Friday, March 30, 2012

A little behind the ball....but a random update for old time's sake:)

So, again a bit of a hiatus from the blogworld. My followers are dropping like flies-ha! Time for a random news dump!


Ryan's team was State Runner Up in 14UA hockey this year. Teeny tiny association in Northern Minnesota playing against the large associations of the metro and finishing SECOND in the state!!! A weekend full of HUGE smiles and BIG tears!!! An enormous amount of pride in claiming this child as my daughter. What a gamer!!! Mom is learning big things from her kiddos....

Ryan all dolled up for the Pre-state tournament banquet! About 500 people in attendance and the girls get all dressed up for a night of team introductions, speakers, and even a little dancing! Really special time for them

8 team-bracketed tournament. 3 games-3 wins needed to win state. This is Ryan sitting and listening before the overtime which we WON in game one of the tournament!

Ryan skating to attack her goalie. So excited! WIN in the semi-final game!

Girls celebrating with their goalie!

Tough loss in the championship game. Great game and best team we had ever played. So much emotion here receiving their medals for second place.

This pretty much sums it up. Tired, sad, not yet able to embrace what they had just accomplished.

Firetruck escorting girls to the big welcome home party that was held for them!!

Girls with their trophies for the year at the Welcome home.

Moving on to child #2
*Reese felt sorry for her mom not being able to run so she decided to injure herself.

We were just able to finally ditch the crutches this morning.

We've been having fun trying to come up with a little running race schedule for her this summer. She REALLY wants to run a road mile race so this will be fun and I think she would do great with this!! I love how eager kids are. No nervousness really, no questioning, just excitement!! She will mostly run 5K's on weekends that her siblings are traveling for hockey!

And not to be forgotten, child #3

*Max was selected to play for the North region in the Minnesota Elite Classic tournament last weekend. He played super and had a great time making some new friends!!

*Max and Ryan will play on AAA summer hockey teams-lots of travel. Ryan and Reese both play JO volleyball which starts soon and baseball and swimming and Reese in in golf and summer track.....what the hell did I get myself into here-ha! All 3 kids are excelling in school and I could not be prouder of ANY of them.


This will be short as there is obviously not much to report here:) I had mentioned in my previous post eons ago that I was once again injured. A stress reaction in my fibula. Injury is not something I enjoy talking about so therefore, I've mostly avoided doing that....

Some random bullets:

*I will be running SOON. I actually did do a couple of very very short test runs and I can tell I will be back pretty soon.

*I've been back to PT-this time working with someone new. I've also gotten some good PT advice from elsewhere that has given me a little direction.

*I am coming to terms that I won't be running Boston nor will I BE in Boston which has been a bit of a difficult thing for me. Boston does not hold much more significance to me than any other race really. Qualifying at this point isn't something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me but yet, I was greatly looking forward to running a great race there and meeting some really special people in my life!!! Not the right timing for me to go without me running the race.

*I am looking ahead and starting to make decisions about what I want here and how I want to go about getting it:) Looking to step out of the box a bit. Willing to step out of the box.

SO-in a nutshell. Hopefully, as soon as my feet start consistently hitting the pavement, I will feel a little more blog posting mojo! Still enjoy reading on my phone and so thankful for all of you who lifted my spirits after my last post:)


Raina said...

Glad you are getting pictures of all these moments with your kids! At times i can see just how fast all of it will become memories. Ryan's team- so much heart in that tournament. So hard fought. The hunger is there for next year. Reese on the crutches- she is too spunky to be held down for long! (see the shirt). I am excited for her on a mile race! Max- always a doll. And an elite already?! :)

Looking forward to see what "stepping out of the box" means for you! One chapter closes and another begins.

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

Injury stinks, but you have had so many wonderful memories of your kids this year already! That is really something to be grateful for. Boston will come again, and you my dear will take to that course strong and healthy.

Funny how injury lets us take everything in stride and can leave us thirsty for things that we would have never dreamed of before. Can't wait to see what post injury life holds for you:)

Allison said...

Jenn!!!! Your kids are the coolest. I know you are busy as hell trying to juggle it all, but how proud you must be. Ryan looks like your mini-me in one of the pictures (the one where she looks tremendously sad... poor thing).

