Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kinda back at it!

So- I am way way way behind on blog reading and posting! I've spent more time in hotels than in my own house the last three weeks and it won't end until after this weekend! Then I'll be back in full force an you'll all be sick of me!!

Anyway-here's what's new!

Rode on a charter bus to Minneapolis with 56 people for Ryan's state hockey tournament. I hate buses, I hate not having my own space, and I hate not having a vehicle. That being said, it was worth it as Ryan had an absolute blast. Firetrucks and the Police Department escorted us out of town and cars were lined up on the side of the road cheering as we drove by. I practically shed a tear over this as the support in this little town is AMAZING!!

Thursday night, they had a big banquet at the Hyatt in Minneapolis for the 8 teams and their families. It was SO nice and the kids loved getting dressed up! Sometimes I look at Ryan and can't believe how fast time flies. She is so grown up! One of the girls on the team has a brother on the high school boys team which is pretty much like the NHL to Max and he offered to keep Max back at the hotel to swim. What a great kid-17 years old and wanting to babysit my son! Max thinks he's the bomb so this was the perfect situation!

First game, the kids take the ice and Ryan's coach comes in the stands and informs me that she doesn't have her hockey gloves. AHHH-this was totally my fault. She always packs her own bag but I dumped it to wash and organize everything and forgot to put them back in! My heart sunk. The coach took the gloves off a 3rd line player and gave them to Ryan for warmups! This poor other girl had to miss warming up at the state tournament which was likely the only time she would see the ice! I instantly started crying and practically had a nervous breakdown in the stands. Didn't help that the girl's parents were IRATE at the situation. We lost the first game-outshot the other team 42-24 but lost-we were projected to win the whole thing. Ryan was absolutely devastated. She literally would not talk or eat the rest of the day. I ended up lying on the bed with her for 2 hours listening to her sob and wondering how any 11 year old kid could take a game this seriously. In all, a very emotional day.

I managed to run on Friday night at 10 pm at the hotel fitness center while all the other parents were getting trashed in the bar! I got a whole lot of crap for this! Anyway, 10 miles done.

Ive decided to quit recapping this weekend because I'm quite certain no one cares about a 12 year old hockey tournament. I'll suffice by saying I planned to run 20 miles around the lakes in Minneapolis on Saturday and ended up running 7 down American Blvd. in Bloomington due to no time and a bus that controlled every minute of my day. This capped off the crappiest week of running I've had in a long time. Finished with 37 miles and only one decent run.

I just started catching up a bit and saw Julie did GREAT at the 7K, Running and Living absolutely kicked *ss in her half. I will NEVER be that fast and Jill conquered the lung fungus to also run a great half! Many more to catch up on!

This is a new week and I'm gonna kick it in the butt and try to pull out a good week although I am once again leaving for Monticello and St. Cloud on Thursday for another weekend of hockey! Ryan is on the MN Select North team. Should be a fun weekend to watch as the 4 teams (north, east, west, south) are all invited players and the talent level is very high. This is the 3rd year she has played in this tournament. One of my friends has a daughter who is also playing (different level) and we've had a blast each year. One of the highlights is checking out the Edina moms! (wealthy Twin Cities Suburb) I'm quite certain these women are all filthy rich-very nice but FILTHY rich! Great hair and awesome clothes-not jealous at all!!

Monday- 10 miles/7:40 (6@7:15) 30 day shred
Tuesday-11 miles/7:44-potentially 30 day shred if I get off the computer!!

Have a great night and I'll be catching up soon!!


Genesis said...

jenn you've got a heartbreaker on your hands. shes so pretty (just like momma).

bummer bout her loss.

Michelle said...

She is so adorable! Love the shoes. Sorry to hear about her loss.

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
Welcome back!! Your daughter is beautiful...she cleans up nice! Hockey gear to dressing to the nines:) My kind of girl..she can do both! Sorry about the loss:(

Thanks for the kind words, you are so good with the shout outs:) I hope that you have a fantastic week Jenn!!

lindsay said...

living in a hotel... story of my life allll last year! i know the feeling all too well. blah.

bummer about the ryan's game :-/ gee way to go mom on making that poor 3rd string girl give up her gloves! ;) just guilt-tripping you some more :)

a 10pm run... once it gets to be 9:00 i'm like - no point in working out (sad excuse, i know). i've said it before, but you are amazing for making it all work!

Staci Dombroski said...

Such a cute picture! She looks so pretty :)

Lisa said...

so sorry to hear about the game and your less than stellar week of running. It is a new week with lots to look forward to!

Velma said...

You must be tired = good work getting some miles in. My heart sank at the hockey gloves.

Running and living said...

You are so dedicated! I can't believe you ran at 10pm! I think a low mileage week will help you have 2 strong weeks before taper! You are in great shape, and you are just as fast as I am, you just need to believe that!

Stephanie said...

I saw that you are doing the 30 Day Shred. What do you think of it? I just got it on Friday and have done Level 1. Not the hardest thing I have ever done, like others are saying, but it was a good workout. What level are you on?

Jill said...

I love how 37 miles/week is one of your crappiest and 37 is one of my best. Haha. Thanks for your kind words about my 1/2. I'll never be as fast as you or Running and Living and I'm okay with that...or will be after I go to therapy to accept that :). You're just amazing and truly an inspiration to me. Whenever I see you've updated your blog, I instantly jump to read. I'm so sorry about Ryan's loss, it is heartbreaking! And I agree about the bus, I don't think I could ever go on a vacation where a bus was in control of my day. I'm so glad you were there for your daughter's emotional let-down...someday she'll remember that and pull strength from how strong you are! Have a great running week, Jenn. Well, I have no doubt you will!

Katie A. said...

Glad you're back ;) I was wondering what you were up to!
You were probably due a cut back week anyway! Don't beat yourself up! Have a safe trip this weekend! Ryan is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back :) I am just getting caught up myself this week!

ajh said...

You are a great hockey mom. I was a swim team mom once and I liked it a lot when I was doing it! It took up a lot of time because all the teams were in New York. We were the only hs in the state with a pool. Enjoy it!

Sherri said...

I just found your blog and I am super excited to catch up!

Matthias said...

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