Friday, December 9, 2011

"War and Peace Rambling Style" aka the result of Jenn not posting for awhile.

Ah, Friday morning. The time I long for ALL week. ME time. Joe is en route to the cities with Ryan for a HUGE hockey weekend, Max and Reese at school and BOTH going to parties after school. I have hours and hours to myself and I may or may not remove my ass from this couch for some time here. I haven't posted in awhile. I'm not going to apologize for it. I'm posting now:) Thank you if anyone is still around to read!!


*I'm working full time. I'm in the office and I am generally the ONLY one who answers the phone unless I am downstairs running on the treadmill (sweet deal for me) or I'm off picking up the mail. Joe will sometimes call me at work to ask me for the 45th time what time the kids have practice...He called yesterday and I was at the Clinic getting a strep screen. My sweet innocent boss's wife answered the phone to a creepy greeting of "Hey sexy"....Slight embarrassment on both parts. I'm thankful this is all he said.

*I am busy busy busy with hockey. Hockey practice, hockey tournaments, hockey fundraising, hockey community service projects, hockey emails, hockey hotel reservations, sharpening skates. Because I was feeling like I didn't have enough hockey in my life and I had an overabundance of time, I once again joined the mom's league. Sunday nights I will now be in full gear taking out my frustrations by checking another mom into the boards-ha! Honestly, this is SO much fun:)

*Ryan's team is still undefeated. They are a super great group of kids. HARD workers. Half the team has been conditioning with ANOTHER another team (different level) outside of their already taxing practices because they are THAT determined. Love to see kids want stuff and know how to work for it. They are currently near the top of the state rankings!

Ryan and some of her teammates:)

*Reese's team ALSO undefeated! SO thankful for good friends who have been helping me with her schedule this year! I haven't been able to see her play much yet but I will divide my time evenly between the kids and her turn is coming SOON!!

*Max's team is also a joy to watch. Little boys are something else! He is also the third child so I obviously have no pictures of him in his hockey gear....

Speaking of hockey gear, I've now decided to dress him in his hockey gear to even RIDE in the car with me. I have never claimed to be a good driver but I had insurance claim #24 or something (yes, my car insurance is higher than a 16 year old....) last weekend when we were trying to head off to his tournament. Somehow, I backed out of my garage and continued to back up SO far that I put my car right over the retaining wall where it sat like a teeter totter. Now, in my defense, I'm pretty sure I was looking for something essential like an M&M that may have fallen on the passenger seat floor. I figured I was safe in my own driveway, I was not.....I had to call my husband to come home and save me. 5 minutes later my car was again on the driveway. It was only missing a ground effect panel, and just a "minor" amount of landscaping damage......No eye contact was made between husband and wife. I'm sure he was trying to look at me through the window and smile and maybe mouth the words "I love you" but I must have still been searching for that M&M.

More random.....

Max after his school program yesterday.

Ryan's team after serving at the Four Seasons Center last night. I was helping to head this opportunity up for the girls and I was SICK so instead of dressing up nice and being a hostess of sorts as I had planned, I resorted myself to kitchen clean-up duty and washed dishes for 3 hours while sitting on a stool because I felt nauseous when I stood up. UGHHH! It was a great experience for the girls that was somewhat tainted by the fact that an elderly retired teacher from the school had an episode (stroke, heart attack?) during the dinner and the ambulance came for him. Tough situation.


So on to what this blog is actually about:)

First things first, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be a member of the Brooks ID program for the third consecutive year. This has been a most amazing opportunity for me and there is little doubt that I love the products!!!

There might be some question as to whether I like the Brooks Launch:) The Pureflow and T7's are sitting next to my work treadmill.

*As far as training, I've been in a world of hurt this week. I ran a great track workout in some FRIGID temps on Monday. I felt really great after this workout (not so great during but strong:) Tuesday morning, however, I woke up with chills, a sore throat, headache, clammy. I did manage a 6 mile recovery run but I felt purely awful. Wednesday, even worse. Tried to run twice and both times had to pull the plug with a total of 6.6 miles. Yesterday I just submitted to taking the day off and started a course of antibiotics. I'm feeling a little better today. Hoping to try to run easy later this afternoon.

