Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random, Reese, Races, Registration (my most capturing post title to date)


First week of school DOWN. I have received 47 flyers for possible activities my kids could add to their boring mundane schedules???? I've been informed than the string cheese I buy "squeeks" when you chew it and therefore is nasty, and I've already had to admit that 5th grade math always sometimes gets the better of me....

OK-isn't it weird how you mention something and then it happens like 100 times in the same week right after you mention it?? Example my previous post and texting: Twice this week I've been on the receiving end of funny texts that were autocorrected and freakin' hilarious!! Tonight I sent a text to a hockey parent about Ryan's hockey skates. They are Bauer Vapors. Definitely should have read my text back as somehow "Vapor" autocorrects to "Gspot" on my phone. Whaaaa????

Picture day at school this week. I decided to take pictures at home before the kids left to PROVE they looked cute when they left the house. The pictures I somehow receive back don't always reflect this-ha! Max told me this year that he had gym class and THEN they took pictures. He is a sweaty pig like his mother so I can imagine his pictures are going to be just great!

Darn-they're cute!! Thankyou Auntie Laurie for wardrobing my children:) Everybody needs an Auntie Laurie!!

Football season has started which means fantasy football has started which also means my family room may soon turn into a man cave....Joe pays MOOLAH to play in this league and since we are actually "one" through the bond of marriage I feel I should have some say when it comes to draft day, lineups etc.-ha! This is a "sore" spot since I am always right:) A couple of years ago, he got fed up with my "advice" and told me to get my own team if I wanted to be the team manager. I did. I won the league. Point made.

I have a long running related post coming....Still processing some of my thoughts. Can't write on a running blog without at least mentioning running though so instead I will give a shoutout to my 10 year old daughter who took 1st place in the 14U AG for a 5K this weekend. Here she is receiving her ribbon from Dick Beardsley. She finished 7th overall female out of 308.

And here's Reese with a running superstar and friend, Heidi, who won the half marathon race during a peak weak of training!!

And almost forgot Reese also ran a cross country mile on Thursday and smoked that as well with her fastest EVER mile outside. No really good pictures except this one right at the beginning! She's in red.

She loves the mile and 2 mile! Wish they had more of these races!

Boston registration for me tomorrow. I'm banking that it won't close before I'm done with work as I am REALLY looking forward to THIS feeling once again.

I could not have been more wet or more disgusting, or more happy:)


Julie said...

oh I so dislike squeeky cheese! That autocorrect is pretty damn funny. How in the world did it get that out of vapors? Gspot? I've heard it's hard to find sometimes...but apparently not with autocorrect ;-)


Raina said...

Fantasy football cracked ME UP!!!
I think I should get a team and then you can start channeling some advice to me. I would so LOVE to see the looks on faces here. Team Manager. I like the ring to that :)

Very much anticipating your well thought out, processed, thoughts on running. And also the school pictures. :)

I will say this again: Reese is Amazing, as is Heidi. Loved those photos!

Your Boston photo speaks volumes. What a moment to treasure. I am 100% sure you will get in....and 2012 will be even more glorious. Wet, disgusting and happy just seem to be a good combination sometimes :)

Meredith said...

Auto correct has given me so many laughs. Loved when one day my friends post talked about "crotch what" What she meant was cottony fluff. I can't drive through cottony fluff/crotch what from the trees without cracking up! Gspot?? That's stinkin' hilarious! Love your idea of taking pictures of the kids before school on school picture day! I'll have to do that this week.

Nicole Wagner said...

Reese is amazing! I can't believe she took 7th overall!!! seriously? that girls got SKILLZ! Go reese!! crap...i still havne't decided what to do about back and let us know how it goes!

Amanda@runninghood said...

can't wait to get here tonight!! After the kids are in bed!! Wahoo! A Jenn post!

Allison said...

Go Reese! Gorgeous and fast!!! You got your hands full with that one. Love me some Max too. Your kids are so cute!

I'm dying at GSpot. Bahahahaha!

