Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meatloaf , TM phobias, and my playlist!

So my son woke up yesterday morning and told me he wanted to eat meatloaf for supper. Yes, meat in the shape of a loaf. Blechhh! Now... meatloaf isn’t one of the 3 meals I currently make around here (yes, I’m in a rut and I need a printable meal menu like Small Town Runner) In fact, I’ve NEVER made it! Ranks right up there with hotdish in my mind:) Anyway, I asked him what on earth possessed him to desire meat that looks like bread but tastes like…..hmmmm….well NOT like bread! ! Apparently, he had it at a friend’s house and it’s “oh SOOO good mom!!” He went on and on about it like it was something served in a 5 star restaurant (my kids are sheltered) So, because I LOVE my children, off I went to the store to buy ingredients for a supper that makes me gag when I even say it. The consensus: meatloaf is the filet mignon of children who live in the sticks…….Honestly, my kids thought this was like the best thing they had ever eaten! They DEVOURED it while I sat there eating my own food which did not remind me of ALPO…... I can see it already, the little profiles they make in school for parent teacher conferences….. My name is Max. My favorite food is meatloaf. My mom’s favorite food is wine and cheese(Reese actually put this on her’s last year) My favorite toys are guns. I like to shoot animals and hang them from my swingset……… I’m failing as a mother……

Moving on! The windchill is -38 today and dropping to -40 tomorrow. I will be on the treadmill until probably the weekend. This will be interesting. I don’t really like the treadmill as it is, much less running on it for 6 consecutive days…….I’m going to have to do some treadmill hopping to change things up! I have 2 treadmills at home. One nice new one and one that desperately needs to be retired (it bounces like a trampoline and makes me have to take 18 potty breaks in a 5 mile run. FYI and TMI-I can’t jump on trampolines, I’ve had 3 kids) Anyway, I am ready to trash that one but I have this obsession about treadmills lying to me so I like to switch it up. By lying I mean I’m always in a panic that the pace is off and although it says I’m going sub 7 I might ACTUALLY be going at 9 minute pace. My husband is a math mind. He has calibrated and recalibrated both treadmills at home (practically on a weekly basis) just to calm my neurosis about this. Even after this, many of my treadmill miles are run at the gym so I can alternate through their treadmills and people watch!!

I went to the gym for a slow easy run yesterday. This is new for me this time around. My easy runs are MUCH slower than I was doing them in my Boston training. My tempo is quite a bit faster though so I’ll have to see how this pans out for me. Live and Learn! Anyway, before I left, I started a new playlist and somehow I synced my Ipod to it and ended up erasing everything else. There were TWO songs on it. The entire slow run with TWO songs on repeat. …. I suppose I could have turned it off but there is just absolutely no way I could run on the treadmill without music. I run marathons without it but can’t even make it 2 miles on the TM without trash POUNDING in my ears.

This is the current playlist I’m taking with me today:

Coming Home –Diddy

Hummingbird Heartbeat-Katie Perry

Who’s that chick –David Guetta feat. Rihanna

Fly –Nikki Minaj and Rihanna

Fading –Rihanna

What the Hell – Avril Lavigne

Enough-Barlow Girl

Nessun Dorma-3 tenors

I just wanna run –The Downtown Fiction

Liv tonight-Nelly and Keri Hilson


Hold it Against me-Britney Spears

Break it 0ff-Sean Paul and Rihanna

Hey Baby-Pitbull

Don’t you Wanna Stay-Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

Songs I'm retiring FOREVER- Like a G6

As you can see, a little of everything!! I grab the clean edits where I can but I usually get my share of sex, drugs and booze in my runs! I think this is OK because I don't have a very strong desire to get trashed or hop in the sack when I’m done running so it must not be rubbing off!! Joe wants me to move my runs back to the morning....

More random revelations!!!!!! I like the word ANYWAY. I’m obviously obsessed with exclamation points like I’m screaming at you when I’m writing and I’m also obsessed with using “………” all the time ……… Anyway......!!!