*My most exciting news is that I've now got my hands on one of these lucky hats like my speedy friend! This hat will make me fast. It will make me PR in all my races and I will never lose it under a couch:)

I think this is enough jibber jabber for one day! Time to read the jibber jabber of others!!! Have a great weekend all! Good luck to all those racing!!!


Jamoosh said...

So your man is talkin' up the bosses wife. Hmmm, I think there might be a phone etiquette lesson in there somewhere. Doh!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVE the hat gorgeous girl. Undefeated hockey season, that is awesome. I really don't know how you do it are my hero!

Raina said...

Ah! You look GORGEOUS in the hat, doll!!! So excited for this new year coming for SO many reasons.

Congrats on the renewal :)

Coming back for another comment later.

Amanda@runninghood said...

You make me laugh several times in this post. So funny you are! Your lack of eye contact with JOe, looking for your M&M...the answer from your bosses wife. ha ha. Congrats as always to your sweet and talented kids! And how fun for your to be on the MOms league. Love the hat....I must get one soon...seriously, it will match my bright yellow vest and calf sleeves that I have. :) So hoping you're back to normal soon and no more sickness for awhile. Thought of you so much this week. And again, this morning when I was complaining about the would have run in a bikini here when I'm bundled up with frozen cheeks. :) So glad you got a renewal...I am so happy to join you.

Allison said...

LOVE this post for so many reasons. "Hey Sexy!" (Bahahahaha!") Terrible driving skills: Check. (Right there with you on that one). Kids kicking ass. Brooks (I just got a pair of PureFlows on Saturday-LOVE!).

I hope you feel better soon and am looking forward to checking in more. Just finished 1 of my 2 grad school classes today, and I am feeling FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Stay warm!

Christie said...

Your kids are freaking rockstars... no joke. Hope you get feeling better soon. (OH - I wanted to tell you) A couple posts ago you mentioned whenever you go to the bathroom at work you do push-ups... I have officially incorporated that into my daily routine - I can already see my arms getting as buff as yours:)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

OK, I need that hat too! Does it have a light, too?
You look very speedy!
Nice to sit and enjoy "Jenn time". Glad you are feeling better! Hope the run happened and you felt good.

So nice that all kids' hockey teams are doing so well. I can only imagine the difficulty if one team was not doing that well. Yes, working hard for a goal, such a valuable lesson for life.

I think your boss might be in trouble as his wife is probably bickering that she would like to be called "sexy" by her husband, too!

Brooks - yes, 100% devotion:)

Caroline said...

so this will be interesting if you have a Christmas party at your work and your husband comes!! ha ha!

Good for you for getting a renewal!
Driver of the year...not me.

hope you are feelinh better today.

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

You are too funny! I love that your husband said "hey sexy" to the bosses wife.

You are a busy, busy lady with all the hockey! Congrats to your kids and their undefeated teams. And have fun checking other moms. If I could skate I think it would be so fun to be on a hockey league. But please I am so clumsy I'd be in a body cast for sure!

Meg said...

Cute hat, cute kids, cuteness all around!

You are so, so funny AND brave to run in chilly temps...I always think of you when I run in the cold(which is like 50 degrees here...brrrr!).

Britt said...

congrats on the brooks id and the awesome children who know their way around the ice.

shouldn't your oldest be driving soon? maybe she could give you some pointers? just kidding!

XLMIC said...

congrats on the Brooks thing! so cool! I'd definitely say you are a Brooks gal!

Your kids never cease to astound me! And I totally know what you mean about the third child and photos :P

I love that hat. Where did you and Raina get yours? Please tell me.

ajh said...

Love love the trouble you and your hubby get into on the phone. I started reading your blog when your daughter got the message ( I Think) I remember it was quite funny.

