Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter running and training update

I went running with my hubby tonight! We have not run together since October. In fact, he has not run since October period. Winter is for skating, summer is for running is his motto!! Anyway, he wanted to run with me and since I had only an easy run on the docket I thought I might actually enjoy an uninterrupted hour of conversation while running! The roads and sidewalks are very icy in town right now so I wore these traction ice spike things on my shoes. They work pretty well and I like them better than Yaktrax on ice. Joe wore nothing on his because he is stubborn and cocky and thinks he doesn't need the assistance of ice spikes,watches, water, gu, etc. This is a dead horse and I've accepted it!! Anyway, we started running from the rink in town and the first two miles flew by. I wish our conversation was a little more exciting than discussing our taxes but I enjoyed it just the same. I didn't wear my Garmin but I know the route we were running. Joe has always been a much better and faster runner than me. I kind of enjoyed the fact that he was huffing a bit at about mile 5 when I started warming up. I'm pretty sure I was pushing well out of the "easy" zone but it was worth it!! At about mile 5.5 we had to make a 90 degree turn onto the sidewalk that goes right down the main busy street in town. OMG- he totally wiped out and fell SO hard right on his tailbone. Like, so hard I was sure it was shattered. I stopped and he quickly got up but I could tell he was seriously in the hurt tank! When I realized he was going to live, being the incredibly sympathetic wife that I am, I made a few snide comments and started laughing. Being the incredibly loving husband that he is, he launched a 90 mph snowball into the side of my head. Then he started laughing. This resulted in a major body slam into the snowbank! All this time, cars are whizzing back and forth(we live in a small town, everyone knows us) After we had finished acting like 10 year olds, we headed back to the rink 1/2 mile away and called it good. He really can hardly walk right now and I do feel bad for him!! I ended up hitting the fitness center, ran 4 on the treadmill and did an upper body workout while the kids finished skating.

Running since Sunday:

- Plan 8 easy. I ran hard on Sunday. Joe came home Sunday. I went to bed very late. 8 became 6

TuesdayPlan 10 with 4@ 7:15. Accomplished 10 with a little more a little faster. Complete upper body weight workout, core routine and glute press and lunges.

Wednesday Plan 10 easy. Accomplished 6 outside 4 on the treadmill. Upper body and abs.

Thursday-I'm too lazy to go up to my bulletin board and see what I'm supposed to do!

Plan 16

I am heading out of town by noon on Friday(right after my long run). Ryan has a tournament in Moorhead and it's just the 2 of us going! I'm excited because I went to college at Concordia in Moorhead and I'm very familiar with the city. The weather will be nice. She only plays one game on Saturday morning so I should be able to get a nice recovery run in! I'm also excited because she is really at a fun age. We can actually shop in the same stores now. Who knew they made jeans size 00 short! All I know is I've never worn them!

Joe is home because it is Reese's home tournament. Each team has one home tournament each year. It is soooo much work. I'm tired of cutting out snowflakes and hockey pucks to tape all over the walls. There are 10 teams in the tournament and we are hosting a huge potluck meal for all the teams and families. Each home family has to make 3-9X13 pans of hotdish, jelly roll size pan of bars, and 2 medium salads! I was totally not in charge of this and I think it's stupid (hopefully no hockey parents read this blog because I totally went along with it with a smile on my face.) Kids want pizza! I get to spend tomorrow night after work making all this crap so Joe can bring it. I hate potlucks so I'm glad I don't have to be there. I have a serious aversion to other people's "mystery meat" and I don't eat hotdish! Anyway, enough venting!

Life's been a little crazy and I'm a bit behind on my comments but I have been reading during my lunch breaks and while I'm driving on my phone (after I drop the kids off...)! If I don't update before the weekend-have a great one! Good luck racers!

They just finished almost killing each other over a headband and now they look all sweet and innocent. Nice face Reese!


Genesis said...

cute girls.

poor joe. sounds like you guys had a good run though. acting like 10 year olds on the side of the road totally sounds like em and ian.

Kerrie T. said...

Cute pics! Hope the hubs is OK. I fell a lot in the winter when I was going to school in Pullman. Can't imagine running with spikes on my shoes. Crazy.

Jill said...

