Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ALMOST marathon training and of course unrelated other stuff......

Two posts in one week! I know, SHOCKING!! Sorry to disappoint but this one won't be any less random than the last! I'm coming to the realization that my blog is like "swamp water" or "suicide pop". A mix of everything in the same glass. I sometimes start to fill it with just one flavor but by the end, a big old mix and on a good day or after midnight you guys might even get some vodka thrown in with it!!! At least the glass is usually half full:)


*Apparently majority has ruled against the hair flip....I just can't imagine why.

*Found this little note on the counter the other morning next to my coffee maker. Honestly, I have the GREATEST kid (who also wanted to go to a sleepover but I will pretend I don't understand ulterior motives because this card was so sweet)

*Both of my girls volunteer at the nursing home in a program called Junior Volunteers during the school year. They ride the bus from school on Mondays and hang out with the residents playing games, visiting etc. for about an hour. It's a great program, many kids do it, and they both really enjoy it. Anyway, school has been out for a couple of weeks and Reese has been asking me to take her to see Dorothy because Dorothy made her PROMISE to come and visit in the summer. Sometimes I get caught up with the busyness of life and I'm not sure I had actually heard Dorothy's name specifically before but I agreed to run her in to say "hi" quickly after work this evening. Upon entering Dorothy's room, I saw a bulletin board with about 7-8 pictures of MY daughter, no one else.....This woman's face lit up like a LIGHT BULB when she saw Reese, honestly brought me to tears INSTANTLY! Those of you with kids who have an opportunity to have them be involved in a program like this, DO it!!!!!!

*I am getting EXCITED to start marathon training again on Sunday. REALLY EXCITED!!! I know, I just finished marathon training and 2 weeks ago I was anxious for it to be over.....I'm honestly not even sure why I'm so excited this time around. Maybe the longer days, the calm mornings, summer track, the fact that I'm NOT over scheduled with life for the next two months.....I don't know what it is but I'm goin' with it!!! Reading Run Faster for like the 4th time since I obviously have no memory retention and getting my plan together here! I'm over that last mishap AKA Grandma's marathon and ready to move on to Twin Cities in 13 in a half weeks!!!

*Went for a short run tonight. Only 4.7 miles but brought my pace up quite a bit for the first time since the race. Planning to run about 50 miles this week with 45.3 of them easy:) My legs are a little sore after avoiding lower body strength for about 6 weeks and then pretending I hadn't lost a legs and my BUTT!! Note to self-DO NOT avoid lower body strength.

*Temp was over 80 and the heat index in the 90's today. I am planning for 9-10 miles before work tomorrow since the heat index will be over 100 by the time I'm home from work. It was 54 degrees two days ago. Gotta love Minnesota weather!!

*Big party on Friday night! Dress up, makeup, hair down, big people party! Hmmm-can I wear Lulu pants to a big people party?

So thereyahavit! A little midweek update! Happy Wednesday!


Allison said...

Good luck with your training! My coach is getting ready to start training for Twin Cities after he gets back from vacation. Wishing both of you a great race!

PS-Yeah, VETO on the flip from me too!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Did you post this when we were on the phone?! ha ha ha! now going to read it. :) xo

Amanda@runninghood said...

Okay, did I miss a post before this?? What? how the heck does this happen. Maybe I didn't but I'm starting to think I did with all this hair flip reference I've been picking up on. 50 miles this week? easy or no easy...gee, you're not messing around when you start running again. Love it.

Reese...this part about her seeing Dorothy...see, just what I was talking about tonight...this fits the image I have for her so perfectly. Gosh, a special kid there. All your kids seem so special in different ways. Love hearing about them. I will have to look up this type of volunteer opportunity. So wonderful!! I hope my kids do this stuff. I've always wanted them to. I can imagine that if I am ever in a nursing home, having people who are there and that genuinely want to talk to me and hear about my life will make me so happy. in fact, I've been thinking about finding ways to do this now with the girls.

Off to see if I missed a post.

XLMIC said...

So not only are your kids amazing athletes, but they are also super humanitarians :) Good mom!

So amazing that you are so excited to start marathon training again... you are just incredible.

And you MUST share pics of you when you are ready to go to a big person's kind of party... you always look so beautiful when you're all dolled up. You look beautiful even when sweaty in a backwards ball cap, too, though!

Amanda@runninghood said...

totally laughing at the sleepover comment after sharing Ryan's note. ;) I used to write notes like that when I wanted a sleepover but I always meant it too. So sweet of her to be able to express herself guys are great parents!

ATTrio said...