Julie Arts said...

I need one of those hats, too! I need me some speed!

Wow! The kids are doing great. Congrats to them.

lindsay said...

poor max. gets left out of the hockey-uniform photos. (i'm sure he doesn't care haha)

wow on the driving skills. but m&m's ARE important. one time i hit josh's truck in our driveway so... i can't talk. :)

pretty soon joe might accidentally send those texts meant for you to your boss's wife!

Raina said...

I am envisioning you RIGHT NOW swirling around on ice, taking out your aggressions on all those poor other moms- while getting in a great XT session. Cannot believe you can find the time for this. But then, we make time for those things that are really important to us...and obviously this is WORTH it. Ha! Ah..makes me miss soccer.

Your kids are seriously amazing. They seem to always be on the top teams, in a state of TOP hockey players.

Very funny about Joe's phone calls. Reminds me of why Jon doesn't leave messages: he left one on a subcontractor's machine that ended in "Love you" oops!

Guess we can't do the Amazing Race show together, since neither of us can drive! Shoot!

Hope you're getting better!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Too funny! I love this post. Your life is always full of funny adventures.... I love the entertainment.

One of my running friend's, daughter recently started working for Brooks. she's been at many of the large marathon expos this fall. (will run for margaritas, blog).

Hope you feel better FAST!

Kelly said...

love all the hockey pics of your kiddos. My daughter just won her first champion chip game last night and we were so proud of her. i couldn't imagine all the shuffling around you do with 3 kids playing hockey! crazy! hope u feel better soon!

Jessica said...

So cool that all of your kids play hockey! Love the new hat and I feel the same way about new running gear (it will make me PR!).

Anonymous said...

This may be the most random of random posts. But I stil enjoyed it! You look great in hats! And I love that your husband calls you sexy. Embarrassing or not, I bet the boss' wife is jelous!

Anonymous said...

Yay for sitting on the couch and no kids! :) It's hard to find that time in such a busy season.

robinbb said...

Your life makes me so tired. I don't know how you do it all. Makes me scared for my kids to get older and get involved in activities.

Yay for Brooks ID! I have one too many pairs of Brooks Launches. :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Omigosh, you are a busy!! Laughing at your backing up issue.

You have some athletic kiddos and they truly are blessed to have an active example in you!!

Jill said...

Late to the party here, as usual!

I didn't know you were part of the Brooks ID program, how that slipped my mind I'm not sure, but that is so cool. I just got this gig with Brooks through the local running store, but it's not the ID program. I don't think I get as much gear and I am required to run 8 races next year, which can only help my speed, yes? Oh I hope so, I am slogging through some sad miles lately. Anyway, congrats on another year with Brooks, that is pretty awesome!

My backing out of the garage and hitting the garage door a few times doesn't look so bad after your car mishaps :).

You and your hubby seem to have some issues with the phone and words for the wrong ears, and eyes...I recall one time this text message from Joe...

Ok girl, I'm not sure how you can run when you're sick. I think I made it about 2 miles last week when I was sick, and I have a marathon in 5 weeks (UGH!). I have lost my strong. Hope you're feeling better by now and are rocking those workouts, like you do!!!


mfranks said...

Your family is beautiful, as I have mentioned before.
Totally excited about Brooks ID this year, Super Moms Unite!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

This is my first time to your blog and I got excited when I saw you are part of the Brooks ID team as well!! I like following the team members

Rach said...

the kids are so adorable in their hockey gear!

Nicole Wagner said...

Not sure how I missed this but I did!! I am still in awe that girls hockey is such a big thing! I guess that's what u get in Minnesota;) good for them though I am all about girls kicking butt!

I like that your husband called u at work and called you sexy;) I bet your kids wouldn't think it's cool lol but as a married woman of almost 9yrs I love it!

I love your hat! Not sure what the story behind it is?? Is it brooks? I just love yellow!!!

Hope u are 100% again! My whole fam is sick and trying desperately not to get it!!!