Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend happenings and running update WITH pics!

So-my husband and my son are gone on a trip which involved actually buying urine and shooting wild animals. Honestly, I pay most of the bills around here and I about died when I got a receipt for "Buck Urine". I don't pretend to understand this.....

My oldest daughter Ryan (12) is on a trip with a friend's family to Minneapolis. It is the MEA break from school so the kids had 4 days off. She is having a blast at the Mall of America and the waterpark hotel.

This leaves me and my little Reese (10) home all alone! We are LOVING this! I've gotten two pedicures, slept with someone who doesn't snore for 3 nights now and taken a "girls" trip to Grand Forks for the day to shop and eat!!


Anyway-to the real purpose behind this running blog-running....

This has been a pretty good week for me. Not a lot of miles but pretty consistent with the core work. Like I said, I'm just enjoying the ride until November 1st.

In review:

Monday- 6 miles @ 7:44 average. First mile was 8:20ish so I picked it up a little and got progressively faster the next 5. Felt good which has been the general rule of the week. Even in the last 3 weeks I really feel like things are coming together for me. Did about a 20 minute core routine and a 17 mile bike.

Tuesday- 8 miles @ 8:07. Pretty cool and windy. This started out a little rough and the first couple of miles I didn't feel too great. Seemed to find my groove after a bit and felt a whole lot better by the end. 20 minute core.

Wednesday-no running. 20 minute core and 20 minute upper body strength.

Thursday- 5 miles @ 7:29. Almost NO wind and beautiful outside. First mile was 8:08 and worked up to a 6:53 mile 5. I felt GREAT about this run as I haven't brought the pace up much at all since I returned to running. This was one of those days that it felt almost easy. 20 minute core.

Friday- 4 miles @ 8:14 before heading to Grand Forks. I laughed because this was about equivalent in effort to the 5 I ran the day before. Definitely NOT easy but that's the way it goes. Didn't get home until late and decided to skip the core workout.

Saturday (today)-14 miles@ 8:00. I started out this run by running the 4 mile loop around my house. This is all trail or gravel. I really didn't have a plan but after the 4 I decided I was going to make it a good longer run and stopped at home to change into my road shoes and grab my handheld and a gel. I probably took nearly a 5 minute break but hit the road for 10 more and felt pretty good although I was ready to be done at 14. I'm remembering that I start to feel a lot better after about 5 miles when I stick with it. I tend to gradually get faster with the same effort which is encouraging as well. Hit the gym this afternoon and did a good upper body workout. I'm avoiding my legs right now other than some exercises I got from PT and stretching. I'll start some lower body strength training in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow-I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow but I think just because I'm really anal I might run 3 slow miles to hit 40 for the week. Most likely I will get out on the bike for a long one. I was biking A LOT last month and I've kind of let up the last couple of weeks. I actually miss it and look forward to getting back out there.

I've got 3 weeks until hockey starts traveling!! I am currently working 2 days a week but that will move to 3 and my crazy winter will begin!! Oddly enough, I'm looking forward to this! The busier I am, the more organized I get, and the more satisfied I feel when I can get it all done!

I'll throw in a couple of pics through the summer of me SO enjoyably being a spectator not a runner!

My spectating debut in June!

Manitoba Marathon- race number 2 that I had to watch my registration fee go down the drain! The Port 'o potties are such a nice backdrop!

Race number 3 missed but totally worth watching this!

This is the Twin Cities marathon. My hubby is in the red shirt and I'm breaking the rules and posting this pic! This was actually race #5 that I didn't get to completely run but fortunately I got the shirt!!

So because I'm delayed in posting here I'm offering a belated Good Luck to all the racers this weekend!

Snow in the forecast this week so I'm getting out the winter running gear and getting ready to tackle the cold, nasty, MN winter! Bring it.....


lindsay said...

snow? eww! i'd die.

reese is adorable! although like that's a surprise, she's got a hot mama.

so my old boss in KY hunts and i heard ALL about deer pee last year. i think it's supposed to be girl-deer pee and it attracts the big ol' bucks? but yeah, at first i thought they were kidding about buying deer pee.

great running, texty mc texterson! ;) love ya, you know that.

Velma said...

40 miles - great work!!!

ajh said...

Good running week. Nice to know it comes back!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
Wowzer Lady it sounds like you are back at the running and it is going well for you:)

Great pictures of your hubby and daughter:)

I am also a huge Caribou Coffee fan. I visit the one in Maple Grove a few times a week! They know what I order and start making it before I get to the register:)

Yes, we are going to start to get the white stuff soon...we will be layering before heading out to run in our Minnesota freaking winter tundra:) Oh joy!! Can you tell how excited I am?

Have a great week Jenn!

Lisa said...

We drive by the hotel in Minneapolis between the airport and my sister's house. I've still not been to that mall and it kind of intimidates me!

The pic of Reese is so cute! Sounds like you're having a great time!

Congrats on the great week of running. Sounds like you're really coming back strong!

Jill said...

Wow, girl, you are STILL super speedy ... me, not so much (not that I was ever as speedy as you, not even close, but now I'm like WAAAY behind you - and me from where I was last year - soooo frustrating. Must be my large ass!). You're doing great just building up the base miles and then working on the speed later, that's the smart way.

I love girly weekend: shopping and pedicures, nothing more fun.

I'm going to watch marathon #2 entry fee go down this toilet this December as Dallas will go on without me, $240 gone with nothing to show. SUCKS! Should we form an elite club together???!! Well, at least you're running again and it is all going to come together so nicely. Me, I'll be in a mental hostpital. Will you come to visit at least?? :)

Enjoy the rest of you girl's weekend!!! Yay!!

Running and living said...

Yay, you are BACK! Don't deny it, those numbers don't lie. I think all the biking kept your legs strong and now the lungs got the message and are ready to go! 40 miles is a good base number! And all that core work, wow, you are going to have abs of steel. I have to remember to get myself back on track with that. Love the pics and your little Reese! Keep up that awesome running!

Heather said...

I am not ready for snow yet, and definitely not ready for the layers and winter running clothes!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I'm with Lindsay - eww! I'm definitely not a snow girl. Good thing, I live in the South.

Nice comeback! Love the pics. Reese is beautiful!

Love me some coffee! Any kind will do!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

HI!!! So I love reading about your weekly workouts! Way to fit in so many miles with three kids! Your daughter is so pretty!! It is going to snow here soon too:( Do you run in the snow or do you use the treadmill during the winter?

Meg said...

I can't believe you're back to traveling already, I remember your schedule last year...but you got it all in and you will again!
It's great that you're back to training and enjoying your running, I always like reading your weekly running schedule, thanks for sharing it.
Little Reese is such a cutie, you're fortunate to have spent so much time with her. So happy you enjoyed it.
Lastly, deer urine...I don't get it. That's not a California thing. So happy about that.

ShutUpandRun said...

OK, how does Reese get her hair like that?