Friday, April 13, 2012

Boston thoughts, Shoutouts, and Signs:)

So, I've been out of the blog loop as of late....A little hiatus as I do from time especially when I'm dealing with a setback....I've come to the consensus that I really miss having this blog in my life. I miss this outlet I had to yap about the completely insignificant details of my daily life, my freedom to brag about my kids to people since it's obviously not "proper" to do that outside of blogworld, and to chat about running with people who actually know how many miles are in a marathon!! I have followed so many of you behind the scenes....

Yap yap yap.

This has been a bit of a bittersweet day for me. I was to hop on a plane this morning to head to Boston to run the marathon for the second time. The first time in 2010 I ran my current marathon PR and I had an amazing experience. I was hoping to set a NEW PR this year and celebrate that with some people who have come to mean a GREAT GREAT deal to me!! It was something I had been training for and greatly looking forward to. This was not in the cards....

I will definitely miss THIS:

My first stop in Boston. The infamous Lululemon which TOOK me for like 2 months worth of paychecks-ha!


One of my favorite pictures from 2010. I was walking to the buses when Joe took this picture. I can clearly remember everything going through my mind at this moment.


Well, honestly, I don't know if I'll miss this. I was cresting Heartbreak here I think-ha! Honestly, the best feeling even though I look like death!


Happy Birthday this week Jill!!!!

SO, I've decided to drown my personal sorrows in THIS in honor of Boston!

Now, I know it's like sacrilege to drink Sam Adams Light but my the lack of 80 mile weeks has pushed me to this-ha! I will drink the REAL thing on Monday in the honor of the next 3 people who have made the Boston marathon a very exciting day in my life here in 2012 even though I'm not running!

Robin from Westford mommy was like one of the first marathoners I knew!! We went to the same high school and although we didn't know each other then, we had a connection there. I ran my first marathon with a great deal of advice from her and I admire her a GREAT deal!! She is an amazing woman who has taken her life to a completely different place this last 5 years. The most perfect example of where hard work can bring you that I can find!!! This is Robin's FIRST Boston and I could NOT be more excited for her!!! GO ROBIN!! I will be screaming SO loudly for you all the way from Minnesota!!!

Amanda. A very dear friend. A friend I've had the privilege to know through 3 of her marathons!! An amazing woman with a huge heart who has supported and encouraged me through 3 training cycles of my own...There are very few of you who wouldn't know Amanda in blogworld and I have a feeling she is going to have a cheering section like no other on Monday morning. I know I will be there in spirit every step of her race. Best of luck to you Amanda! You are an amazing example to runners, to mothers everywhere. So honored to know you. Go run the race of your life girlfriend. The race of your life!!!

Nicole. Nicole is a woman I admire GREATLY. She has a "fight" that I see in very few. A woman I would NEVER count out in a race and a woman that truly deserves an amazing race in Boston! A race I'm hoping will happen for her!! Some unfortunate circumstances have put a damper on Monday morning for her. My thoughts are with her constantly here and whether or not Boston is the race for her, I have NO doubt she will run the 3:12 she is trained for in 2012. Wrapping you up in virtual hugs Nicole. May Boston be an amazing trip for you.

To the many more that are running Boston, I wish you ALL the very best of luck. What an accomplishment!!!!!

So, that pretty much sums it up for tonight as the picture of Sam Adams I took was beer #4-ha! I am RUNNING!!! I am not running a lot yet but I'm running WELL and I'm running HAPPY!! I will be back to posting about running and cows and hotdish and wild animals SOON!!! I will be around to visit as well this weekend!!! Peace out!


Raina said...

I LOVED your signs !!! Bittersweet weekend, yes. But you sure have a sweet spirit and know how to rally the troops. I need to do something too for this. Yikes...
Big BIG days ahead for these ladies. No doubt that each of them has trained to run a fantastic race.

So so happy you are running again. You are running a little...yes :) 2 long runs a week now right?

Great to see you posting again. I have missed your blog :)

Caroline said...

love the signs! you are a great friend!
I had my own Boston good luck post for a few ladies...over at my blog

you will be back there you will see!

it is nice to see you back on my blog roll...

Allison said...

I have missed you too, Jenn! You are one of my favorite bloggers, and currently, I'm not accepting anymore on my blogroll. Too busy to leave comments for everyone, and I like being reciprocal!

So sweet of you to support everyone, and I am happy to hear that you are running again. Yay!

