Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to the Random!

So- it's been awhile since I did a random nothing post so here goes!

Reese made a book about her family in school and she brought it home today! Very cute! I about died when I read it!!!! Seriously, these are some of the things she wrote!

"My mom's favorite food is wine and cheese!"
"My mom likes to talk on the computer"
"My Dad likes to lift weights"
"My Dad's favorite food is green beans"

OMG-I feel like I need to write my own book and send it back to her teacher.

"I,(Reese's mom), do like wine and cheese but it is not my favorite and I don't know where she got this"
"I, (Reese's mom), only go on the computer in the morning before work when Reese is sleeping and I rarely go back on until she is in bed! Also, just to clear any confusion I, (Reese's mom) am not carrying on an internet love affair and I don't TALK on the computer!"
"Joe, (Reese's dad) drinks more wine than me"
"Joe, (Reese's dad) does like to lift weights but I'm the one who runs 60 miles a week!"

Kids are so humbling! One other famous quote. "When I grow up I want to be a Dairy Queen worker." Yes, we encourage our kids to reach for the stars!!!!

It was 54 degrees when I got done with work today! UNBELIEVABLE! I LOVE spring although I'm sure this is just a tease and we will have a foot of snow next week.

Joe, me and all 3 kids board a charter bus with her entire team and families at 8 am. Thursday morning to head to MSP for Ryan's state hockey tournament. She has a banquet in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday night! I am so excited about this trip. She started hockey way late for kids up here but begged for us to let her play. She is the youngest and without a doubt the hardest worker on her team! I am SO proud of her and so excited for her to have this opportunity.

Someone got a hold of my credit card #. I got an email saying that a transaction was declined because the credit card company believed it was unauthorized. I had to respond and yes it was unauthorized. Fortunately I could cancel the card and nothing went through. This is the second time someone has got a hold of our cards. My Visa Check card- $2300 worth of unauthorized transactions and I still had the card in my wallet! Scary!

I am getting very excited for April 20th when my vacation begins!!

One of my friends is having one of those traveling wine parties tomorrow night. I was going to go but now that I'm up for Mother of the Year maybe not!! Ha!

OK- Reese just came out to use the bathroom and I'm talking on the computer-SH*T!!

Anyway, did run tonight in the beautiful 54 degree weather and it totally reminded me of why I started running in the first place! Awesome! Good night all!


Genesis said...

oh reese....what a gem. i wouldnt worry about explaining to the teacher. im sure shed want to party with you and all your wine and cheese ;)

yikes about the card. i think the only time an unauthorized thing happened to my card was when a pizza hut delivery boy decided to give himself a tip after I had signed the receipt with a big fat 0! i guess he was trying to tell me not to be cheap. not the way to do it bud!

Jill said...

Oh dear, I think our kids know us better than we think they do...haha! I'm sure mine would say: my mom is tired all the time, cranky, and just sits on her laptop in bed. Every now and then, she'll make dinner, but it's always grilled chicken, br rice and broccoli, which we are totally sick of. Then end. One year when my daughter had to write a report on her family, she said I liked to pull my gray hairs out and I made the best canned green beans ever. That was like 15 years ago...it's a wonder I have any hair left! Good luck to the wee-one in the state hockey tournament...so exciting!!! As always, your post is just a highlight of my day!!

Michelle said...

Oh, that is so hilarious and cute! Isn't it funny the things that they believe and say. Have a great time!

ajh said...

Very funny! I'm a teacher and believe me we take what kids say with a grain of salt! We just hope parents do the same!

Staci Dombroski said...

That is hilarious :-) I hear things like that all the time with my students!

Running and living said...

MY 4 y old told me yesterday that he is going to marry 2 of the girls from school. This was after he said that I am his "married".
Who knows what he tells his teacher! Better I don't know!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
Reese is so funny!! Bless her little heart:) When my oldest was in grade school he told us that he wanted to work for Taco Bell!!! My husband and I both started laughing and told him that it was a good place for him to start:)

I hope that you have a good time in Minneapolis this weekend! Good luck at the state hockey tournament:) Take lots of pictures!

Melissa said...


When I was that age I wanted to work at Wal Mart and drive a red Corvette. LOL

Anonymous said...

This week we are writing about respect; one fourth grade wrote "I respect my mom because she buys me cool pens." Kids perspectives are awesome!

Katie A. said...

LOVE the random post! Reese is a kick in the pants - I think she gets it from her mom :)
My favorite line from the post:
"I am getting very excited for April 20th when my vacation begins!! " I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!
Have a SAFE trip! Enjoy!

P.S. Not to rub it in at all - but last night for my run it was 72 out and I melted! 72 already! I am NOT ready for summer yet!!!

Stephanie said...

So cute of Reese to say those things....Kids say the darndest things! I can't wait until my little one starts to talk...wonder what he will say about Mommy!

Velma said...

Maybe you can get free blizzards when your daughter gets her job! Nice run!

Lacy said...

When asked to draw a family portrait, our kindergartener drew me with a pack of GU in my hand. The teacher was really confused.
Kids are so honest!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

TOO FUNNY! Love your "responses" too heehee Scary about the credit card though :(

Keri said...

I am cracking up!

lindsay said...

...at least she didn't mention how you like to text... ;)

scary about the card! i like that about my american express though - they are pretty on-top of fraudulent charges and/or when i notice something is up. glad you were able to get it straightened out before getting the bill!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

this was too funny. Especially loved the ending - getting caught talking on the computer again. Funny!

Katie said...

I love Reese's book! Oh goodness, "my mom's favorite food is wine and cheese." So funny! Kaylee is only 2 and she says the craziest stuff about me sometimes. She goes on and on and all I can think is "where did she learn all these words?" Not that they're bad words, just random.

Wendy said...

Love what she said! Kids are so funny!