Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's new

Well, I guess a lot is new. Who cares what's new? Now, that's a better question-ha! What isn't new is the fact that I haven't had time to post much and I'm behind on my comments:)

COMPLETELY random mixed bullets in 3 minutes flat off the top of my head:

*Ryan's team enters Regional playoffs this weekend. Winner goes to the State Tournament!! They are the #1 seed and if they play well, things look GOOD! I'm having 13 kids over for supper tonight to watch game film. I'm wondering how long I will be allowed to sit downstairs and pretend I'm 14 before I'm given the evil eye that says "Get Lost, Mom". Ahh-you know, I think I'm a pretty fortunate mom as Ryan actually acts like she enjoys having me around. I love these girls. I love this age. I wish I could be on the team!!! Sucks to be old....

*Speaking of OLD. This was posted on my FB wall the other day. My sweet Reese always has something very inappropriate enlightening to say when I leave her with a nice accommodating family for the weekend. Shelly is 33-HELP. How embarrassing.

*Reese is in District playoffs this weekend which means I will travel with her and Max and miss Ryan's regional playoffs. BOOO. Super excited to watch Reese but so bummed out that I can't be two places at once.

*More random but saved this off my FB wall last year and read it often, especially lately. I have some great family support. This being my sister after a bit of a disheartening race at Grandma's last June. I will read this before Boston many times.

* I ran an outdoor MP run in 3 degrees yesterday. Good confidence builder for me. 15 total with goal of 10@ MP. Copying bits and pieces of notes from my log below:

"15 years ago today, I decided I was in love with the guy I would later marry. In his honor, I ran 15 miles, one for every beautiful year we’ve spent together. Bahahaha!

15 miles and overall pace is approximation. I only used Garmin for the key portion of my run and not my warmup/cooldown. Cold-only 3 degrees to start.

About 2 mile warmup before heading on the path. 2 shot blocks and water after warmup. These shot blocks are GOOD. I don’t know if I could chew them in a race but they taste good!

7:28-Starting on path for 10@ MP-Very cold and decided during this mile that I wished I had my neck gaiter. Then I decided I had to pee. Then I decided I would like to have a piece of gum (I don’t really chew this and it sometimes disintegrates in my mouth almost but somehow it makes me less thirsty and I wasn’t carrying water). Then my hands were too cold with the lighter gloves. Then when my Garmin beeped 1 mile, I decided to run back to the start of the path and take care of this business or I would have a shitty run.

7:40-running back to start of path-a little easier than MP effort. Stopped after this COMPLETELY for a bit to stretch, bathroom, get myself re-situated-close to 5 minutes.

This time for real and I wanted the 10 MP to be consecutive without stops so I had to start over. Starting at split 4"

3 minutes is up! Back to the grind. Happy Tuesday:)


Raina said...

Oh Reese, that is too funny :) Thank God my kids never say anything like that. ever.
... Wait...I am 37, so what does that mean for me? Thankfully I had 2 before I turned 33. Whew! haha

Fantastic MP run, Jenn! Yes, that SHOULD boost your confidence. :) Great consecutive miles of solid effort. Things are lining up pretty nicely for a BIG PR!

Have fun with the hockey team tonight! Best wishes to Ryan and her team of 14s!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I won't get into the run bc you know how I feel about it:) You are absolutely amazing in how you handle everything going on in your life right now. Even the 3 min blog post:) And you sis is right, watch out Boston! Minnesota is taking over:)

Reese - super funny. You know I have stories from Petru...easier to laugh at other's stories, ha? LOL

I hope you are ordering pizza and NOT cooking tonight! And you certainly can pass as 14, not a problem.

Oh, and I saw your comment on A's post - I do exactly the same thing when I am stressed, including eating just the chocolate chips in a cookie, or the chocolate coating on a granola bar. Ha!

XL said...

Man, I am so lucky my body didn't listen to Reese!

Hoping the weekend goes great for all the kids and for you, too! And wow...awesome work you're doing with your running :) Super excited to see it all unfold!