Friday, December 30, 2011

Bloggy Gift exchange and random life and training updates....

So, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I may have been deleted from a lot of blogrolls but I an STILL alive-ha! Finally, a little down time with a work break and a slight hockey break and my computer chair is getting a chance to feel up my a$$ once again.

First things first, I received my gift from Jill's Christmas bloggy exchange! Not only did I get a great gift, I once again got a chance to check out another blog I wasn't familiar with! Thank you so much to Big Daddy Diesel! I LOVE it. Simple, to the point-just like ME:) In all actuality, I'm complex, rambling and not to the point but I love to exude simpleness, especially in the form of jewelry. Thankyou!


Had a most wonderful Christmas. SO blessed. All of my sisters home over the break (I'm the oldest of 6 girls) and just such a fun time with my family and kids! I'm loving spending so much time with my nieces and nephews but knowing I can give them back:)

Two little Divas making a pool hall out of Grandma's kitchen with a backdrop of booze. What a lovely picture. This is about 2 minutes before all hell broke loose and the bar room brawl broke out. One had the other's jammies over her head and we had to take the pool cues away as they had become weapons. We gave them some wine and then tucked them in.

My kids after the fight of coordinating clothing for our family pictures in which case I gave up on forcing the tie on Max and let him wear the non-matching red sweater which matched well with Joe and his non-matching blue striped shirt. I will post a professional non-matching picture of all of us later....

I also celebrated my 14th anniversary. 14 very happy years. An extremely supportive husband, an amazing dad, and really my closest friend.


Lots going on here since my last post.

Hmmmm...I got a bout of the flu that was quite debilitating. I felt awful, could hardly even function much less run efficiently. This lasted 7 days and I can honestly say I may never eat Trader Joe's Tomato Roasted Red Pepper soup again.....

I came back from a day off on Monday December 12th to feel significantly better on the 13th. Concluded the week with a 5K PR on the 17th. That race was not my sub 20 but I felt good knowing I could run at that level at that point.

I'm now officially in my training plan which many of you know means very little at times:) Hudson based for those who have asked and I haven't responded to.

I'm really having fun with running right now. For the first time in what seems like forever I feel healthy and strong. There is no grimace on my face every time I try to run up a hill, I'm not doing a shuffle with a dead leg, I'm not worrying whether I will wake up and find myself in the hurt tank after a run. I attribute MUCH of this to a dedicated strength program during the month of October. I've kept up with this and I'm definitely seeing it's benefits.

I am in the middle of running my 3rd consecutive high mileage week. I haven't taken a rest day since December 12th nor have I felt I needed one. My body is responding very well to the mileage, my mind is following and I'm feeling good about things to come in the year ahead!

I so appreciate having some amazing women to train with. We don't necessarily get to meet on the road or track and physically train, but they inspire and encourage me on a daily basis. Even when I've been down and out, a physical or mental mess, I've felt great support here. Thankyou friends:)

So, this is a bit of a typical random update post. I will post a little more training specific post and my thoughts surrounding that shortly! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Holiday break with family and friends!


Raina said...

Well, she is ALIVE.

Looks like Big Daddy Diesel know how to pick a gift! That's a very nice necklace and charm.

Training is going swell for you! This is just fantastic, and I am SO happy that you did the intense ST in October. I am so enjoying following your adventure with the super miles! Sky's the limit!!

The kid photos are too funny. Glad you said something about the booze. Those party animals!

OK have a great weekend- where ever you are! Happy anniversary!

Amanda@runninghood said...

What a great gift! beautiful. Maybe my secret Santa gift will come this week too. :)

Those pics of the girls by the pool table are so funny...Who is the little girl in the red night gown? She looks like a little American Girl Doll. ha!

So happy with how strong you've been with training Jenn. So strong. And your energy is contagious. Thanks for inspiring me on a daily basis. And believing in me.

