Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday night and the weekly wrap!

Ah-the weekend!!!! Only 4 hockey games on the docket today and only 3 hours in the car! Such a nice cutback!!

So, I had NO idea so many people liked meatloaf! Kudos to you steel stomached people out there! XLMIC did give me a tip about putting Wasabi in meatloaf. Now a hunk of strictly Wasabi formed into a loaf, that's something I would eat! I LOVE Wasabi! Just to clarify, I DO currently eat meat, just not meat/bread/loaf/Alpo! At some point here I may actually touch on the whole food nourishment topic. We'll save that for later..

Moving on to the news ramble in no particular order:)

Had an awesome night last night! We went to the "Little Fockers" movie and then out for drinks and appetizers with some friends. Joe got NO work calls and we were able to enjoy the WHOLE evening uninterrupted. Lots of laughs! I definitely consumed my red wine antioxidants and perhaps took an ibuprofen this morning with approximately 17 glasses of water. FYI-I am not a big drinker (unless I'm on crutches-ha). I like to be in control, it affects my running schedule (Type A) and I'm like a wind-up doll who can't shut up when you give me a drink. This in turn leads to anxiety the next day over what I may or may not have said. Easier for me to stick to the water with lemon most of the time!

I tried the most amazing thing yesterday. Reese is on the synthetic ice skating treadmill twice a week trying to stay in shape with her broken collarbone. (I'm not sure if I could ever adequately describe how hockey crazed this town is-it's a big deal to her to be able to get right back out there when the doc gives the OK). Anyway, you are harnessed and basically skate and stickhandle on a treadmill and the speed and incline can be adjusted. Her coach is the trainer and he's a good friend (also runs a 1:14 HM) He told me to bring my skates and give it a try. Now, Thursday night I had done mile repeats followed by lower body strength and yesterday morning 9 easy miles prior to going to the ice treadmill. This was maybe the HARDEST workout I've ever done. My quads and glutes T-RASHED. I think he was trying to KILL me-perhaps setting the pace and incline forgetting that I do NOT run a 1:14 half. I was not about to look like a wimp so I endured this torture although I'm sure the repercussions will be EXTREMELY painful....Truthfully, I would love to crosstrain on this thing but it comes with a HEFTY pricetag!

The thermometer in my vehicle said -31 degrees when I took my son to his hockey game this morning. This is REAL temp. I'm not sure what it was with the windchill but definitely in the -40's. What does this mean....This means I was not wearing my "cute" boots to the game. This also means I would leave my gas guzzling SUV running the entire game because my auto start is not working and spend approximately $400 in gas to watch a mite hockey game. And one more thing....this means I will finish this week with 64 treadmill miles. I am starting to have treadmill dreams....

My hair is getting VERY long and gnarly. I'm getting it done on Tuesday. It has been every length and color in the book even platinum blonde which lasted 2 days because my husband told me I looked like a low budget porn star. (Hmmmmm-if he's watching low budget porn he has SO much more to worry about than the color of my hair!) This was in jest, he's a teaser and he treats me much better than a low budget porn star! Anyway, thinking I might try something different-not sure exactly what I can pull off anymore! There comes a point where I think I need to embrace my age, let my hair go gray (which it would without color) and start wearing sweatshirts with built in collars and cardinals on the front....

I swam my first full mile in approximately 8 hrs and 14 minutes. Good God, a mile swimming is like FOREVER! Especially when you sprint (accidentally) the first 4 laps/lengths (I'm so clueless I don't even know the correct terminology) and then feel like you are going to sink and drown and you have like a million lap/lengths left...... Somehow when I would read 2.4 mile swim in an Ironman, I didn't think it would be that hard. WHAAAAAA-I will NEVER be an Ironman!!

I made THIS and I'm sure I could live off it for EVERY meal of every day!

So the quick running update. I made a few adjustments this week being as I was on the treadmill the WHOLE week. (Things are looking up temperature wise for next week). I scrapped my tempo run as I ran 8.1 miles of my 13.1 at HMP on Sunday. Well, this is what I'm telling myself but more because I didn't feel like doing it but.... The quick breakdown

MONDAY-10 miles easy-upper body weights. P90X abripper

TUESDAY-6 miles am (SIC-thanks Jill) 4 miles PM easy- core-Swim 1 MILE


- 9 miles with 4X1600. Wanted to stay right around 6:30. (6:31, 6:27, 6:35, 6:27) The first one felt great, the second one I started feeling not so great. I ended up recovering for .75 miles instead of my usual .5 and it seemed to work itself out. The last one was actually the easiest. Lower body weights-numerous 3 way lunges which are taking effect today.....

