Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas News Report!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Once again in bullet point format here is my news:

Christmas Eve was spent at my mom and dads. We went to the Christmas Eve service at their church and our extended family took up 4 rows. My sister Sarah who really should be the next "American Idol" sang the most amazing song that made me bawl like a baby and then laugh hysterically because I was bawling. Laughing in church has always been an issue with my sisters and I and this year was no different. We got several death glares from the pulpit and had to scurry out of the church to avoid being scolded after the service! (PS, I am 34 years old, very mature)

I wore a dress on Christmas Eve. I'm sure this is toooo much information but I swear this running is sucking the womanhood out of me. I bought this dress on a clearance rack this summer but in order to wear it, I had to fork out $60 at Victoria's Secret to avoid looking like a 12 year old boy in drag! Of all the places to lose weight, I would prefer it was not 'there'!!

All of my sisters were together for Christmas this year and it was sooo fun! Fortunately, not only was I blessed with amazing siblings but I have the best brother in laws and we all get along so great! We ended up stranded at my parent's on Christmas night due to a massive snowstorm. Just to prove what a comfortable laid back family we have, I woke up this morning sleeping on the floor in the family room and my husband was in the guest room sleeping with my sister! Ha!! No lie. (Truthfully, at one point, I was also in the bed which sounds even more sick and twisted but my back hurt and I moved to the floor).

My kids were so excited for Christmas morning and they loved their presents!! I love being a mother on Christmas morning!!

My mom is making the most amazing progress with her healthy lifestyle change. Christmas morning she was down on the treadmill right after presents!! I am sooo proud of her and she is incredibly motivating for me right now!

Tomorrow is my 12 year anniversary and I have 3 hockey games on the docket! How romantic!

Me and my little Reese's Pieces on Christmas morning!

Me, Ryan, and my little niece Liza

My little cherub boy Max!

Now, to running news!

My last post was on Tuesday. As I stated, I had planned to take the rest of the week off to rest up and hopefully get my MoJo back. Mentally, things were not exactly going in the right direction. Anyway, Wednesday morning I shipped the kids off to school with all their bus driver gifts, teacher gifts, gift exchange gifts, treats for the class etc. and felt an overwhelming sense of stress relief. On the otherhand, when I thought about the fact that I was not going to run for the next few days, I felt miserable. All I can say is, the last thing I wanted to do was take a day off from running. Long story short, I didn't. My week looked like this:

Monday: 8 miles with 3X1600 at 6:28-6:35.
Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:19
Wednesday: 8 miles @ 7:35
Thursday: 15 miles @ 7:40. This was done on the treadmill and is fast for a training run for me for this distance. I was only planning on running around 6 miles but just felt like I wanted to keep going.
Friday: 5 miles @ 7:56 (totally inspired by my mom on Christmas Day)
Today: Lacing up my shoes now-don't know what I'm going to do yet.

I will be jumping back into my official plan on Monday. I've got to get myself together and quit being such a flighty basketcase. I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed my running since Tuesday and think maybe all this Christmas planning combined with work, hockey, and running, put me over the edge. Hoping that was the case and this happy feeling I am currently experiencing will be the norm for the next 4 months!

Hope you all had a great Christmas! I will be reading and catching up tonight and tomorrow!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a great Christmas and love all the pictures. Beautiful family and you look AWESOME!

Running and living said...

Your running is going amazing! You are going to have a great marathon. The rule that I have for myself is to run less and crosstrain more as soon as I feel burned out! It's hard, but for me having fun and enjoying running is the most important thing! Your girls look so much like you!

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I love your blog!! I was just checking out another blog and found yours. I am also from Minnesota but live in the suburbs of Minneapolis. I am amazed with your awesome times!! Actually we both basically had pretty much the same time for our first 5k but your pr is way better than mine!! My pr is 23:10! I am also probably going to run in the Fargo half in 2010. Anyway, I have added you to my blog list and will be checking in. Maybe your will enspire me to really focus on achieving my own pr dreams and goals:)

Jill said...

You planned to go 6 adn went 15? You woman, you!!! Wow. I'm glad you're feeling a bit more juiced and ready to get back on a plan. I'm struggling with a plan but going to sit down the rest of this weekend and iron it all out. Stay sane with all the snow...crazy, huh? I grew up in Iowa all my childhood so I can relate to all you're getting now. So glad you have a Merry Christmas!! Oh, and adorbs on the pic...what cute girls you have!!:)

Genesis said...

omg i couldnt stop laughing at the 12 yr old reference. too funny.

great pictures. you should do pics more frequently :)

Haddock said...

and we all get along so great! We ended. . . . . . .
The best part of being in a family.
You are blessed.

Julie said...

I love Trader Joe's too, in fact, I am in that store at least two times a week:) I also hate the mill:( I make myself go outside because I hate running on that thing!

TMB said...

Great pictures! You look fantastic ... don't worry about losing weight in the "wrong" places ... I would have had to done the same thing to not look like a little boy!

Great job running! You are going to rock Boston! Here's to officially starting training tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! Your pictures are fantastic! We did get to Minneapolis safely and have been trying to stay warm! It seems like on days when they say it's not going to snow, we've gotten a few inches! Let me say, I LOVE Carribou Coffee and wish they would open a coffee house in new york!

Good luck getting back to running tomorrow! I'll send good thoughts your way!

Tricia said...

I wore a dress on Christmas Eve too (totally abnormal for me). You have a gorgeous family, thanks for sharing your pictures.

Suzy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I just have to add...GO PACKERS!! :p You know the only reason the Vikes are doing well is because he played in GB, right?

lindsay said...

merry christmas, happy new year and happy anniversary!

too funny how 'mature' you and your siblings still are :) i think it's great that you are all still so close and haven't outgrown having fun.

nice job on that long-treadmill run!!

TX Runner Mom said...

Love the pics of you and your cute kiddos! Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas. I had to laugh at your planned 6, but 15 instead...I've planned 3, but done 6 but that's about it, lol!

Katie A. said...

What a fun Christmas! I can't believe your 6 miler turned into 15 - hardcore chica!
Your kiddo's are so sweet and look so much like you - very blessed indeed! Glad your Christmas was nice! And yes, I am back to a routine and it feels sooo good! :)

Teamarcia said...

Sounds like you all had an awesome Christmas! I am laughing here thinking of all the times my sis and I had in-church laugh attacks. Love the pics and wow your running is amazing as usual! Happy New Year!