Friday, November 12, 2010

Absolute nonsense involving cheap wine, hockey, puke, orgasms, hunting and a Shoutout!

Parent teacher conferences last night. Perfect opportunity for me to break out of my sweatpants and showcase my style! Jeans, cowboy boots, Brooks running Jacket and a Coach bag. Yes, look for me on the cover of Vogue soon……I love parent teacher conferences!! First of all, I am SO thankful for the amazing school system we have here. I’ve only had fantastic experiences with all of my kids teachers thus far and the fact that my 7 year old son will run down the hallway to HUG his teacher almost brings a tear to my eye!! OK-sappy Kodak moment over… So, apparently my son has a girlfriend, my 10 year old daughter has a bit of a test anxiety, and my 7th grader is “Chatty Cathy” and has been linked to an elite group of students that are responsible for stealing the band director’s clarinet each morning and hiding it somewhere in the bandroom! I am SO proud!

Also in random news, we had women’s hockey league (aka social wine club) last night at a most ungodly hour!!! Only 3 moms showed up with figure skates this time! Yes-we are a might TERRIBLE but Oh so fun!!! Unfortunately I was blessed with absolutely NO fast twitch muscles and these quick skating bursts about kill me. By the end I wondered why the H I was racing to the puck anyway when I can’t shoot for crap and half the time I’m holding my stick in the wrong hand!! This is GREAT crosstraining though as I am wiped this morning and have 800 repeats on the docket! Glorious!!

My hip is doing very well this week. I’m not sure what the scare was last Friday but it appears to have been nothing. For those who haven’t been following for that long and have asked, I came down with a femoral neck stress fracture 5 weeks after the Boston marathon last spring and have only been back running since the beginning of September. This was truly one of the greatest challenges I have faced in quite some time. I am learning some HUGE lessons in patience here as I want to be EXACTLY where I left off and I don’t want it to take 3 months to get back there…..OK, just realized I have been running again for 2 and a half months and I won’t be back to where I was by 3 months……

More randomness, I am considering a 5K the day after Thanksgiving. I haven’t run a 5K or a 10K in a couple of years and before I was into marathon training. I hate the 5K and would rather run back to back marathons than race one!! I’m very competitive (mainly with myself) and this distance is DEFINITELY not a strength of mine. Anyway, I suppose I should tackle those demons and view them as forced speedwork. This will be quite interesting as I have run approximately 1 mile (maybe less) at what should be my 5K pace in the last couple of months!!

I am such a flowing writer......umm not so much a journalism major. Back to the random, my hubby and I were visiting after hockey last night over a bottle of this

Yes-when you have 3 kids in traveling hockey this is what you must resort to drinking!! I just love the description on the back "Food and Finance friendly. Broke Ass red offers juicy plum and blackberry flavors with a kick on the finish. Drink in style without liquifying your budget." Anyway, we got to reminiscing and he brought up THIS. I knew I had written a post about it and we got a great laugh out of it!

So-a lot of racers this weekend! I get so excited for Monday mornings after big races so I can read race reports and drink 12 cups of coffee!! I’m not even going to single anyone out here just send a HUGE shoutout of GOOD LUCK to everyone!!

One more thing. When you live in Northern MN, the men hunt and the women scrapbook. ( In my case, RUN, because I am not crafty and quite frankly HATE scrapbooking)! Anyway, my hubby and son got a big buck on Wednesday and they are both so excited. I am also SO excited as I will now have to find a place to hang this huge head mount and try to make it look like it came from Pottery Barn. Oh, the challenges…..Have a great weekend!

Proud Max!!!


Amanda@runninghood said...

This post was so worth stealing a few extra minutes to "read one more blog" before my husband leaves for work. I am laughing out loud for sure at your Orgasm story. As a fifth grade teacher, I am remembering my own stories where the kids have read orgasm for organism. Very hard to keep a straight face...especially if another adult is in the room. HA! Great post...thanks.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Your title peaked my interest BIG time today ha! I am so so glad your hip is had me worried there! Your son has a gf...I love it!
Can you post a video of you playing hockey....I really gotta see this, your life is so interesting.
As for the Orgasm story, thank you.
Have an amazing Friday!

Teamarcia said...

