Monday, October 18, 2010

Boston Envy and Random Running Revelations...

So-I'll admit I almost shed a tear this morning thinking about everyone registering for Boston and knowing that I wasn't going to do it this year. Actually, until about 4 am I wasn't even positive that I wasn't doing it! A couple of factors influencing my decision: My husband and I are both running it in 2012 for sure, money does not grow on trees especially with 3 kids in traveling hockey, and I am still tentatively planning for NYC in November of 2011. Bigger than all this however is the most determining factor for me. I don't intend to toe the line in Boston again until I have the full confidence that I will be at least one second better than the last time....I'm not certain I would have that this year so until 2012 I wait....

OK-SUPER CONGRATULATIONS to Ana Maria! I was so pumped to see how she nailed the Baystate Marathon and I'm hoping she's just sitting on a cloud right now!! I just knew she would be under 3:20! Congrats also to the many other runners this past weekend!

Today is Monday, October 18th. I will start posting my running workouts on my Daily Mile Counter on the side bar today. Things are really going quite well and I'm feeling great! I cannot distinguish which hip was injured once I start running which is a great sign and it really doesn't seem to even be an issue at all right now. I'm still taking it easy and just running for fun until November 1st (which conveniently lands on a Monday-I'm so anal) in which I will be starting some sort of official plan (yet to be decided!)

NOW- On to my typical random thoughts and current revelations!

-I LOVE running! I've been running consistently for less than 3 years but I KNOW I never want to go another stretch without it. I'm obviously not in control of this entirely but I really do have a newfound respect for my aging body here and I'm vowing to take better care of it. If this includes ice baths, foam rolling, and recovery socks (all of which are completely foreign to me) then so be it!!

-Once again I LOVE running. I have a newfound enjoyment for biking but I've never been entirely convinced about spinning..... However, I have a friend who teaches a class and I decided to be a supporter and give it a whirl. I'll admit I've never been much of the aerobics, gym class cardio workout types. I like to be outside and I like to get somewhere when I'm pedaling away. Anyhoo, I've ridden the spin bike at the gym several times on my own and it can be a good cardio workout so to the class I went. The first day I admittedly envisioned a class of women wearing stirrup pants, leg warmers, side ponytails and listening to walkmans!! A tad stereotypical I suppose! DISCLAIMER-"Exercise is exercise and whatever works for you is better than sitting on the couch!!!!" Anyway, I was officially humbled as my friend who was teaching the class kicked my @ss!!! Still not my workout of choice but definitely "Fun!"

-I am actually LOVING being tired. This probably sounds ridiculous in a way but after almost 4 months of recovery I missed that good ole’ tired burning chest feeling. The kind that feels like someone set off a bomb or blew up a stick of dynamite in there. On the flipside, I would prefer that this kind of burn be reserved for 5 minute miles not the current 7:45 that is giving it to me-ha!

-Running stabilizes me SO much. Even higher mileage training I believe reduces rather than causes stress for me for the most part. Of course there are days when this is an exception but overall….

I think this is long enough and as you know from posts past I could go on forever! I'm loving being back in the swing of things! I also promise to get my camera out as words with pictures are so much more fun! More soon!


Lisa said...

now that we're only a few weeks from the New York City Marathon and all the ads are up around the city, I get a little teary knowing that I'm not running it this year. Even though I suffered through most of it last year, it was an amazing accomplishment and I've never been more proud of myself.

You have tons of running left in you, one year off from Boston sounds like the right decision for now!

Um, I can't believe you've only been running consistently for 3 years. Is that really true? You definitely have the natural talent I dream of!

ShutUpandRun said...

I am yearning for that good old tired feeling. I know I will get it again. Damn crutches. My upper body is going to be ripped by the end of all of this.

I did register for Boston today and that made me feel better. Just to be looking ahead. Since my qualifying time will not be good for 2012, it was now or never. It may not be even close to a PR for me, but at least I will get there once in my life!!

Glad you are back at it. Hope I can be just like you someday.

Meg said...

We will miss you in April but you WILL be back and I'm sure you'll crush your time by many minutes!!
I totally relate with all of the reasons you LOVE running, especially being tired. I hope you know how happy I am that you're back to writing...and running!
Have a great week,

Katie A. said...

I hoping for NY 2011, too! Can't wait! And, I'm planning on Boston 2012 - yayyy!
Glad you're back and enjoying all that running gives you. I, too, try not to take it for grantid.
Have a good week!

ajh said...

I love the being tired too. I am not getting that from my biking for the most part.

Running and living said...

Thanks for mentioning me again:)
Yes, running is the best. But biking outdoors and swimming in open water are pretty awesome, too! I KNOW you'll beat your Boston time by many many minutes next time you do it. You are very talented and I think the marathon is your distance - I see a sub 3 in your future!

Anne said...

I really enjoyed this post...I love that good tired feeling! How great that you plan on running Boston with your husband in 2012 :)

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I loved this post! I know how much you love running and your passion for the sport is obvious:) You are such an amazing athlete and I know that we are going to see great things from you in the future! You will always be my super slecttar Minnesota blogger friend! I love that you are back Lady!

lindsay said...

eh, you have 2012, don't have envy! i am not running it next year either. i still need to (mentally) recover from this years!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

"On the flipside, I would prefer that this kind of burn be reserved for 5 minute miles not the current 7:45 that is giving it to me-ha!..."

Burn would not be the word for it for me! Blazing inferno! Wow fastness.

I don't envy Boston but I do love running!

Jill said...

I think it's good to wait a year to get that hip stronger and stronger until you give Boston full-force again. Lots of calcium this year to make you bone happy :). I wondered if you were going to do it, but I know how much you want to run it with your hubby and I think that's wonderful. You're so awesome, Jenn...I admire you so much and your strength and dedication to running...and your devotion to your family! Hopefully we'll meet again in Boston 2012...if not, then definitely somewhere fun.

chris mcpeake said...

NCY in 2011, boston in 2012 with a little luck