XLMIC said...

Maybe that's why my kids won't eat the cheese sticks?

Reese... wow! So cool!

Your kids are waayyyyy cute! Mine never look "put together" in their school pics. But I think it's cuz I am lazy :P

I love that you are rockin' at Fantasy Football... I am cracking up like Raina!

And I can't wait to hear about your running and really hope the Boston entry gets in and you get to do it :) Thinking of YOU!!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I wish I could register tomorrow too. You're such a bad A ...first day Boston registering!!! That's just cool! :) I have to wait until Wednesday. Hope I get in because I have to see you!!

5th grade math...yeah, gets tricky...there were many times that I was teaching it where I got asked a random/not in the lesson question and I had to stall for a second. :) ha!

Reese. Man oh man am I excited to watch from a distance as she grows up and grows into her potential!

Loved texting with you today! Thanks for keeping me from falling asleep at the wheel.

Shawn said...

Yeah...that football thing is contentious thing around here too....good luck on the Boston that registration phone number now pre-programmed for auto dial?

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Hm, I wonder how many hits are you going to get with that gspot mention:)

Your kids are so dang cute! Yes! Beautiful parents, too. And yes, be a responsible mom and sign them up for a few extracurricular activities, Jenn!

Reese = exceptional runner. You forgot to mention that she ran a 6:18 mile and chicked all the boys!
If she keeps up with this, she can go far. I think short distances 1 and 2 miles are perfect for her at this age.

You are going to have an amazing Boston, I know it. You just have to get over this little PITA and you will be golden! Thinking about you a lot, as you know:)

Chris does basketball fantasy. I, of course, end up giving him advice. Never thought about getting my own team, hmm! Cracks me up you won, but it does not surprise me!

Miss Erosion said...

Reese is amazing... obviously she has some wicked talent - great things for her to come!

I am excited to read your running post.:)

Jill said...

Hahah, where DID you buy that phone exactly? Somewhere in Las Vegas, perhaps? ;) My friend's phone must be Aussie, it always corrects "today" to "G'day". I want an auto correct phone!!

Your little Reese is one wicked fast runner, wonder where she gets that? And holy cow if she doesn't look exactly like you anyway!

You go girl, you get that load of moola from fantasy football...I cannot wait to see the BOOTS you buy this year with that!! Woot!

So gonna miss ya at Boston next year :(. Will you go in 2013 if I make it again?? Pretty please?!?!?

I was thinking about you over the weekend and hope that your voluptuous bod held up great!! I will check in with ya later today, dying to know and I'm too impatient to wait for the next running insane installment. I mean, running sane. :)

Ok, more thoughts but should wrap this up as I'm starting to fall into the mega comment clique with y'all.

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

You WON the league!?! That's so awesome!

Your kids look great for their pictures. Unfortunately, my son "forgets" to tell me when picture day is (he's 16), so I can't make sure he looks decent. I still buy them anyway, for future blackmail opportunities. :)

lindsay said...

Nicely done on winning the fantasy football league! Men, if only they'd listen!!

Be honest... We both know where the gspot vapors came from.....

ajh said...

Wow. Your girl is one impressive runner! She needs to start her own blog! And getting the award from Dick Beardsley! Another win.

Julie D. said...

gosh, your kids ARE cute---and rockstar runners, too!!

Ok, so my husband now plays in the big mulah fantasy league instead of cheap-shots league and now suddenly I'm all involved!! I wonder why? He was all stressed out about his score last night and I asked why?...he said he never had me to worry about and that maybe I should just get my own team. He needs me. :)

excited for all you boston bound!!! have a great week!

TX Runner Mom said...

WTG Reese! Your kids are so cute!

Meg said...

I'm sure you're "in" for Boston! How exciting!

I want an auntie that shops for me! She has wonderful taste!

mfranks said...

Did you get registered for Boston?

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Are you in?????????!!

Reese is gorgeous AND athletic--winning combo!!!!!!!