And one more random....

Libby ate the whole ham in her ballet flats! (In her defense, she was on meds that made her tummy all swollen but it's not as funny when you mention that)


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Every time I hear the word MEATLOAF, I think of that *nasty* looking singer. No bueno. So no, I will not be eating any meatoloaf any time soon :)

Libby's belly looks like mine at the end of the day. NO LIE! I don't even have medication to blame...or ham. It's from all the veggies. Word.

C2Iowa said...

I use 1/3 venison 1/3 pork and 1/3 turkey in my meatloaf. I also use a good portion of sage seasoning. Good luck with it. I am with you - bread shaped meat? Most kids love it though.

Velma said...

BRRRRRR. I love meatloaf - turkey meat and you can hide veggies in in.

Love the playlist!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hey Girl! I've missed you...or your blog! I've missed so much...two wonderful posts!!! I'm am going to come back here as soon as I get a moment tonight...yours is the top of the list to get caught up on and I will read every delicious word! Until then, hope you're having a great day Jenn!

Jamoosh said...

Meatloaf = ALPO = Brilliant!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Poor LIBBY!!! Ha that is too cute...that is how I am feeling after eating three brownies today ha! Meatloaf.....yeah I don't know how I feel about meatloaf but I am so glad your kids loved it!! You are the coolest mom ever...I am jealous! It is interesting how different plans work, keep us updated with this one:) LOVE THE PLAYLIST....WE ARE WAY TOO ALIKE.

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

I actually make meatloaf pretty often, but more or a poor mans meatloaf:
ground white meat turkey
bbq sauce
bread crumbs
pram cheese (LOTS!)
dry seasoning
There ya have it. I don't know if this would really be considered a meatloaf but my husband who cooks all day long even says it is good.
I dream of a treadmill at home, but I think it would end up not getting used as my elliptical sits and doesn't get any use. I hit up the gym for treadmill runs.

I am still perplexed by "hotdish" kinda reminds me how over in WI they always had "booyas" at all the local churches. I still am not sure what exactly the type of food considered a booya is?

Teamarcia said...

Nobody in this house will touch a meatloaf. Go fig. No trampolines for me anymore either...found out the hard way.
Stay warm!

Adrienne said...

I cannot imagine having to make a meatloaf. I feel so bad for you! Big yuck for me.... I guess that is what you do for kids

ShutUpandRun said...

omg i'm dying laughing. is she a pregnant baby? she could make a lot of money.

we love meat loaf in our house. i make a mean loaf. i can pinch off a loaf too sometimes.

good luck on the mill. i hate it too. but -105 is too cold to run in.

Running and living said...

OK, I say is more of a treadmill OCD, you know intrusive thoughts about the mill not working well, and the compulsion to check and recheck. Now that I have 2 Garmins (old 204 and new 305) I am developing a Garmin OCD in terms of pace and distance. Lol.
Meatloaf, yeah, not so much. But then my little guy only eats pizza and mac and cheese for dinner, so I'd love it if he ate meatloaf. And thanks for the playlist. I am always searching for new tunes!

ajh said...

I have a 4 day in a row treadmill week and that is bad enough! Very funny how your kids were looking forward to meatloaf! Good luck with your 6 days of tm

Live, Love, Run said...

I think meatloaf looks gross and sounds gross, but Im with your son. It is yummy! It is actually on my menu for Thursday! Too funny!

XLMIC said...

I make meatloaf that is really good. I know, impossible to believe for a non-meatloafer. My secret ingredient: wasabi. shhhhhhhh. And I mix the meats, too. 1 lb beef, 1/2 lamb, 1/2 veal.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Bahaahaaaha (as you always use to show you are laughing) that last part/picture is hilarious. :) Love it! And bummer to have to run to the same two songs...I would have chosen to run with no music. Can't you watch t.v at your gym? I was actually wondering about the whole treadmill calibration tonight and how that worked. Meatloaf..so funny....I used to think that my mom cooked awful food (she was really healthy) and I just wanted to eat ramen noodles, kraft mac n' cheese, white bread and steak like my friends.

