Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Update, My Fritos Diet, and WORKING it off!

So, thankyou again for all your thoughts and prayers. Theo is doing VERY well at this point and his mommy is now by his side. She was able to hold him one time briefly and saw his eyes this evening for the first time! It will be a long haul for him. He has had numerous transfusions, brain scans, drugs, and is a mess of tubes and wires but doctors are very optimistic and at this point they don't believe he has any brain damage! The doctor said today he arrived extremely critical and is just a miracle, a "million dollar baby" (meaning it has cost a million dollars to keep him alive at this point). His complications stem from the cord being wrapped around his neck and body for an extended period of time in utero causing him quite a fight. There is a much more detailed explanation but I have not watched enough Grey's Anatomy yet to understand it, and I would never get it right. In my simple language, He is alive, he is well, we are THANKFUL!!!

His hospital picture. Looks like a little wet rat-ha! I'm off to see the little guy first thing in the morning!! Can't wait!

So, I've had no trouble keeping up with reading blogs since I follow them on my phone but I've had very little time to sit down and comment. Please know, even if I haven't showed up to say my peace that I'm still following! I'm hoping to make my rounds very soon!

Just trying to be true to my blog, here come the total random thoughts in the order they come to mind......

My son is 7. He is growing his hair out because he wants long shaggy "hockey" hair. He is adamant about this and refuses to let me hack it. OK-it just looks TERRIBLE and it's definitely in the UGLY stage. A matted, wooly, gnarly mess! Anyway, this morning I was trying to fix his hair to make him at least look presentable for school. I managed to wet and brush through about half (which he HATES). He was getting frustrated and wiggly and finally just yells at me "Mom, quit tryin' to make me look PRECIOUS!" He was SO serious and Ryan and I just DIED laughing!!

I read this quote on a friends FB status today. "Women are Angels. And when someone breaks our wings.... we simply continue to fly ... on a broomstick..... We are flexible like that..." I laughed out loud! I love it, I'm printing it and hanging it on my fridge!!

I took two days off from running this week. Two scheduled days and 18 miles off. I can't say it was because there wasn't time because I HATE that excuse and I could have made time if it was enough of a priority for me. It wasn't, I was preoccupied and I just took the days off. I also ate a load of CRAP. As a general rule, I eat A LOT of food. By a lot, I mean A LOT! I've pretty cautious of WHAT I put in my mouth however. Very little processed food, lean protein, lots of vegetables, healthy FUEL food. Ummmm-yeah! I was eating Fritos with cheese dip out of a can and chasing it down with Diet Coke at our hospital party the other night!! Add in the giant bowl of HFCS I was consuming by the handful and I felt like a load of bricks on Wednesday. Bad food=ZERO energy and total lethargy.

This morning Ryan had early morning practice and there was NO way I was avoiding the gym. I WANTED to avoid it because I felt like SH*T, but although I'm a slow learner, I knew I would feel even MORE like SH*T for the rest of the day if I skipped another workout. Hello GYM-meet JENN and let me bathe you in extreme amounts of her bodily fluids. Holy smack-great workout-1 hour and 10 minutes of weights, abs and plyo. I totally pushed my limits this morning and I think I was sweating canned cheese....I ran tonight after work and Reese's game. 7 miles with a hard 5K in the middle. I'm WAY off my plan here...but I feel better just the same.

We canceled our overnight Valentine's Day date tomorrow. Wasn't going to work with everything going on. The next 5 weekends, we have hockey playoffs and Joe and I will be in different hotels with different kids in different cities. Our relationship will have to return to strictly text message.

So, I better get productive here. Maybe I haven't mentioned but I'm going to see my new nephew in exactly 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great night!


Caroline said...

Good baby news is wonderful.
Junk food I used to miss it but not anymore not just because I cannot eat it without getting sick but I feel goof now that my diet is healthier then it was a year 1/2 ago.

MuncherCruncher said...

I am SO SO SO glad lil' baby Theo is doing well Jenn! He looks like a little precious angel baby!!
I am 100% with you on the not exercising/eating crappy making me feel awful and SUCKING my energy dry. It's a good reminder of why we do what we do right? We'll keep praying for your fam my darling!! xoxoxo

Amanda@runninghood said...

