Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm back!!

So, I've been a little absent lately!! This has ranked up there with the busiest weeks in my life EVER so blogging and any computer activity has taken a bit of a backseat. Truthfully, I would much rather have been reading blogs and letting the running take a back seat!! Anyway, since Sunday, here is what's new in the saga of the days of my life!!

Monday I went to work and brought the kids to school. Found out with a phone call that Max didn't have school but I brought him anyway (he goes every other day)! Ha-I felt like a GREAT mom! I work almost 20 miles away and I was a good 10 miles into my drive before I got the call. My daycare provider, who I swear is a better mom to Max than me sometimes, was at my beck and call and ran to pick him up! I can't believe I did this. I'm usually pretty organized!!

Monday night after work, during Reese's practice, I ran outside and was planning for 10 miles. It was reasonably warm at 15 degrees (so I thought-didn't bother to check the windchill) and I just put on a hat and gloves. I decided to run an out and back since the road I was running on was semi-clear and all the sidewalks and other roads are solid ice right now. I hate the fact that we have no running paths or anywhere to go here. Anyway, I got to the end (4.2m) and turned around. Wowzers, the wind was wicked coming back. My face and my left hand were frozen solid. I made it back to the car and called it quits. Joe actually had to knock on our bathroom door to see if I was OK after we got home because I was in the shower for like 45 minutes trying to warm up. (8.4 miles/1:08:26/8:08 pace)

Tuesday morning I was planning to get up early and run before work but although I was up (had to bring Ryan to hockey practice at 5:15 am) I did not have the motivation to get on the treadmill. I ended up cleaning 3 bathrooms which was almost as rewarding as a good run!! Tuesday night was the semi-final game of the section tournament for our high school girls hockey team. Joe and the kids were waiting for me right after work and we all went to the game. After the game I had to make youth group treats for 50 kids and just did not feel like running. I opted to make Tuesday my off day.

Wednesday- Ryan woke up looking like death warmed over with a headache and NASTY cough. I left her home from school to sleep it off (hopefully) and headed out to work. Joe was home during the day and said she was in bed all day! I wanted to run outside on Wednesday since I was planning for 12 and I just didn't think I could do it on the treadmill again. I also did not want to miss Lindsey Vonn ski. I think skiing is one of my favorite Olympic sports. My God, these women are SOOO strong! Anyway, I ran the 10K loop in town with my hubby and raced home to finish up on the treadmill while watching the Olympics. This was my best treadmill run ever. I totally forgot I was running for periods of time which NEVER happens. I wish the Olympics were on all winter!!! (12.6 miles/1:36/7:36 pace) After the run I decided to finally take the cellophane off the "30 day shred" I liked it, level one wasn't too difficult and I like the fact that it doesn't take a whole hour like P90X. By Wednesday night Ryan was full blown sick!

Thursday, got up early and did 6 easy miles on the treadmill. I took a couple hours off of work in the morning to do story time in Max's classroom. He loves when I help in his class and I feel like he gets lost in the shuffle sometimes! His two best buddies are in his class and I love that they both gave me big hugs and all three of them were practically in my lap during the story. I had a total nostalgic moment this morning. I can't believe my baby is 6 years old. He can read and write and seems so grown up. He was over 2 before he started saying even simple words. After 2 years of speech therapy he speaks so clearly and seems like such a little man!! Thursday night was the section championship girls high school hockey game in Thief River Falls. Winner goes to the state tournament at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul. My kids were painted like little green martians (our school colors) and could hardly wait for me to get home from work to take them. This is a 3 hour roundtrip drive and with 7 loud excited kids in the car and very little sleep I was ready to pull out my hair!! We won the game (the smallest school in MN to play in class AA) and little Roseau is headed to the state tournament! Woohoo!! I did the 30 day shred again when I got home. I was a little sore and it was a little harder.

Friday, had to get up early again and head to Grand Forks (2 hrs away) for a doctor's appt. I am a classic mystery when it comes to doctor's appts. I hate getting an annual checkup because I always fail something or they always think something is wrong with me. Anyway, I had a mammogram and an ultrasound and my doctor or the radiologist wasn't thrilled about my results so I got to head to the 'special' clinic. A bunch more squishing and prodding led to the general consensus that I will live. I was three miles from my house on my way home and I jolted to find myself in the opposite lane of traffic! Yikes-I am too tired. I was planning to run as soon as I got home but ended up laying on the couch, not even taking my boots off, sleeping for 1 1/2 hours. I woke up and decided to do the 30 day shred one more time while I waited for my kids to get home from school. Ouch, this is starting to bite me in the butt! At 3:30 I headed out for my 17 mile run. This was rough. My legs were sore and I couldn't breathe properly. I am coming down with something repiratory because I kept getting a sideache and shooting pain in my left shoulder and I could not get a good breath. I made it through but it was not easy. Afterwards I couldn't even chew a piece of gum because my jaw was so sore along with my neck and shoulders. I was soooo tense. (17 miles/2:16/7:58) I stopped my Garmin at mile 6 for a good 2 minutes while I tried to stretch out and relax.

After 17

Friday night, Max went to a sleepover, Ryan is still sick and desperately trying to rest up for her district tournament this weekend. Joe and I headed out to dinner with some friends while Ryan and Reese laid at home watching movies. We have a favorite place that used to be an old creamery and has an awesome atmosphere. Too bad it is the only place in town to go and I am so sick of the 2 things that I will eat on their menu. Ice dancing was on in the bar and the guys had a running commentary for this! I had half of one drink which about put me over the edge. I swear I could have laid my head on the table and went to sleep. Joe almost never drinks and he had more than 1/2 of one so I got to be the driver and hoped I could make it the 4 miles back to my house without falling asleep at the wheel.

Saturday (today) Joe headed off with Reese to her games. Lots of driving for him. Ryan had her first game of districts at 12:30 today. It is only an hour drive. We've taken her to the clinic and she just has some sort of nasty viral thing but she looks so tired and her stomach hurts from all the coughing. Joe made her miss 2 practices this week (I was totally behind him on this as her whole team doesn't need to catch this) and this nearly killed her. She is such a determined kid and this is the most important thing in her life right now. Physically, there is no way she should be playing today. Mentally, she can't not play!!

If anyone made it this far in this marathon post, I'm sure you're ready for a nap!! I have been so behind on reading that I don't even know who is racing this weekend. I will be catching up over the weekend so good luck to everyone and I'll catch the RR's.


Genesis said...

wow. what an interesting week.

your soon is so adorable.

Melissa said...

That boy is going to be a lady killer. :)
Busy and crazy week. Hope things settle down for you. :)

Velma said...

Catch up on the rest - you need it!!

ajh said...

Enjoy the weekend and rest up!

Meg said...

I missed the story about your daughter and the funny text in your last post, I love it! Now, I'm so sad your son has been sick and I hope you're feeling better now. Get lots of rest Strong Girl!

Michelle said...

What a week! Sounds like you need some rest. Hope you are able to catch up this weekend and that your daughter feels better soon!

Denise said...

and i thought i had a busy week!! get some rest!

Teamarcia said...

I hope you and the kiddos are feeling better! You look amazing even after 17!

Tara said...

I love Olympic skiing too. Lindsay Vonn is amazing and I've had so much fun watching her. I wish I could ski even 1/4 as good as she can!

Sounds like you have had a busy week! I have too. I'm catching up on all my blogging.

It's nice that you have a caring day care person, but just remember, that you ARE a great mom to your kids!
I hope your kiddo is feeling better!