Friday, February 12, 2010

Back to the running and shoutouts!!!

Alrighty then! True to my word, I'm going to discuss running and running related things only in this blog (for at least one paragraph of every post)!! Here's a rundown of my week:

Monday- 10 miles ( 2 w/u, 5 @ 7:13, 2 easy, 1 @6:44) bike 10.5 miles, full upper body weights, 20 minute abs, 2 glasses of wine and no sleep!

Tuesday: 8 miles treadmill around an 8 minute pace. Basic 20 minute core routine.

Wednesday: 10 miles outside in 7 degrees. It was sunny and beautiful! (1:16/7:35 pace) This was a great run and got progressively faster each mile. Went to the gym with my hubby and did a full upper and lower body weight workout, biked 5 miles, and abs again. Rewarded myself with another 2 glasses of wine! (Rough week-I don't even drink on hockey trips anymore and now I'm drinking Monday and Wednesday!!)

Thursday-Easy 5 mile in the morning before work (41:27)

Today-First outdoor 20 since November! My hubby ran the first 6 with me and then joined me from 10-14. It was great to have the company!

Splits (2:38:59)

1 00:08:44
2 00:08:34
3 00:08:27
4 00:08:16
5 00:08:16
6 00:07:59
7 00:07:52
8 00:07:57
9 00:07:58
10 00:07:45
11 00:07:43
12 00:07:48
13 00:07:51
14 00:07:49
15 00:07:35
16 00:07:43
17 00:07:36
18 00:07:44
19 00:07:43
20 00:07:26
I was ready to be done at 20 miles but this was a practice run in which I had no concern for time and just wanted to get it done. We were yapping quite a bit the first few miles so I was able to keep the pace down. I am gaining a little confidence here and think I will have to completely mentally shutdown to not finish Boston in the 3:20's. We'll see.

I will take tomorrow off from running and I'm planning for 12 on Sunday.

In other news, Max had a game last night and he won again! I LOVE watching him play. He is such a little stud and has a wicked shot! I might be a little biased but I speak the truth :) I'm off tomorrow with Ryan. Another day filled with 8 hours of driving and 2 hockey games. Reese plays at home again this weekend.

Good luck racers!!
Katie is going to break 45 in her 10K and knock one of her 2010 goals off the chart!!

Christina is running the IMS Arizona marathon! She's gonna do awesome!!

Kerri, Mel and Amanda are running the Million Inch run (15.78 miles) Interesting! I'm sure they'll have a blast!

SueMac is running a half with her 12 year old daughter. What an awesome experience! Hope they have a great time!

Julie is running a half in Rochester! I say if her body holds up she'll knock 5 minutes off her PR!!!

To the many I missed-GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Me and the kids before school!

I am SUPER pumped for the Olympics!!! Can't wait for some quality TV!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Christina said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I think I'll have to turn on the TV soon to see if the olympics have started.

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
Awesome job again this week!! You are going to be so ready for Boston! Cute pictures! Okay, seriously, do you ever look like crap? I mean just a always look so flipping perfect in all of your pictures:) I love the hair...very cute!! Have a great weekend:) Think of me Sunday morning..I am going to attempt to run my second half in Rochester!!

EricaH said...

Wow what an amazing week of running, glad you had your husband to run with you a bit during your long run yay for great support. I am excited about the opening ceremonies also. :)

Kerrie T. said...

Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

(And, thanks for the shout out!)

Katie A. said...

Thanks for the shout out girlie! I can feel the love!
Awesome 20 miler - I'm hoping to hit some of those mile splits on mine on Sunday - you did great! I think the key is to try to start out a bit slower, then build it up - I SO need to work on that! You have a 3:2X in you all day! I'm shooting for 3:3X - you'll have to cheer me in :)
Love all the pics - you and you're kids are so cute!
I can't believe you did a run in 7 degrees - HARDCORE - I feel like such a pansy, I was cold when I started my run in 50 degrees! LOL!
Have an awesome weekend and V-Day!
P.S. My secret word at the bottom is winem! Hahaha wine! Okay, now I'm rambling - and I'm sober!

Genesis said...

you're such a running stud!

i love your hair!

Velma said...

Great pictures and way to rock the runs!

Jill said...

Um, will you wait for me after you finish in Boston?? I'll be about an hour behind ya! I told Meg I'm going to start tapering and carb loading now, I've got that part done pretty well!! :)

Happy Weekend. I'm sitting here wathing the Olympis, about ready to fall asleep, but oh how glorious!!

Jamoosh said...

That is one bad ass 20 miler. You are going to kick Boston's butt.

ajh said...

Just found your blog. I had to go back and see what you were talking about with the phone! What are the chances of that happening! Sounds like you are past it. Someday you will laugh (maybe) about it. Happy running!

Michelle said...

Awesome week!

Love that you and your husband work out and run together!

SueMac said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm so excited to be running with my girl, much more than she is! You and your kids are ADORABLE!!!!


like always, love the pictures! Awesome 20 miler! You are amazing.

Meg said...

What a great run! I look forward to TRYING a long run at that a month. I just can't pull it off right now, you rock girl. I loved your previous post about Ryan and not being ready for teenagers. No one ever is. Hang on for the ride, it can be fun too!!

Lisa said...

Super cute pics!

I am sitting here watching the olympics and Women's hockey is on. I thought of you and your kids. Maybe one day your kids will be playing in the Olympics and you'll be flying 8 hrs to get there instead of driving!

Have a great weekend!

lindsay said...

great running! wow that 20 miler - awesome splits. :)

love the pics of the fam, you are just gorgeous.

hope you and the hubs have a good valentine's day with some texting ;)

Keri said...

What a great 20 miler!

you are just too cute. Love the pictures!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great week! Love the pictures!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

What's up with your hair? :) ;)