Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The usual

So...It's been awhile:)


I registered for Boston last week. I was in the -20 group but I have YET to receive an email confirmation. I found my name on the "entrants" list and they've charged my credit card so I'm counting this as ACCEPTED. My husband also registered when general registration opened this Monday and we are still waiting on him. Regardless of whether he gets in or not, I was thinking yesterday that it's pretty cool that my kids can say both of their parents qualified for Boston. Yes, pretty cool indeed!!

Joe sent me a flower garden to work this afternoon. I'm actually not a flowers person. They're expensive and they die and the real way to my heart is through beer and pizza (designer jeans and Lululemon also work) but today I truly appreciated these. I'm playing single mother here again for awhile and these flowers may or may not have been a result of the hissy fit pity party I threw on the phone last night.

Speaking of Joe. I miss my friend and my kids miss their dad and I am really looking forward to him being home this weekend!!

Ryan is playing volleyball this fall! I've had a blast watching her and her team is undefeated thus far! My other two kids are doing the synthetic ice skating treadmill and a speed and agility clinic. I'm back to work full time so evenings have been BUSY!!!

Training.. or running... or lack of running... or running SLOWLY rather with a stick up my ass and a wooden leg....

I have a marathon in 11 days. I have a glute strain. It's affected my training greatly. It's affected my confidence greatly. That aside, I'm going to run to the very best of my ability on October 2nd.

I get to head to the marathon with my Dad who is running his second marathon going for somewhere around 4:10 I think.

My sister who is also running and will admittedly run a 19 min. 5K split and then settle into high 8's-ha ha! We are complete opposites!! She does have a marathon PR of 3:24 but is doing this one as a fun run. I am still trying to talk her into registering for Boston again!! (Yes, I rubbed my face in a butter dish before taking this picture)

My husband who has run two 13 mile runs for long runs since July. I'm married to this weirdo. He actually wore this in little getup for his HM PR!

No, that was not his hair as can be seen here-ha!

And my daughter Reese who will run the 5k! It will be fun to just take her for the weekend. We are leaving the other two kids with family and for one weekend it's all about running and Reese!

So-this was a totally thoughtless post mainly for the purpose of just posting because I'm a poor poster and almost never post.....


ajh said...

Yeah for getting into Boston! Yeah for the flowers but I am with you. Give me a running shirt or a gc to a bookstore anytime instead of flowers. Have fun with Reese this weekend.

Allison said...

Not thoughtless! I love looking at pictures of your cute family! Finally got to see your husband. Hubba hubba. ;-) You two are total studs! Same for your sister! I can see the family resemblance too.

Have a great race with Reese and tell your ass I said to hang in there!

Raina said...

YES! You ARE in. No doubt about it. And I HOPE Joe is in!!!

OK my kids totally read all the blogs ad Nathan saw this. He said "Wow, Jenn looks like the gas station lady!" (our local sweetie). Then he mentioned the hat...So I told him it was Joe. Hahaha. :)

Running with a strain. No fun at all, but i know it is getting better day by day. You are determined and HARD CORE. Not a question in my mind about that. And you must come from good stock, seeing that your dad is a fellow marathoner. Very special that several of your close relatives run. Reese will be the special girl that weekend!! Love it.

I bet you miss Joe. Glad he'll be home this weekend for you. :)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Getting into Boston is a DREAM come true!! Awesome!

Jill said...

Here, here - poor posters unite!! Seems unless I'm whining about my heel, I really don't have too much to say!!

What a great weekend ahead for Reese, just the 3 of you and no siblings tagging along to be annoying :). Have an absolute blast and I hope she wins big time!

I am jealous you're headed to Boston, but seriously .. I am very happy for you and excited at the possibility that Joe will get to go also. I'm crossing my fingers! I truly thought I was done with the place, it definitely wasn't as special the 2nd time around so thought the 3rd time wouldn't mean much. But after this f(*#* injury, I think I'd like to at least qualify again. One year, we are going to have to get our races aligned so we can meet up again...let's check into that next year!!

Sorry that stupid butt pain is still lingering, so so so annoying - and frustrating. But how cool that your dad and sister are also running, what a freaking rock star family of runners you guys are!! No wonder Reese is going places with her running! :)


Amanda@runninghood said...

You do come from good "stock" as Raina says. A gifted family!!! And you and Joe together ...your kids obviously come from good Stock too! Btw, you guys are one hot looking couple there! Can't wait to meet you! How tall is Joe?

11 days!!! Gosh, I need to get my calendar in gear. October 2nd and october 10th...not that I'll be doing anything spectacular...just nice to know. You deserve the world though Jenn...for your birthday and your race. Gosh, this strain...stupid strain!!! And on top of such a stressful time of year going full tilt and having Joe gone. So sweet he sent flowers. I've been thinking of you all day...wanting to text but not knowing if you found your phone.

Wish your sister was going to be at Boston too. Would be so fun to meet her.

XLMIC said...

It is so fun to get caught up on Jenn's World :) I love Joe's costume. I always giggle when I see that pic.

Your kids and their parents are pretty amazing! Well, so's your dad and your sis... sheesh... just amazing people all over the place in your fam!

I hope that glute strain simmers down and just goes away. And I hope that your marathon is divinely incredible!

Lisa said...

So fun that your dad and sister are running the marathon too! I hope you're feeling good for it and have a great time! Congrats on Boston too!

GoBigGreen said...

Are you doing twin cities? What are u wearing? I will cheer for you!!!

Jenn said...

Yes Julia-TCM. If weather cooperates I will wear likely wear a fluorescent yellow Brooks tank! I could SURE use some cheers!!!

Miss Erosion said...

I am so excited for you about Boston. What a dream!

Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself too much. Any post is worth posting because it usually comes from the heart and even though it may not seem to make sense at the time it usually hits home with someone out there. They were your thoughts at the time - raw, real and unscripted. Have a great time with your daughter! It's the random moments that mean the most. Gratz to you and your hubby for making Boston! That's awesome! I hope to run in Boston someday.

lindsay said...

you look too tan for MN... and you should find a while-joe's-gone boyfriend! wink wink.

flowers are beautiful but i hate how they only last a week!

lindsay said...

of course... m&m's don't even last a day so i guess i should prefer flowers ;)

runningthedawn.com said...

i can't believe you haven't heard officially from Boston...but obviously you're on the list! so excited for you that you get to go back and kill that course again.

hope that your glute cooperates for you to enjoy the race coming up!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Yes, not into flowers either. Still, very sweet of Joe. Please get those shows I told you about, you will LAUGH and you need that!!!

Loved to see the pic with your dad. You look a lot like him. It will be a blast to have a running weekend with Reese. And it will take the pressure off of you a bit.

I hope Joe gets into Boston!

Nothing about your glute...I am mad at it for messing up your runs!

Irene said...

You're in. :)

I've been out of the blog loop for a month! I hope to catch up with everyone soon!

PS - I loved the kid's first day pictures!

Teamarcia said...

Yay for Boston for both of you! And yay for TCM with your dad. How freaking cool is that?
I am bummed I won't be there on 10/2, more because of the social aspect than anything but my hip was just not having my last 22 miler. Boo. This too shall pass.

mfranks said...

Hopefully you get that glute taken care of. I hope it goes well...maybe the resting will do you some good!

I'm sure you got in, OMG, why wouldn't you! I think it will be fine!