Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick or not so quick random weekend update!

So- a very quick VERY random update post before I head off to work!

Theo is doing great! He is still having some trouble with his blood composition but is off the ventilator and gaining weight! I got a chance to see him on Friday! I LOVE newborns!!! SO cute! I seriously almost wished I could have one more. This would require me finding a new husband since the one I have can't help me in that department. That would be entirely too much work so I'll be content with my 3.

I work full time this week and I have 2 playoff hockey games during the week, no hubby for 3 days, and district playoffs this weekend. I actually feel pretty relaxed. I took the advice of a wise woman and spent 2 hours yesterday totally organizing for the week. Every meal, every workout, every hockey game, all my time ORGANIZED. I'm hoping this will allow me a little less stress. I need sleep. I need to be able to relax....I am already ahead of the game as I finished my workout and have 23 minutes before I have to get the kids up for school!

Katy Perry aka Jill was Awesome last night! Eminem and Skylar Grey-goosebumps. I traditionally would not listen to this kind of music outside of running but he does what he does WELL and it was a ROCKIN' performance. I love the Grammy's! (I DON'T so much love Ricky Martin in man jeggings...)

I ran my long yesterday morning in 37 degree temps. GLORIOUS! My hubby was doing a speed workout so we ran a 3 mile warmup together before he took off! We have never run together much. He hopped in on a few segments of long runs with me last winter and that was really great but usually we're on different schedules. We've only done one speed workout together ever and I'll admit it wasn't pretty. He was trying to help-I was TRYING to be a b*tch....or so he said-ha!

My son lost his first hockey game yesterday. He looks so sad in this picture!

I was looking for a picture on the computer from my husband dressed as Richard Simmons for Halloween to show my cousin. This was just nasty and he TOTALLY played the part. No man should wear his wife's running shorts and think she will stand by him at a party. Anyway, I came across this one in the Halloween file instead. This is Joe before a HM he ran one Halloween. (It was cold, hence the tights) He was actually carrying a 6 pack of Coors lite with him the whole race in which he cracked a can and dumped it over his face as he crossed the finish line. What a finisher photo-I'm SO proud..... No, my kids and my parents weren't there and I totally pretended I didn't know him. He thrives on this and makes it quite obvious we're together. Fortunately, we didn't run the race together as I could barely see him by about the one mile mark he was so far ahead.

My week in running. I'm gonna make this short. 54 miles total which is quite a bit down from where I wanted to be. This week is a total regroup for me. No more excuses, I WILL GET WHAT THE PAPER SAYS DONE!!! I got the urge to check out my training from last year at this time. THIS IS A LINK to a blog post I wrote one year ago and breaks down my week. Quicker than me trying to type it. 65 miles that week. My tempo is currently faster than I ran it there and I guess my 12 mile this week was about the same pace but my long runs are MUCH slower. I only cracked 8 minutes for 2 miles of my 16 yesterday. I am slightly panicked about this because it feels the same as I did then. Actually, I think I felt worse yesterday....It's hard for me to get out of the mindset of marathon training. I don't actually start that until March. PS-DO NOT MAKE FUN OF MY HAIR!

So-my 23 minute time allotment is up and I must go! I get a quick Valentine's Dinner Date tonight before my hubby takes off and I think I'm going to order steak. I have a serious craving for red meat right now for some reason and I rarely eat it.

Gettin' ready for the Grammy's so I felt the need to wear my gold bling bling hoody-ha! Gym clothes with sparkles-YES!

Have a great Valentine's Day all!


ajh said...

Love the gym clothes with sparkles! Still want to see the pic of your hubby as Richard Simmons! Sorry your son lost his game. He looks sad but awfully cute.

ShutUpandRun said...

Glad you are feeling a bit more organized going into the week. I am too. Got my list done for the week last night and that alone makes me feel on top of things.

Sad picture of your son :(

And 37 must feel totally balmy and amazing to you at this point!!

Stephanie said...

Aww..sad face. Preciously sad.

Ryan ALWAYS pushes buttons when it comes to race time outfits. He just can't be normal. Men. Haha.

You look GORGEOUS!!!!!

Loving these higher temps we've been having.

Jill said...

Hey...I must have missed me, Katy, last night...what was I thinking by blogging instead of watching myself sing?!? And you, my dear, are simply smashing in your sparkly workout attire, I love how you are not afraid to step out of the norm and wear fun things. My 20-year old has a field day with my wardrobe!

Sorry about your son...I guess it's part of life, that unfair part, but it still hurts!

So glad your nephew is hanging in there. LOVE babies, too. We are twins!!! Bahahah. How I wish.

Amanda@runninghood said...

I need to try this organizing thing when my hubby goes out of town. I can't imagine working full time and doing it, training, single mom. see, you are a rock star! I don't know what to say about your training...only you will know that the best but from what I've read of your runs, I think you're amazing. I hope you get to where you want to be.