Yeah, the family pictures...I'm guessing it gets harder as the kids get older to get them all to coordinate. Right now everyone still does what I say....You're wearing this or you don't get ______...fill in the blank. It is different for all of them. :) Waylon included. ha ha. Love you!

Happy Runner Girl said...

Glad you had a good Christmas and training is going well! I was in MN but in the south part :) No snow!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Love all the pics! Your kids are just gorgeous, all of them! Is Max a mini Joe? They look so alike, seems to me! So fun to have Christmas with all your sisters, see all the kids together. Must have been heaven for your parents too.

About your training...your strength feeds your confidence and your confidence feeds your strength. Upward spiral here, all the way to Boston and BEYOND! This is just the beginning for you, Jenn. You've discovered what works for YOU. Yes, I can very much related to the injury've coped with yours with such grace and determination. That injury made you hungrier for what is yet to come! So excited to watch your training, see how high the mileage number will go, see how fast that MP will get, and see all the PRs along the way:) Awesome, you are:)

Anonymous said...

I love the necklace. Totally my style. Great gift!

So glad to hear how your bodys responding the increased mileage. Strenght training is an amazing thing. Glad your reaping the benefits.

I recently got the flu (the day after Christmas) and it was terrible. I'm still not feeling 100%.

Britt said...

You've ran every day since the 12th? Damn woman!? You are pretty freaking amazing!

Jill said...

Wanna trade a "runner girl medal bib hanger" for that necklace? Bahahaha. Kidding! It's MINE! I do love the charm though, very fitting for you, my dear!

Laughing at the kids drinking wine...I'd absolutely do something like that, anything to knock them out for a few hours.

14 years, that's awesome, congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

I was stunned when you told me you ran 100 miles - woohoo! More so, though, that your body is responding well and not one ache or pain! That's my goal in 2012 - TO GET STRONGER! I am going to start a pretty tough wt training workout program (not as tough as yours, though...that'd most likely kill wimpy me) and run a lot of shorter races - trying to get the weight down and some of the speed back. You are such an inspiration - thank you for always making me push to do more (well, aside from that hip stress fracture!).

Happy New Year!! Looking forward to what is going to be an amazing year for you!


Caroline said...

there you are! I thought I had missed a post from you....

sorry you got so sick...that happened to me last was pretty bad...

looks like you had a great Christmas!

wishing you and your beautiful family a great happy healthy new year!

lindsay said...

glad you're feeling better. too bad it was at christmas (and ruined TJ's soup) :( BDD picked out a nice necklace! i'm not one for frou frou jewelry either. i don't like costume jewelry and rarely have an occasion where i need to wear something fancy.

mfranks said...

Glad you are feeling good! I feel like garbage but I'm sure things will get better. 20:06, sub-20 will be here in 2012. Your nieces are beautiful, and like I said before, so is your family. Happy new year!

ajh said...

Great Christmas pics - matching or not!
Have a great 2012.

Allison said...

I love the wine picture! Cracking up at the non-matching commentary too. Bahaha!

Show us some strength moves, woman! I believe that has been *key* for me staying healthy. I am getting so bored with my routine though.

Happy New Year!!

Teamarcia said...

Beautiful necklace! Go BDD!
Glad to hear all is well and you're feeling strong! Wow 6 girls--I'm from a family of 6 but 3 boys/3 girls. Chaotic but fun!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am glad you liked it, when I saw the necklace, it just seemed like a good fit

TX Runner Mom said...

Glad you're doing well and enjoying your running! Love the pictures (the kids and wine made me laugh out loud), looks like a fun holiday. As an only child, I am envious of people who have lots of siblings and neices and nephews! Oh, and love, love, love that necklace. :-)

XLMIC said...

And even more sporadic than your posts are my comments :P Sounds like things are going pretty awesome!! I LOVE that story about the pool hall toddlers... love the pictures... love it all! And yeah! super score on your gifty!!! Good job, BDD! Here's to a strong 2012...looking forward to watching it all unfold for you :)