Monday, November 15, 2010

Rednecks, Running, and Help Me Buy Shoes!!!!

Wow- SUPER busy weekend culminating in a 12 year old with Strep throat and our personal family version of the "Redneck Swingset"

This is how we do it ‘round these here parts…….This hunting thing was a bit new to me when I got married. Living here, I now understand the need for it to keep the deer population in balance which protects both them and us. I also understand that my husband LOVES to do it and since he will fly me anywhere to run a marathon I will be supportive of him wearing deer urine on his clothes and tracking down animals.

Running Update. It’s starting to get colder. Pretty soon I will be dealing with THIS again!! It's been in the 20-30’s in the mornings still which is a HUGE blessing in November in northern MN. Currently I run about 90 percent of my outdoor miles on trail and gravel. Last Tuesday I put on my road shoes and ran completely on pavement. Felt a lot different-I felt so much lighter in my road shoes. After the snow falls, I will have to run entirely on pavement in the center of the road (we have no paths here) under the streetlights in town! If I have to see one more blogger post a beautiful picture of mountains, or valleys, or streams etc. I’m going to throw up. Tomorrow I am taking my camera out and I will match those mountains with gravel pit hills…..(Disclaimer*I'm kidding, I love the pictures, keep them coming!)

52 miles total
Monday- 4 miles easy-17 mile bike

-11 miles with 5 at MP. I’m using 7:30 as marathon pace since that was my Garmin pace in Boston but it is highly unlikely (or impossible) that I would pull off a marathon at this pace right now!!

Wednesday-5 easy


Friday-11 miles total -4 am/ 7 pm (6X800’s). I haven’t done these in 5 months and I wasn’t sure how the heck to pace myself since this was my first attempt at speedwork. Needless to say I was NOT consistent. Slowest 3:26, fastest 3:09. The happy part of this for me was that the slowest was the first one and the fastest was the last.

Saturday-6 miles easy

-15 miles (8:19)-This was bar none my worst run in the last 8 weeks. Like the kind of run that makes you doubt you will EVER run a marathon again. I felt like HELL at mile 3 and it never got better. Frosty, slippery, my IPOD died at mile 2 so no podcast, and my legs did NOT want to cooperate. Oh well-it is in the books and I’ll hope for better next week.

I managed some core/strength work but was pretty wimpy this week. I’m just getting back in to my CRAZY winter season and have to reorganize and master the time management again. Starting next weekend, I will be traveling almost every weekend until April for hockey. Truthfully, I’m REALLY excited for this time of year. I LOVE to watch my kids, I LOVE the camaraderie of the other hockey parents, and I LOVE the satisfaction I get from getting everything done!

OK-off to catch up on this blog reading!!!!

One more thing!! Has anyone tried the Saucony Kinvara shoes and if so, what do you thing of them? I NEED shoes. I currently wear Brooks Launch and occasionally alternate with Mizuno Waveriders. Almost any neutral shoe has worked for me but I much prefer the lighter weight and less bulk. Input appreciated! Happy Monday all!


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You are a good wife!! The things we do for our men...oh wait Billy does way more for me! Great week of workouts! As for your 15 miler I am sorry it was so bad but just remember we all have those runs and that it is normal! What podcasts do you listen to? You are hardcore for running in that weather and without trails! Have I told you that you are my idol! Thanks again for your comment yesterday!
P.S. Your titles always get me so excited to read and I LOVE it when I see there is an update!!!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

So how do you ride that thing? :) For light, neutal shoes, I love the Nike LunarGlides. Shoes are so personal though.

C2Iowa said...

Sorry about the sick one. It's that time of year.

Love the pic! And I am sorry I clicked the "This" link. I am not ready for winter yet.

You aren't leaving the Brooks for good?

ERG said...

You are doing SO great on your running!!! 15 miles will feel easy soon as you get back to your usual mileage.
I am an overpronator, so not much help on the race shoes- sorry- but I've heard that the kinvaras are great racing shoes. Might want a heavier shoe for regular/long training.
That hanging deer is sweet! Hubs didn't get an elk tag, but his buddy got one on opening day. :)

the dawn said...

i love it when you link to an old post in your new one. as a "newbie" it makes me feel like i get a little piece of the history along with the present. in that old post you talked about surprising yourself with how your "normal" pace has improved over time. that gives me such encouragement and hope! i just need to keep putting the time in and the numbers will start to show it.

your winter schedule sounds pretty intense! that is an awful lot of hockey, but i imagine that you all have a spectacular time :)

LindseyAnn said...