This post made me laugh for many reasons. Great one! Thanks.

And for the record...you are the reason I made it to the gym for my 5.5 miles tonight! I am so glad I read your blog post before this one before it was too late. It is almost 10 and I'm just now getting home but I feel GREAT! I ran it at 7.5 (8 min pace) for most of it but ran the last 1.5 at 7:41 pace just for you (or inspired by you). :) Feeling easier and easier to run this pace....love getting back to my running legs! Thank you Jenn!!! I hope I get to meet you in real life someday soon!

Small Town Runner said...

Oh! I need to see if my link is working!! Thank you:))
I'll be back here again to make a better comment =D

Meatloaf is usually elk &beef here

Small Town Runner said...

I am totally convinced that Max and Nathan would have a GREAT time together!!!

Quite a diverse playlist, there!

Meatloaf is one of my hubby's favorites. He likes to say.."Never let your meat loaf!" ha ha

sisterbison said...

Your post today totally cracked me up!! I wasn't in the best mood when I woke up but now I'm smiling, so thanks for that! I particularly love that your kids noted that your favorite food is "wine and cheese" and thought nothing of it! LOVE IT!! And the treadmill recalibration? Priceless. You know how people say "Marriage is..." and fill in "unconditional love" or "taking care of your spouse when he is sick". Well, I think marriage is fixing your wife's treadmill....for the 5th time this month...when it isn't even broken". So great!


middleagedrunner said...

You know, I have a fewr that treadmills are lying to me too! I can't believe that I'm not the only person in the world with that bizzare phobia... HAH!
I make quite a tasty meatloaf that is more along the lines of fancy grwon up food and not alpo (it's the only meatloaf that I would consider eating- most are dry, rock hard and nasssssty.)
Oh my gosh- that poor baby's belly! She looks about ready to pop!

Kovas said...

Interesting you snuck in Nessun Dorma amongst all that other stuff. Liking it.

lindsay said...

But I thought music was a bad influence, making people do drugs and shoot guns?

LOL at your kid's lists. I hope they have more goodies like "wine and cheese"... They don't seem too disturbed so far... ;)

Emz said...

meatloaf - yum. Seriously. I love meatloaf.

thank you for the songs. SOoooooooooooooooooo needed!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

My hubby LOVES meatloaf, I'm not a big fan, but really should make it for him more often.

Tempos and easy days - I was told a couple of years ago, and I love it and use it often... "most of us are training too hard on the easy days, and too easy on the hard days. When I was using my heart rate monitor, I found it to be totally true for me.

Meg said...

Ewwwww...we just had to start feeding Daisy canned food because of her bad tooth and that GROSS stuff always reminds me of MEATLOAF. BLAH!
Your playlist cracks me up! I have TONS of naughty songs on my ipod and when I'm all alone on the road, I can sing 'em like the best of them...in a horrible voice, of course. SO much fun...

MuncherCruncher said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I just laughed through you entire post. You are my favorite.

"I like to shoot animals and hang them from my swingset" bah hahahaha...

I absolutely DETEST meatloaf as well. What is even in it? I'm impressed that you made it. You are a good mom. I just NOW got to read your "tag" and I loved every second of it! I loved when you talked about your darling kiddies and your family. You sound like an incredible parent, and I want you to me MY sister!!

also..the ipod repeat of 2 songs. How in the HECK did you do that? I can't run without music, but i might have gone insane! You go girl!

Tricia said...

music and movies (our gym has a cardio theater) make the miles on the treadmill fly by for me

LindseyAnn said...

I envy your treadmill! I just moved to Duluth, and this cold is freaking brutal! (Though, I see it's far worse up where you're at.) I think I'm going to have to brave it tomorrow (though it won't be as bad as yesterday or today, thank goodness!)