OH Jenn. This picture is precious. Makes me cry to think of the idea of coming close to losing one of my babies but also crying happy tears to know he is pulling through. Thank you God! Junk food? I can't get enough. I flipped a U turn (illegal in Oregon) on my way to drop my daughter off at school just so I could go through the drive through at Burgerville and get a cheeseburger. A big fat one too! What is wrong with me? Second one in 3 days and I don't even want to eat meat but apparently I'm having some odd cravings because I shoved it down my pie hole in 2 minutes flat. SO Freakin' good. Don't regret it a bit AND i've been slacking on my workouts because I've been so tired. ;( I better not be prego. Seriously.

Oh, and remind me to send you a picture of my poor baby son's bad haircut that I gave him. I should have left it long and shaggy. poor boy.

Too funny about your son. And I love the FB status.

XLMIC said...

"Sweating canned cheese" made me bust out laughing :)

I am so glad that adorable baby boy is doing so much better and the prognosis is good! Yay!

And bummer about VDay…hope the 2 of you get a little something special to help make up for the missed overnight ;-)

Velma said...

What a cute little one. You will work of the junk - not a problem!

middleagedrunner said...

Ahhh! That baby! Looks like a little old man- how adorable! So glad that he's doing well- that is wonderful news.
I can't believe how busy you and your family are- great job sneaking in a brutal workout and getting rid of the canned cheese thru your pores. I always am confused at how junk food can sit in my belly for what feels like weeks....

Teamarcia said...

Wonderful baby news! THis made my week! Yay for baby Theo and all of you!

Kovas said...

You can't have helmet head without hockey hair.

Outstanding news that Theo is a survivor!

Kovas said...

You can't have helmet head without hockey hair.

Outstanding news that Theo is a survivor!

ShutUpandRun said...

So glad to hear about little Theo. Great news. My nephew's name is Theo!!

As for the Fritos, so be it. Gotta have those indulgences and you could burn that off in about an hour.

Suzy said...

Jenn, great post about Theo. I'm glad he is doing better. Technology is a blessing! You may not be following your running plan, but you are doing what is important and spending time with family when it is most needed.

Rochelle said...

So glad about the baby news! It's so hard to live day by day with no real good progress! Have fun seeing him tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Soooo glad to hear the good news about Theo. :)

When my little guy (almost 5) needed a haircut a few weeks ago his sister asked him *Don't you want to grow it out like all the cool boys at my school?*

He says: Heck no. I don't want to look like that Beaver guy.
I assume he was talking about J.Bieber. Lol.

LOVE that quote. I'm definitely using that one sometime!

Running and living said...

So glad little Theo is doing well, and Sarah can at least see him, if not hold him longer for now. He is a cutie!

So funny about Max. Petru's hair gets longish from time to time - I give him cuts at home, and like it a bit longer. He does not even let me comb his hair, but somehow it looks pretty good. LOL about "precious".

Yes, I am amazed that people can live off of junk food. Like you, when I don't get my veggies (I eat a lot of food, too) and regular food, I feel so yucky. Glad you made it in and had a good workout, amazing how it helps!

It is very much OK for your to skip workouts now (I know, you needed permission:), your first big race is in March, right? So no worries...and I am on my own workout plan mostly these days...

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

r70 minutes of are my hero. Girl, your body probably needed that two days off big time and you have been so busy, you do have an excuse. I AM SO happy that THEO IS DOING BETTER!! He is so little and cute. I LOVED that quote...billy could not agree more.
He has to have hockey hair:) LOVE YA girl and hope you have a great weekend!f

ajh said...

Thanks for the baby update! So glad he keeps improving.

Small Town Runner said...

Little Theo looks so much like my #1 that I almost want to post a photo. =D Very glad that it looks like there has been no brain damage. Praise God!!
Give him lots of smooches- if they let you.

I hope my sons don't ever want long hair! AHHHH! I like it high and tight. someone who lives off of coffee and jerky/pepperoni/and an occasional salad, I see NOTHING wrong with what you ate for your girl get-together. (Though I do go on salad and cottage cheese or tuna binges.)

Really REALLY happy that mom and baby are doing well and you sound like you had an amazing workout. Yipee!!!

Ly* said...

I don't know how psychological bad foods affect us, but for me is like I eat something I know is BAD for me and, a little after, there is the result... no energy, then I feel bad for eating that crap, then I don't go do my usual workout because I'd be like "what's the point?"... uh. Vicious cycle! :)