Friday, February 26, 2010

23 and shoutouts!!

Drumroll please....23 miles down! It was freakin' gorgeous outside today! 30 degrees and sunny. I've decided this is the best running weather ever and as much as I complain about winter I absolutely love these temps!!!!

So, I had 20 on the schedule today. I had already planned for 22 as I think the confidence I get from running over 20 miles before a marathon is worth the wear and tear it may take. My sick husband decided to knock out a few miles with me even though I told him I could handle it on my own. I decided to run a 5.6 mile loop so I would have easy access to water etc. This is about the most boring loop ever but at least I have to cross two bridges every time which makes for a little elevation change in this flat country! We made it to mile 3 and Joe threw up on the side of the road! Poor guy still had 2.6 miles before we got back to the car. Actually, by mile 4 he said he felt a lot better and finished the first loop with me. I don't turn on my Ipod when I'm running with him obviously and I like it because it allows me to keep my pace down at the beginning. Only 3 more loops to go and they pretty much flew by. I ended up taking 2 powerbar gels (mile 5.6 and 17) and drank only water at the car.

Final splits: 23 miles/3:06:32/avg pace 8:06

1 00:08:36
2 00:08:30
3 00:08:33
4 00:08:26
5 00:08:17
6 00:08:12
7 00:08:12
8 00:08:08
9 00:07:59
10 00:07:59
11 00:07:50
12 00:08:00
13 00:08:00
14 00:08:01
15 00:07:57
16 00:07:57
17 00:07:53
18 00:08:08
19 00:08:00
20 00:07:56
21 00:07:53
22 00:08:05
23 00:07:47

I would certainly never say this was easy but it really wasn't nearly as hard as my last training cycle. My plan calls for my long runs to be at 8:18 until next week when they jump to 8:12. I was trying to stay around this pace but I'm finding it to be fine for the first 8 miles but harder as I warm up. Anyway, I got it done and I'm elated right now! I got home and had big plans to put on sweatpants, pull my hair in a ponytail and curl up on my couch!! Joe goes off call at 9 pm tonight and while I was running made plans with 2 other couples to go out for drinks! I thought he was sick! My God, my perfect lazy evening ruined. Now, I have to fix my hair, put on makeup and heels and participate in a quality conversation. Ha! Yes, I'm sure I will have a great time however, the couch was really sounding good!

So, here goes with the shoutouts!!

Morgan, B.O.B. and Jamoosh are all running the Gasparilla Marathon! I swear these are three of the funniest blogs out there and I cannot wait to read the rundowns after the weekend! Good luck guys!!

Carlee is running the Hyannis Marathon! I think she's gonna rock this as well!!

Lorian is running the Rodeo run 10K! This distance makes me want a cigarette and I don't smoke! A LITTLE stressful for me but I bet she does awesome!

I'm sure I missed some like usual and will end up reading the race reports afterwards! Good luck EVERYONE!! Now, to fix the hair-UGGGH!!


Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
You are right today was beautiful!! I ran five miles tonight after I got home and it was still light and thirty something:) Way to go on the 23 miles Jenn!! I wish I could run that far and keep your pace. I have got to kick it in high gear within the next few weeks and add more miles to my runs.

Listen here Missy Sue, your hair always looks perfect...all that you need to do is go look back at your older posts and you will see how beautiful you are:) I am just saying!! Anyway, have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I second that they are three of the best blogs!

Way to go on the run...we are still in the 20's here...I look forward to running outside once this snow is finally gone!

Genesis said...

gawd the audacity to make you socialize. the nerve. ;) i would choose the couch over drinks anyday.

great job on the 23 miles.

ajh said...

You are fast! Awesome job on a long distance!

Running Diva Mom said...

You are so awesome! Great job on the extra miles.

Lisa said...

OMG girl you are fast!

And sorry but 30 degrees is not gorgeous. 80 is.

Just sayin :)

Running and living said...

AWESOME! I've never done 23 in training, but I think it is great, as your body seems to handle it just fine. Must be a great confidence boost! I wish the weather here were better, but we've been getting a ton of rain!

Jill said...

Way go to, Jenn. That's an amazing run and you are just going to do amazing things in I walk the thing with my lung fungus. think of me finishing about 3 hours behind you. I know when I run 22+ miles, all I want to do is go veg in my bed for a few hours after, so I'm even more in awe that you are heading out tonight. Hope you have a few drinks - you deserve them!! Woohoo to you!!!

Velma said...

Holy cow - that is fantastic. Have a great adult night


Amazing! Great run. You are going to rock Boston!

Teamarcia said...

Way to rock the long run. I will live vicariously thru you until I am out of the pool and back on the roads.
And I think passing up a pb cookie is a huge victory!

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow, you are running your long runs REALLY fast!!! what pace are you planning on running Boston? based on your training runs, you're gonna run Boston in like 3 hours!!! holy cow!

Michelle said...

Oh my stars - you are super fast! Like lightening fast! Way to go!

lindsay said...

wowzers nice 23 miler! i hear ya on the temps - 30* is actually not that bad anymore!! guess there's ONE thing to be thankful for those ridiculous 20* and lower days... 30's feels warm :)

J said...

Great job on the run! I love this weather too as long as there is no ice or slush on the ground!

Tara said...

wow! Sounds like a great run and an awesome pace girl!

Melissa said...

***bowing down*** 23 miles. You rock.

SueMac said...

Congrats on the 23!! The Low 30's IS perfect running weather! It's my favorite, too!

Katie A. said...

AWESOME run girly! So proud of you!! And you are a champ for going out afterwards! I am only capable of sweats and compression socks after my long runs!!

Anonymous said...

Well, heck, if you run 20 what's a measly 3 more? Haaa! And you finished strong...crazy fast!

So sorry you are sick...does not sound good.

Thanks for the shout out! It was a fun run...a little stressful getting to the start line, but all was good afterward!

Keri said...

You are such a rockstar!