Monday, September 26, 2011

SUAR in shorty shorts:)

SO, my sweet dear creative friend Amanda from Runninghood has challenged my extremely uncreative mind to step out of the box a little bit and get down and dirty with art supplies! I'll admit, I am NOT artsy, I am not crafty, I am not patient. I do however, like a challenge and in all reality I found this to be a fun one which was ENTIRELY the point of this contest! Furthermore, although I'm not particularly artsy, I surely APPRECIATE art and the prize for this contest was art from Cher Odum whom I LOVE. Motivation enough!! SOOOOO, tonight I played with modeling clay with 2 of my children at the dining room table instead of paying my bills....

So, Check out her contest HERE! You still have like 3 hours if you are on CST:)

I chose to go with option #1 which states:

"If you are a runner and a blogger then you know who SUAR is. Who doesn't? And if you are a runner and not familiar with blogs, you really should go check out SUAR's blog. SUAR = Shut Up And Run. Google it if you are curious and not familiar with the blog world. As most of you know, SUAR's blog is never dull. Anything but. Shocking at times, funny, raunchy maybe, inspiring, etc. She's quite the character and so she makes a great candidate for this art project. Your job is to create a piece of art (picture, sculpture, comic strip, diorama, etc) that represents Beth from SUAR. Maybe it is a scene from a story she has told...pooping, farting, wearing her green bikini or one of the many many images you might have in your head. She's told some great stories so even if you don't know of SUAR's blog, it would be easy to go to, read for a few minutes and come away with an awesome idea for this creation.

So, I first met Beth "virtually" back in October when we were somewhat brought together after both having had a very similar debilitating injury. I was back to running by this point and she had just been diagnosed. We yapped a little back and forth about coping and recovery and at one point the discussion came up about how in the world you were even supposed to carry a wine bottle cup of coffee or move around the kitchen with two FREAKIN' crutches.

She wrote THIS POST and posted THIS QUICK VIDEO shortly after that conversation which made me laugh as most ALL her posts and videos do!

So, tonight my plan was to recreate Beth as CLOSE to her likeness as possible rolling around in her computer chair in her kitchen with a broken hip.

I came up with This

Now, I'm pretty sure even though Beth hasn't posted any pictures, that she has a pair of these denim hottie shorts in her closet:) Not sure about the pink furry phone but I just thought it added a nice touch. And although I looked HARD through the box of Barbies under the stairs, I could find NO Barbie sized wine bottle so coffee it is....(For the record Mattel, if you're going to give her double D's and a 12 inch waist, at least give her a bottle so Ken can take advantage of her.....)
Also, Beth, I am apologizing now as I see even though I only gave you coffee, you somehow put your shoes on backwards. Understandable.

So simple-yes, fun-yes. Was that the point. YES:)

And if there happens to be ANYONE out there in blogland who hasn't read Beth's blog but for some GOD forsaken reason reads mine, let me add she returned from this injury and has since completed MANY MANY races including the Boston marathon and a HIM!!! Seriously impressive!

So thanks Amanda! I definitely smiled hanging out with my kids tonight making a mess!!


Amanda@runninghood said...

okay, I just got home and saw this...have not read it yet but will be back. Dying laughing at your picture here. Gosh I love you!! You are hilarious!

Michelle said...

LOVE it! So funny :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

YOU ARE SO FREAKING FUNNY!! "(For the record Mattel, if you're going to give her double D's and a 12 inch waist, at least give her a bottle so Ken can take advantage of her.....) " Oh girl, I love reading your really are funny. You are one of the people that always makes me laugh with your writing voice. This was too good!

Raina said...

I think you won.

That's the best thing I have seen done with Barbie stuff and playdoh in a looong time. Maybe, Ever.

You are Toooooo creative, Jenn! haha

ShutUpandRun said...

This is incredible. Huge boobs, coffee, pink phone, shoes on the wrong feet. What else could a girl want? Plus, a nice tan!! Now if you could just find that mini wine bottle we'd be all set. Wine makes everything better.

lindsay said...

SUAR also is stuck in the 90's with that big house phone. Yikes. Do your kids even know what that is?

You can pour any liquid in a coffee cup. The mug conceals the alcohol problem from DSS.

LOL at the line for Mattel. Maybe we'll soon see Barbie for Grownups on sale.

Happy Runner Girl said...

Hey- Caught your late night post. You will do awesome!Just don't compensate too much with new running form! Good Luck and have fun!!!!

Teamarcia said...

I think you'd be the handsdown winner if you'd soil those hottie shorts with a shart.

Jill said...

I've met Beth in person and I can't even tell the difference between your model and the real her!! WOW! Especially those size 94 feet!!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Yes, you must win! And yes, hillarious Jenn!

Me thinks you need to channel your inner Zapack(sp) for the marathon! I have a really good feeling about it:)

Katie said...

Very funny. Love the shoes!

Good luck with your upcoming marathon too! (I hope your butt cooperates.) ;)

Anonymous said...

For some reason I can't comment on your marathon post???

Of course I'll be thinking of you at 10:30 (9:30 my time??). Your doing the right thing by listening to your body! Your body is SMART! Trust it!! Good luck girl!