Oh, goodness, I can relate to the redneck swingset! I can watch myself grow in pictures of me and my family with deer hanging from trees and swingsets.
Does your family eat venison, too? That's what mine uses in place of beef.
Awesome miles this week! Sorry to hear the 15 was so bad. :(

Running and living said...

I think your long runs are going to suck for a little while - you are building endurance. You don't have a marathon coming up, so I would just get the time on your feet, and not worry about your pace (I know, not easy to do).
I heard good things about the Kinvaras. I typically wear heavier shoes for my long runs, and lighter for my shorter runs. In fact, I rarely run twice a week in the same pair. I have Asics Gel KayanosX2, Mizuno Inspire, Adidas Supernova, Nike Frees, Saucony progrid, and my trail running shoes. I strongly believe that rotating my shoes has been helping me stay injury free.

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

LOL at the swing set! Haven't tried Saucony but I'm pretty loyal to Mizunos. Using Asics now but not liking it oo much =(

Stay warm!

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about the strep. Thing 2 just brought home a notice from her class. Ugh! The swingset pic is killing me!

Kevin said...

That's a classic pic!! Love the post.


ajh said...

I hope you saw my current post where I posted ugly pictures! Love the deer on the swingset! It would fit in in Vermont believe me!

Today I bought myself a new 1/4 zip as a reward! I needed it so badly!

ShutUpandRun said...

Awesome, awesome even if that 15 miler didn't feel so great. You are SO back in action. Can't wait to be where you are. Well maybe not as fast, but running again.

Meg said...

Ah! The kids around here would RUN away screaming from that swing set, it's a Californian's nightmare!!! Actually, it was kind of hard for me to look at, too...again, I know, WIMP! I can't stand the cold, nor the dead(murdered) must be a cultural thing! That's why I love you, Jenn, you are expanding my World! Thanks for that :) !
*I'm not against hunting, it's just that it's hard to see a dead animal.
Hey, I want to post some ugly pictures, too. Sounds fun.

Katie A. said...

WOW! You are a trooper with the deer! Hahaha!
Okay, opinion on the Kinvaras: I hated them. They are not made to specific women's sizes, they are not at all supportive and they get wet easily.
What I do recommend for a more LIGHT racing flat is also by Sacuony. They are the ProGrid Fast Twitch 4's. They are light, supportive and feel awesome. They are a stability shoe (I usually wear neutral) but I think you need the stability with such a light shoe. I LOVE THEM! But you better hurry, I just bought three pairs because Road Runner Sports said they are discontinuing them - probably coming out with a 5? Try them out, they are great! And they are a great flashy green! Just got my two fastest half times of the year in them ;)
For my long shoe I wear the Mizuno Wave Riders. They are neutrals, but light and cushy! LOVE THEM TOO!
Awesome week lady!!

lindsay said...

mmm yeah i ran in shorts and a t-shirt today. still hitting the 60s here... :-p also you won't want to read my blog tomorrow as it will have more photos ;)

can i have a ride on the deer? how do you ride that one, anyway?

deer pee, so sexy. now please just don't tell me your kids were born in august-october ;)

Melissa said...

So glad I'm not the only one with the redneck thing going on. Love deer meat. It makes the best chili!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I hear sooo many good things about those Saucony shoes! I plan to look into them when I buy my next pair of new shoes. Wow, I had to totally take a double look at that picture...definitely different from the swing sets over here in liberal Portland, OR. ha ha. Make me laugh.

Michelle said...

That swing set pic is hilarious!

Jamie said...

Awesome week even with the crappy 15 miles. You finished it even if it did suck!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Is it weird that I reread your posts? Because I love them and I don't think I will stop doing that!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hey Jenn, I'm still figuring out how to just e-mail directly back to the people that comment on my you know how to do that besides just going to their e-mail link on their blog?? I've gotten e-mails before where people have just responded to my comment directly from their post where I commented. ?? Anyway, until then, this works...:) Thanks for your post...I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a bookstore and coffee shop nearby...not that I get there often enough. And yes, cleaning gets my energy flowing too...doing that just now..I'm on a mission.