Sounds like your hip and the conferences turned out well. Conferences here next week....oh the suspense!

ERG said...

Ooh! that rack is gonna look GOOOOD in the kitchen. =D Right next to the treadmill. Congratulations on the nice shot!

I love your random thoughts posts...somehow they all flow together. I taught a few years and had my students hide a can of nasty kippered fish in the overhead projector once on a scheduled "oral presentation" day. Fun , Fun!

Looking forward to how you do in this 5k! I bet you will LOVE a chance to race, even at puke distance :))

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
You are always so darn busy...just like me! You are one up on me because you have more kids living at home:)

Yes, I do tend to drink a bit more during b-ball season too! The things that we must do to survive:)

I also am not a scrap booker freaking way! My sister in laws both do it as well as my sister. Who and the hell has time for that? It is just not my thing. There are just too many other things that sound a hell of a lot funner:)

Happy weekend Jenn!

Running and living said...

Oh, kids start early these days. My son started talking about marrige in preschool, mostly because the girl had a lot of trains:) You'll do fine at the 5K! You've got a good base and the speed will come to you on race day! You'll see:)

Jill said...

You're so funny :).

My house is a total pigsty b/c I have had zero $ to fix it up the past two years and it's so freaking dated - but I'm not sure you could pay me to hang some antlers in any part of my house, despite how much it needs a remodel. I grew up in Iowa, girl, so I know it's not a midwest thing. Maybe the garage??? I'd do it in the garage - but ONLY if one of my children shot it.

And good Lord Jenn, dear, you ARE still very speedy and as noted in previous posts, I'm super jealous of that. Last night, I was on my treadmill and tried to crank out a few hill repeats and finish it off with a mile at 7:00. Bahahahaha. I knew my pace was "off" - so I didn't think the the 7 would be too tough since I was running my timed miles at 6:28-6:33 last fall. Um, I'm here to report that yes, it was tough and I failed. So relish in the fact you aren't FAT, SLOW ME right now!!!

Ok, like how I totally write an email version for a blog comment?? :)

Have a great weekend. Thanks so much for your very nice comment on my always make me feel good about my writing. I so badly need to get back to those days when I put a little thought into my words and not just slapping some illogical, unfollowable, sentences together. Haha.


Bethany + Ryan said...

you are always so busy but you always get it done! I am not a fan of 10ks, too painful. :-) good luck with whatever you decide!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

That's a nice rack you got there.

the dawn said...

so...i was informed by several of my students that they will be missing class on monday because its opening day for hunting here in michigan. that is an impressive rack!

and i know that i would totally be one of those women with the figure skates...toe pick! (love that movie...)

and i hate to scrapbook as well. i had to do it once for a "girls' night" with some friend from college. wanted to poke my eyes out the whole time.

lindsay said...

spray paint it high-gloss white, potterybarn-chic in no time.

you are so stylish! the teachers probably think "oh here comes that crazy hobo" ;)

Emz said...

Nice kovas.

I hate scrapbooking too. I'd rather run 100 miles on a treadmill than do one page of scrapbooking.

Meg said...

Ha, ha...hunting and scrapbooking!! I'd rather run, too. I don't know what it is about cutting up all those pictures and trying to arrange them so creatively! It's so frustrating for me!!
I remember that Orgasm story from last year and it still cracks me up, just as much as the pix of your daughter flipping off the camera in her pix.
Bahh, our kids are going to kill us! Keep drinking, sister.

ajh said...

Funny post! Thanks for catching us up on some of the old stuff! I think you are a GREAT dresser!

Anonymous said...

Best title Ever!

If fourth grade I was a chatty cathy and got the nickname Dear Abby!

Katie A. said...

Love the kiddo update ;)
I hate 10K's! They are the worst! Funny, I'm running one on Thanksgiving, should be interesting! But I would love to race a 5K, haven't done one in over a year!
Have a good weekend!

ERG said...

I just read your comment over at running: The Dawn and busted a gut! So glad I won't be the only anal retentive watch/paceband wearer in future races =D !

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Jenn!! You made my day! Thank you for saying what you did in regards to 'happy.' Billy really likes you for what you said!! Can we just be best friends please? I love it when people post things anonymously. Really thanks again!!!