I am reading the Run faster book too but only for the first time. This will be my first time training for speed. It should be interesting.

That note is so cute and funny at the same time! I remember when I was a kid trying to pull some sweet stuff to get something that I wanted :)


Teamarcia said...

Awwww such a cute note no matter what the motive!
Woot for Twin Cities--I'll be there!
Have a great long weekend!

Quinton J said...

awwww....I love the note from Ryan. It's better than this note:

I love that Reese has developed a real friendship at the nursing home...that is amazing. And you are pretty-alright for making this happen.

fyi...i believe lulu should be allowed anywhere...especially a big people party.

Lisa {} said...

ok, posts don't usually make me tear up. really. it takes a lot to get me going that way. but reading about the special relationship your daughter developed with Dorothy got me pretty good. what an amazing opportunity for your kids to get out in the world and shine their light. and what a proud momma moment that must've been!

you go get that marathon training!! i'm just gonna sit back here and read about it ( : no...i'll finally be back to running on July 9th. trying to start wrapping my brain around having to sort of "start over". i'd love to know what you do for lower body strength!

Miss Erosion said...

You have some pretty amazing children!

YAY for training:) Sat. night you are hardly going to be able to sleep thinking about getting up in the morning to run! I think we will be running our marathons on the same day... you MUCH MUCH faster; but that is neither here nor there:D

Good Luck - I am excited to read about your training progress.

ajh said...

CAn't wait to hear what you wear to the party!

Love the story about the nursing home resident and your daughter. How wonderful. Be proud.

lindsay said...

That is SO cool about Dorothy. You guys should invite her over for hotdish or something. (my phone wants to autocorrect hotdish into hoedown)

Workout clothes are acceptable as partywear.

Small Town Runner said...

Hey there! You are an AWESOME mom!! Your daughter is certainly a bright spot to someone else. Remonds me that I need to get back to doing some more selfless things...

Your hair looks cute flipped...or not...but post photos!! PLEASE

Marathon training is going to be GREAT in this short cycle. I can't believe you are already back to where I essentially such short time!! You are made for this! So excited to see how your schedule shapes up :)

Have a great thursday!

Mon Amour said...

I couldn't imagine starting to train for a marathon so soon after finishing one! Good luck with your training though!

kristen said...

Lulu pants are totally dressy!

The story about Reece is so heart-arming. you have great kids! And that letter from Ryan! Did you let her go to the sleepover?

Caroline said...

I believe that the way other people (grand parents do NOT count) see our kids is like a form of report card on how we are doing as parents. Not much can bring me more joy then having someone tell me or show me that my kids are GOOD people. nothing to do with how smart they are but that they are kind and that they bring something good in other people;s life. Well you got a A+ report card my dear Canadian friend from Minnesota.
It is no coincidence that your kids are great.

I want to see a pic of you going to the big kids party!

Happy Canada day!

Britt said...

Your children sound like they are amazing and have a great out look on life. When I have children you will have to share your secrets.

Nice mileage in your "off season". Your body is a lot stronger then mine, I wouldn't be able to do 2 marathons in that time span without my legs breaking off. Happy almost marathon training!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are so resilient! Your training is legit Jenn!! I'm excited for you and your adult par-tay! Sometimes, I wish I could just wear drifit to those things too!

You must be so proud of Reese. SHe must bring so much joy to others!!

Jill said...

Good thing you had a mid-week update, I still haven't read the RR because I want no interuptions while doing so and that's so rare. But I WILL!!

You and J are raising some amazing kiddos, I know they make you proud, even when the girls are fighting over bathroom space! That is so awesome Reese is Dorothy's favie ... when I'm in a nursing home (next year!), can I adopt Reese? I just don't want to put her through college, I'll leave that for you :).

Have one super, duper, fantastic weekend, the party will be a blast...I think I'll hop on over for it! :)

Julie said...

Absolutely loved the Dorothy story. Your daughters are wonderful for not only doing this, but enjoying it!! What a gift they are to Dorothy and her friends!

The note from Ryan was too perfect. My husband mentioned the other night that Mai kept hugging and kissing him and telling him how wonderful he was. Guess what she wanted? A Sunriver sweatshirt like her cousins. HA! He almost fell for it :D Silly kids.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Such a sweet daughter!

I wish I could bounce back that quickly after a marathon. I guess I could mileage wise, but I think I typically need the mental break more than the physical (because I OVER THINK the training ALL of the time - but I LOVE IT)

woo hoo - marathon training begins!

Anna P said...

that is so sweet about your daughter! You're doing a good job, momma =)