Monday, March 29, 2010

Back at it-For real!!

Seriously now! I am back at it! Hockey is done for now and I have my life back!!!!!!! I have been a total slug since I got off work today and I've been reading and catching up on blogs for over an hour! My kids were fried from the weekend so they got to bed at 8:00. I was working all day and Joe was home and when I walked in the door from work my house was freakin' immaculate!! He cleaned EVERYTHING! Honestly, a 4 carat diamond couldn't have made me happier! Mondays have been very stressful always getting in late Sunday from traveling and heading to work and school in the morning.

Here's my random crap since last post:

Went to Monticello and St. Cloud for the MN Select Hockey tournament over the weekend. Ryan was chosen to play on the North team and she played awesome! The weekend was a lot of fun getting a chance to meet families from other towns! It is so fun for her to play with different girls and make new friends! I was on a mission to find a dress for myself for my mother-in-law's wedding in 2 weeks. Spent 3 hours looking. I swear I see a million things I want until I'm actually looking for them. Didn't help that I decided to wear my super cute new cowboy boots that I can't get off by myself. Every time I would go in a fitting room I had to bring Ryan with me so she could pull these stupid things off. Seriously, the security people watching the fitting rooms got quite the freak show!! Anyway, finally found a dress that I LOVED, bought it and too make a long story short, now can't find it! I've searched all the suitcases, called the hotel, searched the car, NO DRESS!! I am SO mad!

Got my Boston packet in the mail. Bib #10274-Wave1-Corral 10. Holy crap- 3 weeks. I am excited because my sister is in the same corral as me and at least I will have someone to hang out with before the race! We are very different runners and I'm not sure exactly where her training is at. She could be 10 minutes ahead, she could be 10 minutes behind so we likely won't be running together. We are however, running together tomorrow night for the first time since last September! Should be fun!

To the running! Just finished my first ever 70 mile week-66 of it outside which is a good confidence builder for me since I panic over all the treadmill running I've done sometimes. Here's the rundown:

Monday- 10.6 miles/7:40 with 6@7:15

Tuesday-11 miles/7:44. Mile 1 was slow and mile 9 I met some friends walking and started to walk and visit for a bit (9:25). Didn't stop the Garmin so average pace for the other 9 miles was 7:30 or so.

Wednesday-2 miles/7:24

Thursday 22.43 miles/7:58. It was fairly cold (9 degrees) to start but this was a really good run. I felt strong the whole way through and not fried at the end.

Friday-5 miles/8:01 in Monticello. VERY windy! Was trying to run at recovery pace but so excited to be somewhere new!

Saturday- 10 miles/7:48 with Joe. We brought up the pace in the middle 4 miles and just enjoyed the rest. I LOVE BIKE PATHS! I am so tired of running on the road and super prick drivers!!!!

Sunday- AM-6 miles/8:16 PM-4 miles on the treadmill at home/7:58. Totally ran the 4 miles just to hit 70. JUNK miles yes, but rewarding just the same.

Managed the 30 day shred twice and a basic ab workout most days. Today was an off day and I'm totally relishing it! I will run one more 20 miler either Thursday, or Friday depending on the weather and then cut back!

Tomorrow night running with my sister, Wednesday night-my daughter Ryan's 12th birthday, Thursday night-hockey banquet, Friday night- it is one of my good friend's birthdays and 5 of us girls are heading to Rock Harbor Lodge in the evening. Should be a lot of fun since we've hardly seen each other with all the hockey travel (4 of us have kids in hockey). Saturday night-my niece Libby's birthday party, Sunday-Easter with the fam!! I guess my life is still pretty busy!!

I would upload some pics but I just bought a new camera and can't figure out how to load the software! Anyway-back to catching up! Have a good one!!


Genesis said...

bummer, I hope you find your dress. Then when you find it you can take a picture and share with all of us :)

Meg said...

Wow, I can't believe how much mileage you get in with your busy schedule, I can't even believe it!!
You're lucky you are going to be in the same corral as your sister, I have being alone in those big old corrals, hopefully I'll know someone in mine!
I hope you find your dress, that's so weird.
By the way, Jill and I want you to stop by her b-day get together in Boston after the marathon. I hope you can make it! Email me if you can!
Have a great week!

Jill said...

70??? Are you serious? Oh my gawwwwwwd, girl!! I ran 64 once last summer and thought the skin was being peeled off me, I ached so bad. Well, you go girl ... you totally rock!! That's cool about your sister being in the same wave!! As for the start of the race, everyone can all hang out together, ride the bus together, get to the start line together...maybe we all need to meet in the village or on the bus?? btw, where are you staying? You and your sister and your entire family, if they want, need to come by the Boston celebration's not a birthday part, as Meg likes to put it, but a bloggie celebration. Meg wanted to do it immediately after the race but beings it's going to take me about 5 hours, I said you guys would all be about 2 hours ahead of me! Anyway, I'm for those intervals, I can do speed work just fine, I can't, however, run 26 miles fast. Right now, I'd just like to finish 26 miles but yesterday's 21.5 turn out to be a death sentence and wow...I have serious doubts about 26 in Boston. More on that in bloggy land soon. Rest up and have a great week - sounds super busy, as alwasy. oh, and I hope you find that dress...dang it, I hate when I lose something like that!!! Hugs!!

Velma said...

Holy mileage. Nice work. I hope you find the dress!

ajh said...

Huge mileage!Wow! Hope you find your dress and your life still sounds pretty busy!

Michelle said...

70 miles - you rock! I'm so excited for you about Boston! Props to the hubs for house cleaning - I agree about it being better than jewelry!

Lauren said...

Wow! 70 miles! Intense!!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
You are a super star...Holy crap 70 miles!! Congrats on getting into lane one Jenn, that is awesome!

The next time you are so close to Maple Grove you have to let me know so that we can get together!

I am glad that your life is sort of back to normal as things can really get crazy with the kids in sports! Take care of you!!

Anonymous said...

I am getting so excited for all the Boston runners! I will be super pre-occupied Monday the 19th at work, that is for sure!

J said...

Oh No! Hope you find that dress! I hate shopping for dresses! I feel the same way that I can never find anything good when I am actually in need of a dress! Great job on the weekly mileage! Very speedy!

Running and living said...

you are amazing for putting that kind of mileage in. the high mileage definetly will help with the speed in boston. you are going to rock it! BTW, 54 miles is my max ever (for now)!

Katie A. said...

I am so impressed with your mileage! All those miles and you were totally swamped, too! I feel lazy! And...I'm in wave 2, bib# 15754 (first time I've ever memorized or remembered a big number!) not sure of the corral.
Can't wait - only three weeks to go! Have a great week and Happy Easter!!

Katie said...

Wow! What a great running week. Nice miles, nice pace!

That is so infuriating about the dress! I hate shopping and can never find anything that I really love, so I can't imagine finding something great and then not being able to find it! Arg! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

lindsay said...

your running is awesome! (i'm jealous) congrats on the 70mi/week :)

that stinks about the dress! ugggh. i hate dress shopping... :) hopefully it turns up, or you can at least find a twin and re-buy it.

Lisa said...

You have a great husband for cleaning! Super sweet!

I always have a hard time shopping for dresses too. So sorry to hear you can't find it! Sadness!

Congrats on getting your packet for Boston! You're gonna rock it!