Sorry to hear about your stress reaction. And Reese's injury too. Damn legs!

Also, dying to know what you mean with stepping out of the box. You're so cryptic!

Sending you healing vibes for your fibula. Sounds like you're climbing back to the top a little more each day though.

Jill said...

Grrr....just left a big ol' comment and then lost it. I'll be back later to re-comment! :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Sorry I'm getting here late. Your e-mail clued me in to the idea that maybe you wrote a blog post so I googled you and yes, yes, yes you did!!! ;) yippie!! You have some pretty amazing kiddos...this you know!! So much to be proud of and so much of their awesomeness is because they have amazing parents who love and support them. Kudos to you my sweet friend.

Yes, you will be back SOON and stronger than ever. No doubts about this. So excited to watch this. ;) Out of that BOX and on to new things. I might be waving from afar just as I have with AM as she go go go goes. Or maybe I'll step out of the box with you and we can hold hands and go together. :) Wheels turning.

You've handled this injury so well...well, from what you show me. I know you probably won't do Boston least not until your kids are older but I do have my fingers crossed that I will see you oh so soon.

Oh, and I have to say that I'm betting on Reese now. If she is as talented as her siblings and has your and Joe's genes and drive, t hat girl is going to be a stellar runner! Watch out!

XLMIC said...

Your kids are truly superstars! You're doing the mom thing right, that's for sure :) I am so bummed for you about your leg! O man...that really sucks wad. I am glad though that you are on the mend and see a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a box? Shit. Well, things outside the box are awfully fun :)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

SO happy you posted and shared your kids with us! Love the pics with them. They are all amazing kids! I was talking to Chris this evening about kids and sports and mentioned yours several times. Yes, you are doing the mom thing well, along with MANY other things.

Your running. I doubt you lost much speed, at least from what I have seen. One thing I learned. Once you get to a certain level -endurance, speed, etc - you don't lose that fitness, it is just there and with time it does come back. I am honestly no longer afraid of taking time off (though I hop it will be a loooong time until I have to, ha).

Super excited about what's in store for you. Love outside the box everything, as you probably know.

Have a super weekend, Jenn!

mfranks said...

Your children are super stars like their Mom!
You will be back in shape in no time. I think its awesome that your little one wants to run this summer. I wish my daughter was old enough for fun runs even.

Look forward to reading about you quickly getting it back. Good luck!

ajh said...

Your children continue to be amazing. That is a sad photo when they weren't ready to accept how good being second was.

Hope you heal and stay healed. Just post when you can.

I'm presently in DC with my daughter. And been spending lots of time with my son. Love our kids!

robinbb said...

Your kids are awesome and glad they keep you so busy. I can't wait to hear about your comeback. :) And I will truly miss you at Boston.

Jenn said...

I'll be stalking you Robin!! Come to MN in September! Laurie and I and Angie and Layla are all thinking about St. Paul!

Nicole Wagner said...

Jenn, your kids are just awesome and beautiful! Ryan looks so pretty for her big event.....she looks alot like YOU!
the "sad" photo of Ryan's team taking 2nd makes me think of how we are on ourselves sometimes...sometimes we dont' recognize right away how well we did. I hope she does now! major major accomplishment!
I hope my kids are as active as yours are when they get older...I guess I need to start getting them in sports NOW! geesh...where is the time going?:(
So you said you had a stress reaction? is that the same as a stress fracture? also, you said fibula....that's where my stress fracture was last my fibula...right leg. NOT fun. I feel for you. I hope you ARE back soon and kicking some serious butt again! I have no doubt you will. I would love to know what the stepping out of the box means? will you be trying a diff type of training? can't wait to hear.
take care yourself girl, I will miss you in Boston...but I will be reading my email the night before for a pick me up! xxx

Katie said...

Love all your kid pics!

Man, it stinks to be injured. I don't generally blog when I'm injured either (or when things aren't going to my liking). For me, it's part "if I don't write about it, then it's not really happening" (AKA denial) and part "no one wants to read about my woes."

Can't wait until you get your running mojo back!

TX Runner Mom said...

Great update! Congrats to Ryan. So sorry about the injuries, I know how much they suck! Here's to us both healing fast.

Tricia said...

your kids rock!