Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why do I live here?

So-28 degrees below zero when I left for work this morning. Why do I live here again?? I am soooo sick of winter. I want a lawn chair and a margarita NOW!!

Since Sunday...

Actually on Sunday I woke up and ran 5 miles on the treadmill before we headed out of town for Ryan's game. When we got home, I got ready to head outside and attempt my 4 mile repeats. I didn't have the best attitude going into these and I was not feeling 100%. Even driving to town before I started running I knew I would fail at these which I most definitely did! Goal pace-6:45. After a warmup, mile 1-7:08 and I felt terrible. Mile 2-6:54. I totally gave up and finished up 7 miles feeling totally defeated. Once I got in the car I couldn't stop coughing and I couldn't seem to adjust to the difference in temperature from outside to inside. I got 12 miles in for the day which months ago would have made me ecstatic but I felt like crap and was really disappointed in myself.

Monday-After work I headed to the gym while Reese was at practice and did a good 7 mile. My average pace was 7:41 but I was really using the incline since I haven't been the best at hill training and apparently there are a couple of tiny hills in Boston. I also did a complete upper body weight workout and an ab workout with the medicine ball. Ouch I paid for this on Tuesday!!!!!

Tuesday-in the morning the phone rang giving me the glorious news that I could have the day off work if I wanted. I jumped at the opportunity. All the kids were at school and I wasted at least 2 hours drinking coffee and playing on the computer before I finally got off my butt and did the 30 day shred. Joe was sleeping since he worked all night and I decided to climb back in my bed and take a 2 hour nap since I slept for approximately 3 hours during the night. In the afternoon I headed back to the gym to try and redeem myself on the mile repeats. I could have done these at home but I always run harder at the gym. To prove how mental my running is, I knew before I got there that I would accomplish these. It's crazy how my attitude before I start running totally affects how I run. Anyway, I knocked 4 of them off below goal pace although I had a .75 mile recovery between number 3 and 4 instead of .5. I can live with that I guess. These are in no way easy for me but I sure felt great when I completed them.

Tuesday night I got to watch my little guy play in his final hockey game of the year. He is sooo cute and so excited to play now. Reese also had a game so I had to travel the 30 miles between games and try to see some of each of them. Max's team won 17-7 (sounds like a football score) and he scored 8 goals-one being a top shelf slapshot. He's 6!!!! He's also been working on his goal celebration which I haven't seen and almost choked on my coffee laughing so hard!! Reese's team lost 7-6 but they had already secured the #1 seed for their district tournament!

Wednesday (today)-back at work or pretending to work as I spent half the afternoon watching the USA/Switzerland hockey game! Fortunately, my boss was right next to me!! After work the kids headed to hockey with Joe and I hit my treadmill at home for 12 miles while watching Canada take it to the Russians. I so want to watch a gold medal game between USA and Canada on Sunday!! This would be SOOOO exciting!! The US and CDN women matchup for the gold tomorrow! This should be a great one as well!!

I think I will take tomorrow off from running-not sure yet. We're supposed to get a semi heat wave over the weekend and since my games are home I may want to run outside on Saturday(my usual off day) instead.

I'm aiming for 22 on Friday if the weather holds up. I have a little more freedom in my schedule this weekend and can run this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday depending on the weather!

Anyway, off to finish watching the Fins and the Czech's! Happy running!!


Genesis said...

congrats to your son. you have to take a video of it and post it.

i wish my office would call me and let me stay home :) but i just got back from vacay so i guess i have to go to work.

by heat wave, do you mean just slightly above freezin?

Michelle said...

Way to go to your son! Awesome!

Enjoy your weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I am with you...bring out the lawn chairs and margaritas!! Come on already, I just want it to be nice again!! It is cold here too but not as cold as where you are. Cute picture of the boys! Congrats to your little jock:) Keep smiling Jenn!!

Staci Dombroski said...

Congratulations to your son!!! I would love the margaritas and a lawn chair right now too!!! I can't wait for the spring :-)

Keri said...

I am not sure how you handle the weather. This has been our coldest winter in KC in forever and I know it is not even close to what you deal with. It is killing me!

Way to rock the mile repeats! I run harder at the gym too.

Anonymous said...

More snow here!

I saw a sign today that said "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop!" So true!

Stephanie said...

I agree...bring on the warm weather! I just booked me and my husband's 5 year anniversary trip to Riviera Mia in April, so at least I have warmth in sight!

Great job with your runs! I just can't see how you can get in sooo many workouts per day! You are truly my inspiration!

Running and living said...

Boo for the weather! Spring is almost here. I am learning to be more flexible and patient and understand that some days are tough and it is OK to switch workouts. Not easy, though! You are super fast and your training is going v well! Always remember that~

J said...

I wish I could watch the Olympics at work! That would be so much fun! Great job on the mile repeats! it really is about how you are feeling mentally and your attitude!

Lisa said...

Go Max!!! That's so awesome he got 8 goals!

Good luck with your 22 miler. From going to MN three times, I think it's absolutely beautiful, in the summer. I could never handle the cold you deal with.

I hope you (and all of us) get to watch TWO USA v Canada gold medal hockey games this week, too!

aron said...

i think you need a trip out to cali!!!! come on out :)

good luck getting that 22 in this weekend, i hope the weather cooperates!

Velma said...

Can humans really live in that weather - 26 is just wrong!

Congrats to your man - love the pictures.

Good luck this weekend getting in all the running. I am hoping for a good Hockey matchup.

ajh said...

Congratulations to your son! You are a busy mom getting to various events! Good luck on the 22 this weekend.

Jill said...

You and me should buy a condo in Mexico...or Southern Cali so we can vacate the cold on the weekends and get in our long runs!! I'm feeling like crap not even running so I'd take some bad runs right's all relative, huh??!! You're doing so awesome with your running, I wish I could run a fraction of your miles and your speed. Oh to be young again :). Keep it up, girlie!!! Yea to your son's team!!!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I'll take your snow! I am tired of the cold without the snow to at least make it look good.Spring will be here before you know it; then we'll all be cursing the heat of summer.

lindsay said...

i will gladly join you on that lawn chair with a tall, strong margarita :)

i hope you enjoyed a day off from running and that all goes well with your 22 miler this weekend!