FRIDAY- 9 miles easy running -Skating treadmill 1 minute intervals=DEATH


SUNDAY-planning for my treadmill record-20.1 miles! I may not physically be able to walk my legs are so tight from the weights and ice treadmill but somehow I will run this 20 miles....

OK- so I promise sometime in the near future that I will put some time and effort into a post that actually addresses something of importance.

Super Good luck to Caroline running her first Half Marathon tomorrow! Woohoo!!

In closing-random photos:)


Amanda@runninghood said...

I just read every single word of this (I always do) as I bake Janae's chocolate chip cookies! Thanks for sharing what you made...this quinoa recipe looks delicious and that ladies blog looks great...I will follow now.

You crack me up with your hair comments and your husband telling you you looked like a cheap porn star. ha ha! is so cold there. It was 51 today here and the sun actually showed itself to us! wooo hooo.

You are so fast!! I aspire to keep up with your times when I do repeat miles. You amaze me. I read my husband part of your blog (he just did repeat miles at 6:30 pace like you) and when I read the part about 60 some miles on the TM, he said that he'd rather stick a sharp stick in his eye and ground it into his brain (referring to the TM part, not the miles). :) well, I guess someone doesn't think the TM sounds fun.

This ice skating/hockey tm thingy looks interesting.

So loved reading this post!

Small Town Runner said...

Oh wow. An ice treadmill!? That WOULD be an incredible workout-- if I could do it without falling flat on my tush! maybe with roller blades. lol. That's a fast coach, too!

Did you really spend that much in gas/diesel to watch the game? I could imagine it. It's over 3.40 a gallon here. Not jeaous of all your TM workouts, but those are some GREAT miles. What are you going to peak at for this 10 miler? 90 MPW??? 100???

You rock the swim...My pool could actually be used at the moment, if i had a wetsuit. It's about 40F.

Glad you got to go to the movie and that your hubby was able to be uninterrupted. :)

Can I go get my hair done with you? I haven't been in maybe 6 months....I know this great gal in the next town. Come on out!

I have never done black or brown- just blonde, blonder and really red (but only temporarily and no one could tell it was not my true color! haha

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Love the new sidebar photo of your "Girls" Hahaha!

XLMIC said...

AbripperX…bring it, boys and girls! Tony makes me giggle.

NO bread OR Alpo in my loaf, babe. It is not gaggy.

Ha! You and liquor sounds like me and liquor.

I need to get about 90 seconds per mile faster than I am so we could run together someday :)

Love your blog…always brings a smile to my face!

middleagedrunner said...

You always write the best posts! I'm exhausted from reading about your workouts. I expect that just from reading about the ass kicking that you hand yourself I can take the day off- living vicariously perhaps?
That hockey thingey looks pretty scary to me. I would end up broken in a big way if I stepped foot on it. I would end up broken in a big way of something posessed me to strap on ice skates....
It's wicked cold here too but nothing compared to what you're dealing with. GOSH! Time for Spring already...

Anonymous said...

That ice treadmill is awesome! I love that she wants to keep doing something, what a little athlete!

I didn't even know it could get -40! I would die, I hate the 6 degrees we have here.

The platinum hair comment cracked me up! Right before my show in 09 I went in to get my hair real blond like Jamie Eason's, well she colored it all over really blond and it looked horrible!! I think that was the first time I cried over my hair, lol! Can't wait to see if you try anything different-Go for it :)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

anxiously awaiting the whole food nourishment posts....

ha ha - the alcohol thing - that's me - will mess up my running.

minus any degree is brutal! no wonder you are so strong mentally, those treadmill runs are tough.

I really, really, really need a "new do" but I have to be have a ponytail so I can't decide on anything new. I need help - like a stylist and wardrobe shopper. Most of my shopping is for running clothes...I hate shopping for the other stuff.

the dawn said...

so, everytime i've gone to get my hair cut lately i think that i'm asking for just a trim and to "reshape" but somehow the person with the scissors interprets our conversation to mean "take whatever creative liberties you feel like today." i must be saying it wrong...

seriously, that skating treadmill thing would be amazing cross training. i didn't even know that things like that exist. is she able to have the harness hooked up if her collarbone is broken? i would think that would hurt a bit...

i thought it was bad this morning with -11 degrees...but we've got nothing on you! i'm waiting until noon to start my run and hoping that it warms up to the double digits by then...

good work on the swim! i've always figured that if the iron man measures the swim in single digit miles then it would have to be pretty insane.

