Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's new?

Rainy, dreary, WINDY, but warm! I guess I'm thankful for the warm!!! March in Minnesota is crazy as far as weather goes. Now, will Boston be rainy, dreary, WINDY, or warm? My obsession begins.....


Yesterday was my daughter Ryan's 12th birthday. She is getting SO old. Now, if she would just get a little taller we could maybe at least start sharing shirts which would perhaps cut a few expenses for me! I'm sure she would be only to thrilled to have her mother wearing her clothes around town! Anyway, she had a great birthday and for the first time in awhile we all ate supper together and hung out in the family room the WHOLE night! I totally bagged the running and did not feel guilty one bit!

My niece Kaitlyn's 16th birthday was also yesterday. She takes her driver's test tomorrow morning which is my other niece Savannah's birthday. If she passes the three of them are going out to dinner and to a movie to celebrate! Ryan is so excited!

Somehow my boss found out about my inappropriate text message awhile back and will not let it die (I'm thinkin' my husband has a big mouth)! I sit next to him for 9 hours a day. He literally gave me crap for all 9 hours on Monday!

My mom is kickin' butt on her 5K training. I am so excited to cheer her on in Fargo in May. I'm so proud of her determination and this will be a major accomplishment for her.

I have an ENORMOUS amount of yardwork to tackle. The snow is all gone and it looks like a dreary mess!! I need a gardener because I don't know when I'm going to fit this in.

On the running front:

Monday-off to relax after the weekend and reward myself for NO off days last week.

Tuesday My sister came over and we ran 11 miles in 70 degree weather. Killer south wind. 11 miles/7:41

Wednesday-Off again for birthday party!

Thursday-(today) 10 miles/7:50. Very sick and tired of this wind. It is really knocking me out!

Plan is for 20 tomorrow! This will be my last long long run before Boston. My body is ready to taper-my mind is not. Have really been slacking on the speedwork the last 2 weeks. I've brought a few miles up to 10K pace but really enjoy just running around 7:40-8:00. I'm guessing this is where my marathon pace will be (hopefully on the lower end of it. Time will tell and have I mentioned I can't wait until April 20th!!!!!


AFTER-Sweat much!! No, I don't think I will be wearing this shirt in!!


Running and living said...

I am hoping for cold weather in Boston (30s would be awesome). If it's warm, I know my time will suffer. Weather has been weird around here, too, we had a ton of rain, and now warmer temps but gray. Your training is going awesome. No need for much speed training now, you need more specific training, which is what you are doing. I am tackling another 20 miler, too, on Saturday. This is new for me, as I typically taper for 3 weeks. This time I would go nuts with such a long taper, I know it!

Genesis said...

happy birthday to your daughter. almost officially a teenager! i hope your niece passes her driving test.

i wouldnt feel guilty either if i bagged a run and just hung out with the family.

yeah im thinking you shud maybe find a different shirt.

Sherri said...

Your daughter is beautiful...which you are too...makes since! I am with you on needing a I need a house cleaner. There is just not enough time in the day! And for that matter..not enough days in the week!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I am hoping for chilly weather in Boston too, low humidity and no wind. That's my request! Can't believe we are so close. Normally, I dread the taper, but this week I am going for 55 miles and it's a tough week. Now, I am excited about tapering. Need it this time for sure.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Great job on the run! It is finally warm here, too. I'm trying to talk my husband into being my gardener!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Ryan!!!

Hope your last long run went well :)

Stephanie said...

Great runs...I agree, wind will zap you!
Hey, what garmin watch do you have? It didn't look like the 305
Just wondering, because I plan on getting one next month and am trying to decide which one to get???

Love your updates,

Jill said...

I am long run DONE!!! I suffered so much last weekend's 21 that if I tried and failed another long run, I'm certian I'll be in a mental hospital! You're going to do AWESOME in Boston, Jenn, I just know it. You've been a true inspiration to me during my Boston training journey, always so happy and fitting in amazing miles on a very busy mom and work schedule. I am SO glad I found your blog to help pull me though some difficult weeks for me! Can't wait to meet ya in Boston (I'd better meet you in Boston). Can you send me your email address?? I had an email I wanted to forward you about some bloggie friend hookups and I wanted to see where you were staying and whatnots! Have a great Easter, Jenn!!!! btw, you are just so freaking adorable!! Don't laugh when you see my excess 50 lbs of weight I'm carrying, eeks!!!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
First of all, Happy 12th Birthday to Ryan:)

I will say a prayer to the weather God's so that all of you stud runners will have perfect temps in Boston!!

I love the pictures...I want your skinny little runner's body:) I love the color of your shirt and think you look great!! I do agree, you need to leave the "Sweat much" shirt at home:) Do you know what you are wearing for Boston?

Jenn, I hope that you and your family have a nice Easter!

ajh said...

One more 20 and then tapering is truly awesome!
My son's bday was yesterday and we've had two busy days celebrating!

Meg said...

Happy Birthdays to all in your family! Good luck on your last long run! It sounds like you're ready to rock Boston, I'm excited too!
Have a great Monday rest :) .

Wendy said...

Hope your 20 went well!

Wishing you the best in Boston! You'll do awesome!

Happy Birthday to your girl! 12 seems so far away, but I know it will be here in a blink of an eye!

Anne said...

Hi! I somehow found myself reading your blog while jumping around :)
Your girls are adorable and good luck with Boston! That actually sounds like a really good pace to me :)