Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Gratitude list and my Olympic tryout video!!

Time for a new gratitude list. My chest and lungs hurt, I've been struggling with my runs, and I could easily throw myself a pity party today so once again I need to remind myself of how good I have it!!

-I'm thankful that Katie is my savior and she ran to pick up Max on Monday! I would probably not throw this out there but if she quadrupled her daycare rates I still wouldn't switch. I LOVE her and so does Max!

-I'm thankful that Joe has been doing all the cooking and grocery shopping the last couple of weeks. My kids are eating the weirdest combinations of food but he is like the walking food pyramid and they aren't eating junk!

-I'm thankful team USA spanked Canada tonight even though I'm Canadian and all of my extended family has disowned me!!

-I'm thankful the weather has been decent the last couple of weeks (if only they could scrape the ice off the roads) I've been able to get a lot of outdoor running in!!

-I'm thankful that Ryan's team won the district tournament and are headed to regions. They have a fantastic team and could very well win the state tournament. I am so excited for her and today's game was like winning the Olympic gold for her!

-I'm thankful for all my great hockey friends and the incredible amount of fun I've had traveling with them this year. It is the time of year that I am also thankful that the hockey season is winding down and I can soon spend an entire weekend in my own house. The kids and I are having movie marathons and not moving off the couch for the entire month of!!

-I'm thankful that I've been running pretty hard since April and have not had one single injury (knock on wood)!!!!!

-My latest obsession-Caribou Mahogany!

-I'm thankful this blog panned out for me and it is now 8 weeks out from Boston and I haven't quit! I really am soooo thankful for the many blogger friends I've accumulated and hope to meet many of you in Boston!

-Lastly, I'm thankful for my Penpal/ aka Kara Goucher/ aka Joni! I bumped into her through this blog and found that we have a downright freakish amount of things in common. By downright freakish I mean downright freakish!! She could practically be me-only blonder, shorter, cuter and!! Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and can't wait to meet her one day!

Sending it to the printer and posting it on my fridge!! Finished up with week with 56 miles. Did the 30 day shred 4 days and didn't do one stitch of cross training-Oops!

This is what we do for fun around here and proof that I will never make the Olympics!!

Poor Ryan feeling like about 100% crap before her game!


Julie said...

Good morning Jenn,
Of course you are still training!! You will never will continue to train diligently with your whole heart and soul!! You are going to do so awesome at Boston:)

Cute video and great pictures:) I love your little guys cute!! Jenn I hope that you have a great week of training!!

Staci Dombroski said...

So exciting!!! I love the list :-) I think it is hilarious abour your husband being the walking food pyramid!

ajh said...

Love your list.Yeah for the outdoor running and injury free!

Tricia said...

Too cute!

Katie A. said...

OMG! I hadn't put the countdown to Boston in terms of weeks - 8 weeks! I am officially freaking out!
Great list - and I'm greatful for the bloggy world, too! Can't wait to run with you in Boston!!
Happy Monday!

Velma said...

You are going to rock boston. I love the list - you have a lot to be grateful for. Your poor little guy - you can tell he feels sick. I also like the video!

Jill said...

I love your gratitude list. I always think I'm so on top of all the proper foods but then when I sit and look at what my kids eat when I'm not around - holy moly!!! I gotta be better. I was happy about the US in hockey, too, and thought about you since none of us in my fam plays hockey. I bet it's a big deal in Minnesota. I'm so glad your training is going well and all is staying intact - you are going to do so awesome in Boston (me, on the otherhand, is going to be walking the thing cuz I still feel like crap and have lost sooo much conditioning. errrr). Have a great week!!

Aggiegrad96 said...

Great list! I wish one of us were a walking food pyramid, lol. And way to go USA!!!!

Lisa said...

LOL! I love the video! Way too cute. I think your son might be the next Ryan Miller! ;)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

That's a lotta miles in a busy week! Wow! Great pics! Not sure I knew you were Canadian! Great list too btw.

Michelle said...

Great list! Hope your daughter is feeling better

Christina said...

I love gratitude lists and when I'm the guest of honor at my pity party I realize I need to do one.

Katie A. said...

Did you get the email about the 5K in Boston the day before? It's $40 and goes through all the "touristy" spots in Boston - and you get a medal and a shirt! I totally want to do it and sign ups start at 9am est on March 3rd - let me know! It's on the B.A.A. website front page for 5K

Running and living said...

You are going to rock Boston. We all have bad runs - I had one myself today and cut it short when the water on my clothes and shoes almsot doubled my body weight. I just realized that there are 3 of us (you, Meg and I) who will most likely be in the same corral and working toward the same goal. How fun!

lindsay said...

i am glad you started your fun running/life blog! i've loved getting to know you and follow along with your adventures (and texts) ;)