Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another weekend in the books! Yeehaw!!

So-my weekend rocked! Headed to Moorhead for hockey with Ryan. They kicked butt and won the championship trophy yet again!! My friend Becca was flying solo with her daughter for the weekend so we rode together (rather she rode and I drove 45 mph for 4 hours through sh*ty snowy weather) I just have to say I LOVE having a daughter this age (almost 12). This had to be one of the best hockey weekends of the year! It included cowboy boots I wish I could put into words how hard we were laughing in the RCC Western store. I am so not a cowgirl but I was totally determined to get these boots. Ryan was dying laughing as the poor salesguy tried to explain how to get the stupid boots on and off! Becca decided she needed to try some on too along with a belt with a buckle the size of a dinner plate! We are SO immature and could not stop laughing. I ended up laying on the floor while Ryan and Josee tried to pry the boots back off my feet! My husband would be so proud!! (I'm certain to be the first person ever to pair cowboy boots with a Coach purse and a Brooks running jacket which is exactly what I wore to this morning's game)

This totally did not turn out!

Ryan is finally catching up! She is now only about 4 inches shorter than all her teammates!! How did this happen-I'm 5'8!

Reese in all her morning glory!!

To the running!
I think in my last post I mentioned I was a little too lazy to go up to my bulletin board on Wednesday to check what was on my plan for Thursday. Apparently, this laziness carried over because I didn't run at all on Thursday! Sometimes not running inspires me to run harder which was the case for Friday morning. I had 16 on the schedule for my long run of the week. I'm feeling a little worried about the fact that I am not running any half marathons in prep for Boston. I can't ever come close to simulating my race pace for a 13 mile run. Anyway, I decided on Friday morning that I was going to run a half marathon plus 3 at as close to race pace as I could muster (not on the plan) I treated it like a race and drank water and took a powergel at mile 6 just as I would in a race. I finished the 16 but only made it to mile 7 before I absolutely could not take another step without a bathroom break. This happened again at mile 11.5. I was running in town so was able to stop at the city center and the gas station. I managed an average 7:32 pace but this was ALL OUT and I stopped the Garmin both breaks. My most recent HM pace was 7:25 (I think) I felt good since this wasn't a race but I was definitely fried! Mile 16 really made me wonder how I could ever complete another 10 miles anywhere near this pace.

Saturday I hit the treadmill at the hotel fitness center for 5 miles. I have no idea what my pace was because this treadmill was SOO incorrectly calibrated. I started at 7.2 MPH and I almost flew off the end of the belt. I haven't run a single mile below 7 mph on the treadmill (at home or at the gym) for as long as I can remember but I ended up running these 5 at 6.1. I was totally out of breath and sweating like crazy so I'm thinkin' it was a little off! Becca was on the eliptical next to me. I've got to turn this girl into a runner! She is the most "fit" person I've ever met but she just doesn't like running. I went for a walk with her one day though and I honestly could not keep up.

I took another day off today since we had two games and a long drive home! I finished in the 40's for mileage this week which is lower than I planned but quite frankly, I don't care right now-maybe tomorrow!

I have not read one blog or even touched a computer all weekend so tomorrow will be catch up day for me! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Michelle said...

Your daughters are beautiful! Great pictures!

Funny about the boots - my grandfather had all these contraptions and odd looking gadgets to take his off - looking very scary! So, I can totally see you on the floor trying to get them off!

Great running week! Awesome!


I always love your pictures.

OK - can I just say the boots, coach bag and running jacket is exactly an outfit I would wear? Love it!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I sounds like you had a great week of workouts and a super fun time with hockey:) I absolutely love going to my kid's sporting events!! Your daughters are so beautiful and your little one looks just like my daughter Kay in the morning!! It is pretty funny....the facial expressions are so classic of, I am not a morning person and leave me alone until 10 AM! That is what Kay always says:) Glad to hear you got the boots off of your feet!! Very funny:) Have a great week Jenn!

Chris said...

Training is going well. It's almost impossible, I think, to run in training as fast as you'd run in a race. Your pace is amazing! Congrats on another great week!

Staci Dombroski said...

I love the pictures! Glad to hear that you had a good weekend :-)

Genesis said...

your pics are so fun!

reese looks exactly the way I do every morning.

so did you end up buying any boots?

Caroline said...

Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoyed reading your blog after linking from Westford Mommy.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

Congrats on a great week with runs!

Katie A. said...

I agree with Michelle - your daughters are beautiful!
Great week for running - and I really wish we had a pic of those boots!
Eh, after my race yesterday, I would be fine if I didn't see another race until Boston. Sadly, I have another one next week and in March! LOL! Maybe you can find a St. Patty's day one near you?

Jill said...

I think if you were in a real 1/2 marathon "race" you would run a lot faster. When you run by yourself and are timing yourself, you don't get the other races around you to push and drive you. So your half marathon pace was great, I think. I've had to go to the bathroom on every. single. run. lately. Soooo frustrating!! Today I'm sporting an awesome headcold though - yea for me! ugh.

So awesome on your daughter's victory....she's truly amazing!!! I love the story on the boots (did you purchase any???) and the Coach purse. My purple patent leather Coach purse would be right there with ya!! Have a great week, Jenn. Look forward to reading up on your week!!

Lisa said...

You seriously should not worry about the fact that you didn't get in as many miles as you had hoped - you had an amazing weekend and that is so important!

Running and living said...

BTW, Chris was me:) My husband was again logged on and I did not realize it:)

lindsay said...

your pictures are always so fun. one day reese might hold it against you that you posted that photo though :)

i have troubles both with hitting race paces in training and multiple bathroom stops. what is up with them? arghhhh. with paces though, it's soo much easier to find a pace in the race atmosphere, and much tougher on your own! sounds like you had a great run friday regardless. well, minus the pit stops of course.

Meg said...

Ha! Great visual with you laying on the floor and everyone pulling your boots off, cute! I also love the look; running jacket, boots and a Coach rock the fashion world!
I love your attitude about running...maybe tomorrow. Some days/weeks it just goes like that. I had one of those last week. Hope you get out there this week and have lots of time to do it!