Wowzie, Jenn - I hope your husband is okay!!! Too funny about the snowball fights! haha. I don't do potlucks well either; something about "picky eater" as a child has perks as an adult - I'm not eating mystery meat either and anything casserole or non-identifiable is toast. I usually eat a roll with butter and call it a day. Have a great weekend with your daughter - hope they both have amazing results!!! WOOHOOO!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun family!

Michelle said...

They are adorable! I am totally with you on the pot luck - community food is not for me.

Hope your hubs is okay.

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
You go girl I love you you just started to warm up after mile five:) That was funny..poor hubby! We have to do host one pasta party a year where we are in charge of the entire meal for 10 girls. It's not that bad..but the potluck thing...every time! My kids get the same way, they will totally be smacking each other and fighting:) It is all in love and you know that if it came down to it they would have each others back!! Holy crap Jenn, size 00!?! Why am I not surprised? I finally got down to a size 2 and I was, this running thing is so great!!! I have to purchase the longs too:) I hope that you have a great day! Awesome job on the workouts:)

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about the fall, ouch! But the roughousing sounds kinda fun!
Ha a fight over a headband. Welcome to my world! They're adorable.

Jamoosh said...

Never trust the innocent looking ones...

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun time with your husband, but I hope he's feeling okay!!

I'm not a fan of potlucks with people I don't know. Small groups, fine, but big ones like that?! Sounds exhausting. Wish I could help cut out a few snowflakes for you!

I really need to get out of the gym and run more. I'm not doing well at it and have a half at the end of April!! Good luck with your run tomorrow!

Suzy said...

Jenn - you are a Cobber! My hubby and his whole family are Cobbers too. If you ever look at the library there are two bronze(?) heads on the side...the guys who started C-400. Jacobson is my Grandfather In-Law. Small world. Enjoy Moorhead!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! And I meant to tell you in a previous post, I love the name Reese!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

My hubby can be a little stubborn too, but so can I, ha ha. Hope he is better soon.

Sounds like your training is going well even with the "crazy busy times"

Katie A. said...

You're weeks are always so exciting! And to think, you live in MN! LOL!
That little incident between you and Joe hit a little too close to home for me! We are always giving each other a razing, especially when someone has bodily injury! :)
BTW, I DON'T DO POTLUCKS. I am a serious germaphobe when it comes to eating out and other people's kitchens. You just never know if they had licked their fingers or really washed everything that well! Yes, I am odd and probably oversensitive - but we all have our crosses to bear! :) (Don't be offended - I would totally eat dinner at your house! LOL!)
Good luck on the long run and weekend away! You're girls are adorable!

SueMac said...

Hubs and I act like 10 year olds most of the time..... had to laugh! Your girls are adorable.

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I just read your comment on the jeans:) FYI...I know for a fact that there is way more cellulite camping on my ass then yours!! I do have a small waist but I am curvy! I just firmed up but I would never call myself skinny:) Have a fabulous day Jenn!!

Anonymous said...

The girls are so cute! Sounds like you guys had a great run, despite the fall! Hope he is feeling better!

Valerie said...

Your youngest daughter looks just like you!

I don't blame you for not eating any mystery meat. I only eat things prepared by certain people and am not a fan of hotdish! I'd want pizza with the kids!

Meg said...

Ha, ha! Ooops, I'm not laughing at your husband's fall, just your reaction. I tend to have trouble being very sympathetic towards my husband sometimes and I think I might have laughed after I found out he was okay...gosh, that sounds terrible but it's true. Have a fun and busy weekend!

lindsay said...

haha. i was kind of hoping his stubborness would result in a good story :) not that i wish pain and suffering on him though of course! glad he is ok.

i love that we marathon runners call ourselves lazy all the time (i do it too!). but really, just because we run ridiculous mileage does not mean we aren't lazy in other areas!

have a good weekend!

Tara said...

Your kids are sweet!

Sounds like you and your hubby had a fun time together! Couples need fun times like that. I'm glad to hear that his butt bone is ok.

I love to run with my husband, he isn't a runner so it's the only thing that I am better at them him!

Lacy said...

"It's funny when friends get hurt" is our motto around here. After the initial check to insure one's's all laughter!
We got three days of melt down here and I ran 18 on dry ground today. Better count my blessings. Snows expected again tomorrow.
Keep it up!