said...

I always love your posts and wish you posted every day. :-)
Gosh, maybe you have a few other things going on and that's why you don't? HAHA, quality over quantity- that's what I always say.
Your kids are amazing little athletes (good genetics!)
I'm horrified about your leg- so Boston is off the list? BUMMER. There is a good chance that I'll be down there ringing cowbell and you are one runner/blogger who I would have loved to run into...

Johann said...

Lovely thank you post! We are indeed blessed and need to see it more often. I hope the injury will be sorted out soon. I've been very lucky with injuries. I've had only 2 running injuries in 30.5 years of running.

Julie Arts said...

sorry about the injury :-(

You are a blessed, woman, though! Your life is full of PEOPLE...and that is really all that matters!!!

Allison said...

Oh Jenn! Boo to injuries. I am bummed for you, but I know that there are many blessings in your life that are helping you through this. Your kiddos and husband are the COOLEST ever. Keep your chin up and looking forward to hearing what's up next for you. Take care!

Raina said...

It sure helps me to write out these lists of thanks too. There are really SO many things to be thankful for. Looking at the smiles on your kids faces makes it all worth it!!

Thinking of Cohen today and praying that he and his parents get the help they need. He is so handsome and so brave.

Non running friends who "get" what is going on in regards to injury- that is amazing. I think most people have a hard time relating. One or two people in my life get it.

Injury can sure be a catalyst for some life-changing decisions. I am on stand-by for whatever road this takes you down. Fully trusting that it will be a good one :)

Becky said...

LOVE to ready your posts so glad to see you posting again. I also love how you list your blessings are aware of each and every one of them!
Sorry to hear about the injury. I hope that you can recover from it soon or that you can find joy (and I know you will) in other things along the way!

ajh said...

Sorry to hear about that injury. That is terrible. You must be very frustrated.
Congrats to your wonderful kids for all they accomplish.

XLMIC said...

Ack! I am so bummed to hear that you are hurting :( I sure wish I could do something to make it all better! Here's hoping that you heal and are able to find a good outlet until you're able to run the way you want to again :)

Your kids are, as always, amazing! So beautiful and talented! And what a great guy you have there...so, so many things for which to be thankful!

And it is so good to see your words :)

Jill said...

Well, I am the 13th commenter so you actually have at least 13 following your blog...and there's no Amanda yeton here so I know that's at least 14 :).

I hope Cohen gets great care and comes out one happy little boy after all this. Prayers sent to you and your family.

Now get over that injury right now so you can get to Boston happy and healthy. No more injury, okay? Okay!

Your kiddos are truly amazing! Congratulations to all of them, I know you are super proud!!!!!!

Miss you dearly!

Jenn said...


@Meg-Thank you:) I will just email you but I'm obviously redneck and have no idea what Satan's are for a bike....Sounds like I NEED them:)

@AM-Thanks as well-you know well how much I value your friendship and the support you've provided ME. You are incredibly easy to encourage as everything about you radiates positivity!

@ Middle Aged Runner-Boston off yes but where will you be on the course? Just curious:)

@Raina-SO thankful you're on standby:) And my friends don't necessarily get "it" but they get "me" and that's what matters.

@Becky-makes me smile to know there are people out there that actually like my blog!

@XLMIC-Thank you. Come over for meatloaf so we can visit:)

@Jill-like I said, lucky #13. You are the one here that has seen me and hugged me in the flesh. Miss you too!

@Everyone I missed-thanks for the smiles. Sometimes I forget how much I appreciate the support I've found through this blog.

Amanda@runninghood said...

and Here I am...better late than never. Sorry it took me so long. I probably would have missed this completely had I not scrolled down on my blog roll on a whim. So glad I did because your posts have been missed oh so much. Ah, I forget how much I love your "blog voice" where I get to see pictures and words. Most of this I already know as you are one of my nearest and dearest friends even though I've never met you. Would love to hear more of the changes you feel coming on...e-mail coming soon.
You know I pray daily for Cohen. And I'm so so impressed with your kids and you as a mother. Gosh, you have given them something so amazing. You've put so much of yourself into this Hockey thing too and I can only imagine how happy you must have been to see Reese get the winning shot.
As you know, I'm thinking of you daily about this injury and even though I don't ask you about it every day, you are constantly on my mind. Boston won't be the same without you. period. I love you Jenn. So glad to see this post. Do tell what a SAtan's is when you find out.

Caroline said...

Jill stole my idea of saying there were more than 6...
6? where did you get that number from...6...
I am 14th...
I miss your posts also
I like reading about the kids..I should be a hockey mom too. I am a soccer mom..that is ok.

ok the injury..that makes me so sad.. no Boston..for sure...this is a nasty one..I am so sorry.

lindsay said...

Am I one of those 6 people? I mean, I know I'm not nearly as speedy as you and Amanda'hood and AM...

I'm sorry to hear about your leg situation :( I know you are bummed! Maybe if you weren't kicking other mom's in the head you wouldn't have broken it ;) kidding... Disappointed there was no photo of the high kick though!

As someone who has been benched for months (even though mine isn't an "injury"), I feel your pain and heartache. Hang in there!

Congrats to your kiddos - how awesome!

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

So sorry to hear about your injury! That sucks. It's so great to see that you're staying positive and focusing on all of your blessings, though. It sounds like you have many things to be thankful for. :)

GoBigGreen said...

Hey let me know if you need any PT advice! I never did that 10 miler, it closed, the nerve! :) hope you are doing ok, at least its nice out and you arent hobbling around in a blizzard!

Suz said...

So sorry about your injury. I have a hip stress reaction after the hip stress fracture last year. Have only been running 2 years. I feel you! Hope you're running again very soon.

Suz said...

So sorry about your injury. I have a hip stress reaction after the hip stress fracture last year. Have only been running 2 years. I feel you! Hope you're running again very soon.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

haven't checked in for a while and I'm sad in catching up, to find you injured so close to Boston.

your daughter is amazing, congrats to her. such special times for you and the family. Enjoy!

take care Jenn

robinbb said...

Hugs to you Jenn. I hate reading about your injury because I know you were going to kill Boston. Cohen has stolen my thoughts this past week and hope that things are going better for him and his poor mom. I loved following your weekend at State, you must be a proud Mama!

Jill said...

It appears you have 23 friends who love you dearly!! :)

Hope all is freaking awesome with you!

Anonymous said...

I will keep reading and expect nothing in return from you. For now. Kidding :)

I'm so sorry about this injury. Your head seems in the right place even if it took some time to get here. Just like you, your gratitude list is inspiring and you will overcome yet another setback. I know you've 'been there done that' but I sincerely hope you can find a new way to enjoy what you love. Sidelined with injuries are a great time to get real with yourself.

Meg said...

Your blog has been one that I check often, I'm with you in spirit, girl! You have SO much to fill your life with love and you give back just as much...and soon your leg stuff will be over and you will be back to do another thing that you love. Stay strong, have faith, be positive!!
By the way, it's so fun to watch your kiddos grown up and do their different things!

Abbie Anderson said...

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