Monday, October 25, 2010

Current Obsessions!

So- Monday morning! I have the day off and all the kids are in school. What better time to write a post on a running blog that has absolutely nothing to do with running! Actually, I could not sleep last night so thought maybe I would start on the online Christmas shopping (yes-I live at the end of the earth and this is my only option)! Unfortunately, I pretty much just filled shopping carts in about 30 stores entirely for myself (sorry kids). Resisted actually purchasing any of the crap but I'm considering it 2 hours of cyber therapy and deeming it necessary. So, in true random fashion I'm listing my current obsessions!

1.) The infamous ½ zip pullover. In my wardrobe this doubles as a running jacket as well as evening attire. I currently have 39 of them and yes they go with heels, running shoes or potentially with last years obsession, cowboy boots.

2.) Lululemon-I had heard of this store but a friend really tipped me off to it last year and I LOVE it. Honestly, the world is a better place that I can wear these Lulu pants EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Again, they can be paired with heels or running shoes. The cowboy boots might be a stretch but since I’m already such a fashion trendsetter, what the hell!

So just for visualizations sake a potential "going out" outfit for me could look like this!



And there you have it. IMPECCABLE style from Northern Minnesota! Oops! I said Northern MN. Might need this as well!


3.) Hudson Jeans. Whatever it takes…..and sometimes whatever it takes is still not enough…..

And yes-I have just a couple current food obsessions as well!

4.) Pumpkin. It is fall-pumpkins everywhere-Yay!! OK- in all actuality real pumpkin, not so good . Tiny pumpkins made of entirely HFCS and packaged by Brach’s ….VERY good. Pumpkins are pumpkins right. Hmmmm…. my rear end is currently telling me otherwise!

4.) Honeycrisp apples. I like to pay $2.75 a pound for apples so these are on my list as well!!!

6.) Caribou coffee. If I make a hundred of these lists on my lifetime, this will be on EVERY one. I am a coffee fanatic. If I had to chose between running and coffee, coffee would win. ( Sorry honey, coffee would win over most anything….. ) As I’ve learned through my recent injury however, coffee WITHOUT the running at times requires Kahlua and or Bailey’s added TO the coffee to maintain one’s sanity.

So-I'll stop for now! As you can see I should not be left home alone!

Anyway, I'm off to ditch the cowboy boots for the running shoes and hit the trail! Happy Monday all!


Genesis said...

haha. ian never lets me leave the house in anything that resembles workout wear, unless im actually going to workout.

lindsay said...

I have a hard time thinking your ass expanding. Go run!

Teamarcia said...

Love the list! Gotta love a good half zip and Lulu is the bomb!

Kiesha said...

We've totally got the same fashion sense. I've even got my boots on right now! And the half zip, a total staple in my closet!

ShutUpandRun said...

Okay, the jeans, the creme pumpkins, the coffee, the BAILEYS for God's sake, I need/want it all. Seriously, how much ARE those jeans. I'm going to look them up. Is it guaranteed my butt will look as good as them as that chick's in the picture?

Katie A. said...

You had a great week last week! So excited you're back!

I love Lulumon, just hate the prices. They have an outlet out here that I just die over!

Have a great week!

P.S. I LOVE COFFEE, TOO! Can't function without it!

Running and living said...

OK, you own 39 of those pullovers? Do they even have them in 39 colors, or you have doubles?

I love love love everything Lululemon, and am checking their sales on a daily basis (seriously, it's on my to do list:). I've gotten some sweet deals on line in the summer...

Those jeans look awesome!

ajh said...

I LOVE the half zip pullover. I have never counted mine but I am certainly behind you and need to get shopping! Now onto the pumpkins.....I just bought candy corn this weekend because it was Brachs and that is the best. I bought a pumpkin muffin, pumpkin doughnut, pumpkin pie fudge, pumpkin latte,....I am sure I am missing something but I seem unable to resist anything pumpkin. So my lulu pants are a bit tight. I am also a big coffee nut but have not had caribou coffee. Tell more! As you can see I LOVED THIS POST!

Lisa said...

love the new look of your blog!

I do love honeycrisp apples as well! We have them out here too, but they aree very expensive so I don't get them all the time.

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
Yep, perfect northern Minnesota outfit:) Love the hat and the boots!

I love the jeans too! I am a little depressed these days....since marathon training and those longer thighs are larger than usual! Grrr, my favorite jeans are still a little tight!

I love the bloggy makeover! I need to do something with mine too:) Take care Lady!

Jamie said...

I love, love, love mellowcreme pumpkins. yum! I'm loving those lulu pants too.

Anonymous said...

Love those pants!!!

I hate candycorn- a lot- but I always find myself eating it anyway if it is out on a table!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, I love your cyber therapy! I think it's something every girl can relate too (let's just hope that we never accidentally push the "proceed and pay" button)! And totally agree with the Lululemon pants. They may cost an arm and a leg, but dang, they're worth it!

Bethany + Ryan said...

i like those black pants! i like the new look of your blog too!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I haven't been to a Caribou coffee is years. They were so yummy! I liked them better than Starbucks.

Love the practice shopping. I think I'll give it a try!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Seriously I love the cowboy boots and the jeans!! So stinkin cute!! Do you actually like those candy pumpkins because I love them along with everything else pumpkin right now! Hope you had a great run... I am so jealous, it is snowing here!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Ummm, not sure about the boots. But the rest of the outfit rocks. Even the hat.