Cracking up at the deer in the background too. HA! You cut the poor guy out in the last photo though.

robinbb said...

Thank you so much for my sign!!!!!! I really wish you were here, you will be greatly missed this weekend.

Meg said...

Oh, I'm feeling your pain/longing for that Boston experience this year! I decided not to go this year and although I'll be cheering for some amazing friends and athletes, I DO feel a little sad this weekend!! That was such a FUN weekend, I'll never forget that Boston experience!
You'll be back there next year(following that leg transplant)and I'll give you a hug as we go for it once again. I hope your leg is doing better...mine is finally on the way to being somewhat normal again after a WHOLE year! Yours will heal much quicker, I just know it!
BIG hugs and those are such sweet signs, I know they'll propel those girls forward, faster, on the course! You are an awesome cheerleader and friend to all, stay tough and hold on to your dream!!

Jill said...

awww, thanks for the birthday wishes, sweet girl! I have such special memories of that April 19th, 2010. It will forever go down as one of my most favorite - ever. So glad you were there to be part of that.

You're probably just waiting for me to get to Boston so you can run it again with me, right? Yeah, I knew it! :)

You have such a heart of gold; one of the biggest reasons I've never stopped following you after all these years :). That huge heart has touched so many lives, I know you have mine - and I know all those special people you mentioned will be carrying you inside as they run Monday. I'm so blessed to have found you...and one of the lucky ones to have actually met you :).

I hope to see you in Bean-town soon, girl! Keep being strong and soon this injury will be a very long, distant memory!

XLMIC said...

You really are the BEST sign-maker :) And the most awesome cheering friend to these ladies :)

Lovely to see your beautifulness on the internet again :)

mfranks said...

This is a great post! Sorry your still hurt. It will just mean that much more when you are fit and injury free! Looking forward to those days. -M

ajh said...

You met some great people in 2010!

That is a pretty small Lulelemon bag. You could have done so much worse. Or did you have multiple visits? It's worth spectating because I walked by the store many times on my way to the bathroom.

It must feel very bittersweet to not be going yourself but you are an amazing supporter of your friends.

Katie said...

Great post! I'll be virtually cheering everyone on too. And glad to hear you're running again!

middleagedrunner said...

I LOVE your signs!
I've really missed your blog so I'm glad to see that you're back.
Lulu will take all your money- but I love love love them so they can have it!
I'm sorry that you're missing boston but I expect that you'll be back running 100 miles a week and kicking butt really soon!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I am glad the deer made it in all the pics. I wouldn't have it without.

Great signs (and you did them yourself, no getting the kids to help this time!), great attitude, and sexy Jenn (love the hair).

I'll miss you so much this weekend. I'll miss cheering on you, going jean shopping (last time I bough a pair of jeans -2007), and making some damage at Lulu. Really hope I'll get to meet you soon, Jenn. And thrilled that you are running and are running so well!

Nicole Wagner said...

Oh Jenn! You made me cry. You have no idea how much this means to me. You are such an incredible woman and I am so grateful to know you. Amanda and I wish so badly you were here:(:(:(
I had a dream last night I was running.... With NO pain!!! Maybe it's a sign???:)
I have two more days to rest and am still praying for a miracle! Thank u for cheering for me.

Love you to bits!!xxxx

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

You'll get your shiny new Boston PR soon enough, and hopefully I'll be right there with you pressing through that course showing it who's boss.

Love the signs!

Julie Arts said...

Great signs for some wonderfully strong and amazing runners and women!

Glad to see a post from you. I miss hearing about your runs and your beautiful kiddos!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I Love you Jenn! I'l be back in a bit. MIss you and wish you were here with me!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Is that the Diva jacket?? Looks way sexy on you! Yes, don't stop blogging on us Jenn. You've come to mean so much to so many and we LOVe your rambles. You can see from all these comments that people love you. Ahhhh, bitter sweet indeed. Sweet that you are running strong again and going to be able to use your Boston money on an awesome vacation where you can put your feet up and relax with your sweet man! Boston isn't the same as it would be with you here my dear friend. this you know. But looking forward to when I DO see you!! You aren't missing out too much as far as race weather goes though. :)

lindsay said...

I've been thinking that the last two Boston's were better because cool people like you, me, Jill got to have parties! This year, those people were less fortunate to have us present ;)

Love the deer posing in the background.