Jill said...

Don't you just love those SICs?? They are sooo yummy for us....well at least for my pathetic out-of-shapeness body! And I bet you did those 3-way lunges, huh?? I mean, is there anything else that can make you so sore that you seriously wonder if you can run 20.1 miles on the treadmill? I think not! Ha. I thought about doing them today but am going to hold off another couple days and see if I can get in a long run tomorrow (I went to the podiatrist - FINALLY - will write a post on that tomorrow, hopefully:)).

I so admire how comfortable you are changing your hair color and style. Mine varies a few inches here and there but it's the same ugly style over and over. The other day I was in and said, "I want less blonde (my hair is naturally blonde, when it wasn't gray :))) so she's showing me colors and suggested we do a two-tone. HUH? Two colors? Yikes. So what did I pick? Two shades of blonde, pretty much identical to what I had before. Yeah, gotta love boring old me. So I can't wait to see what you a picture! I know when I saw you in Boston last year I was not only envious of your speed and kick-ass body, but also your adorable hair. I wish I didn't hate my forehead and could grow my bangs out. Haha.

Looks like little Reece is getting stronge ron the skate TM, that thing looks just like a torture device. Maybe you could put it in your kitchen in addition to your regular TM? ;)

Ok cutie, you have a great Sunday, hope you got some amazing miles on the TM, and you have the perfect family day!!

MuncherCruncher said...

-30's/-40's ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! I promise I will never say another word about being cold. EVER. I don't know how you leave the house because I'm pretty sure I NEVER would...and at that point i KNOW my hair would look like a cheap porn star! ;)
I have never seen anything like that skating TM. How crazy cool is that? I want to try it!
I LOVE how hockey-involved you and your family is. I don't know much about hockey, but I am all for a family sport. Can I please come visit your town and go to 1,800 hockey games with you? I will run out and start your car for you. (and then complain about how cold I am for an hour). ;) You're darling!! Don't freeze please.

LindseyAnn said...

I love that you tried the skating treadmill! I've always wanted to hop on one of those and try it out. I also love that your daughter has access to that kind of thing while she's injured. The hockey culture in this state is unreal, and I am loving it!
I'm the same way in terms of the motormouth when I've had a few drinks, and I've spent my fair share of mornings wondering what I said. I'm on the wagon until my next big race, so thank goodness I won't have that worry for a while.
And thank goodness this cold snap is going to break somewhat--I need to get outside and run!!
Have a great Sunday! :)

Shawn said...

Holy crap.....did you take a breath during this post?

Lets see....when you do meatloaf, wrap it in bacon and paint it with barbecue sauce every once in die for!!!!

Fine to be called a porn star...did he do the music that goes with it?? boowwmmmmm, boowwwwmmm bowwwnnnmmmmm

Last..whats wrong with running in the cold?...good for your soul...and guys cut their hair short so the grey goes away for awhile...and good to see your daughter stay active in recovery...kudo's to you...stay warm!!!!

ajh said...

Any pictures of the low budget porn star?

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

SPEEDY MILES!!! Holy cow woman! K, that treadmill thingee is SO cool...I had no idea those existed!! I love getting my hair done, please post pics of what it looks like!! So glad you had a whole night without any interruptions and I want to see that movie so bad. I hear you about not letting anything get in the way of your running schedule, I am the same way! Hope you are having an amazing Sunday evening:) LOVE YA!

Running and living said...

When I was breastfeeding my husband used to call me "my little porn star" bc I had huge boobs.
64 miles, wow, you are ready to run a marathon! And 8.1 at HMP is awesome! I strive for that but not sure if it will happen. I have 4 miles at 10K pace tomorrow...on ice and snow...wish me luck.
Love the ice treadmill thing, looks awesome!I am living in a hockey crazed town, but my little guy is def not made for hockey, he is a bit of a delicate flower, we are trying to toughen him up:)
Have a great weekend. Enjoy some outdoors running!

lindsay said...

that treadmill looks entirely to hard to get on, let alone use. i can just picture myself dangling from the ceiling all klutz'd up.

how does hubs know what low-budg porn stars look like? you are going to get some great google hits from having that on your blog and in the comments.

you're pretty much amazing. -40 degrees? i couldn't even stand by the window. nor afford that heating bill. nor would i be running 70miles on the treadmill.

Small Town Runner said...
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