Hilarious story about your husband and the beer/race/costume. And even funnier about you guys trying a speed workout together. Laughing out loud. I would end up being a bitch too. I don't like doing speed workouts with anyone...why I don't want to to join a running team...I had enough of that in hs and college. my husband knows to always let me run one step in front of him when we run together. ha ha. not really..he's much faster but we make a good team.

Your hair last year...that must be what is making the difference with the need to go back to flipping it out at the bottom! This must be it! :)


GeorgiaSnail said...

54 miles on a "down week...Le Sigh...

Small Town Runner said...

First off: THANK YOU for your mega comment. I have yet to check my email and reply to it, but I am diggig for all the tips I can get for Boston. You are my best resource at this point!!!

Bwahaha! I loved the hair in that post.

That was a superfast 20 miler that day....I bet you are running easier on easy days because you are hitting it harder on the hard days. That's good!!

I really needed to take 2 hours and organize for the week. What a great idea!

Have a great Valentine's day!!

Running and living said...

Love the pic with Max; I know he was sad, but little kids get sad profoundly, and then forget about it, as opposed to us adults.

About the running. I would not worry about the pace for the longer runs. You have not done 20 milers like you did last year, since you are not training for a marathon now. I guarantee that once you do a few of those, your pace will be the pace you have now for your 10 milers, and even faster. As for me, I really feel I am not as fast as I was last year. Which makes me think that the best time to PR at a short race is when you train for a longer one...
54 miles is still a lot. And you had good reasons to skip a few days, and to change your plan. I used to never change my plan in the past, now I change it all the time...Have a good week! I remember the Richard Simmons pic from last year, loved it!

Lisa said...

So happy to hear Theo is doing well. Great news!

Totally agree with you on all the Grammy points. I went to bed (way) before it was over, but there were still some great performances last night. Much better than some years past.

Hope your week goes well!

Caroline said...

Katy yes was awesome but Keith was awesomer...!! and funnier!!!

TX Runner Mom said...

Love the bling on the gym clothes! I soooo need to get more organized. Wow, I am still impressed with your mileage...that might be why you're so fast and I am so slow...I do about 1/2 that every week. :-) Love the pic of your daughter had that same look after her soccer game last week when they lost.

XLMIC said...

Love the sparkly hoodie! And your husband's costumes... hilarious! My husband would love to hang out with him :)

I also get "cranky" when doing things like speed workouts with my husband (we haven't done THOSE... but things like that).

Sorry your boy lost... he is super cute even when sad.

And I am certain you will figure out exactly what you need to find your correct and desired speed :)

lindsay said...

He does look devastated. Poor thing. Haha. It's a character-building moment! Unlike all the other sports teams that "don't keep score" and all that crap. Hello, be competitive kids.

Very random sidetrack into a Halloween story. Your mind is truly a maze. ;)

I thought KP did one of her best live performances last night. I missed her stomp-in-place dance moves though. :-/

Anonymous said...

If only it were socially acceptable for men to wear sparkled running attire...sigh.

Just be glad the hubs didn't open all the beers at once and then pour the whole six-pack on himself. Now that would have been classy.

As for your speed quandary, all I can say is don't stress too much if you haven't even begun officially training. It will come. This, coming of course, from a slowpoke. : )

Katie said...

So glad Theo is doing better! Your son does look pretty sad about the losing the game. :( And lastly, I love the sparkles!

Tricia said...

awww poor thing looks so sad :(

hope you had a great vday!

SueMac said...

Oh, sparkles!!!! Ok, so I've been avoiding reading running blogs because I haven't been running... which is interesting since I just ran a half.... anyway, just caught up on Theo and know I am praying. I'm back running so I will be back reading..... NO EXCUSES!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVE THE HOODY!!! YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!! Your poor son, he looks heart broken! Girl, you are a working machine. KILLER WORKOUTS and yay for amazing weather for your long run. It is fun to compare yourself with previous years, you are a rock star! LOVE the Beer Me...AWESOME!! Need to see the Richard Simmons though!! YOU RAN WITH DEAN....of course he remembered you, you are the hottest thing alive!! PS Billy totally wore a polo shirt while running ha! I am going to watch those movies you recommended. Have a great night!!

MuncherCruncher said...

Oh my gosh I am so glad that Theo is doing ok!! That makes me so happy!! :) Your son's face in that pic, on the other hand...breaks my heart! Poor little guy!!
I for SURE agree with you about Ricky Martin and the man jeggings! What was he thinking...have you seen the clip of conan and the man jeggings? worth youtubing if you haven't, and I'm not much of a youtuber.
also...I WANT THAT HOODIE. Pretty much the cutest thing ever! Good luck with your busy week girl! You're awesome! :)

Cait said...

aww so sad your son lost his game :( but i love the sparkles going on with your clothes! good for you girl! xoxo keep up the hard work!

LindseyAnn said...

WOW--you have a lot going on! Good for you getting organized, I'm sure it's going to help a ton.
We actually watched the Grammys, too, and we never watch that kind of stuff! It was really good, I definitely enjoyed it! :)
Good luck with the rest of your week!