Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So, I still haven't narrowed down my plans for 2010. I really wish I was not so indecisive! Here's the decisions I have yet to make.

1.I'm running the half marathon in Fargo on May 22nd. Should I run the 5K the night before and get the extra medal for doing the GO Far challenge! (This is not quite Goofy and don't mock me you crazy Goofy running fools)

2.I've been offered a free entry into the Grandma's marathon in June. It is the same weekend as the Manitoba marathon and half(which I ran last year) I have several decisions I need to make:

-Full or half and which race?

-If full, run it or race it. If Grandma's, I would like to run it and find a pal who would like to run about a 3:40-3:45. If Manitoba, I might want to race it. Looking at last years results, I would have finished 3rd overall female with my current marathon time which gives me a bit of an incentive. Manitoba is an extremely flat course and I'm not sure what I think about that.

-Would I rather use this weekend as an opportunity to PR in the half? Manitoba is a very nice fast course!

3. I am running a Ragnar Relay in August. Which legs and how many miles do I want to tackle?

4. My husband has brought up the idea of considering the Chicago marathon in the fall instead of TCM. It is within driving distance (although quite the haul) and it falls on my birthday. His birthday is the day after which would make for a fun weekend.

-I loved the Twin Cities marathon and feel like I would have an edge knowing the course.

-Chicago is very flat and I'm not a huge fan of flat.

-I love Chicago and definitely will do this marathon at some point.

-My family would all come to TCM and cheer. I would be alone with only my hubby who would likely be running in Chicago.

-I want to PR in this race. It will be my major goal of the year and I want the course that will produce me the best time!!!

5. This has little to do with running but I need to settle on our family vacation destination. We are looking at Glacier in Montana, the Grand Tetons, or the Seattle/Vancouver area. Hiking, running, and fishing are big priorities in this house.

I ran 8 miles yesterday and 6 this morning. As I mentioned before, I am really struggling with my desire right now. I am VERY busy and I think my stress level is a little higher than it should be. It is week 2 of my Boston plan and I've decided to revamp. Truthfully, I don't need an 18 week plan as I am in marathon shape right now. Here goes, I am not running again until Sunday. I will restart a 16 week plan then. This is going to kill me because when I have to run I don't want to but when I can't I do. I haven't taken more than 2 days in a row off since last spring. I took no recovery time after the marathon and I feel everything slipping out of my hands right now. I have to do this and allow myself to enjoy Christmas with my kids, reduce my stress level not having to be running by 5 am and just relish in how lucky I am for a few days!


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

I'm secretly wanting to run the 5k the night before the Myrtle Beach half marathon in February. I love more medals, haha. I say go for it!

Suzy said...

You have a lot to think about. Can you wait and decide after the holidays? It is a crazy time of year for both hockey and life...I can't imagine trying to figure out a race schedule at the same time. My hubby grew up by Glacier and it is beautiful (from what I've heard) and his brother still works up there. GL figuring it all out.

Christina said...

Run the 5K and go for the challenge if you aren't trying to PR at the half.

Pick one of the marathons and don't decide to race or run it until the days before.

Good for you in changing your plan when to start the marathon training. You can always alter your schedule (apply logic to above decisions as well)

Robin said...


B-R-E-A-T-H-E..... balance, reflection, balance....

Taking a few days off from running may turn out to be a very good thing...

If you get a chance, take a peek at Lisa's post today....it seems The Penguin (a 45-time marathoner) has some thoughts on running and balance, as he posts his final article on RW this week.

Happy Holidays from Orlando!

TMB said...

WHOA! Serious decisions to make. I'll be honest, I would run any race that I got free entry to! I love free stuff!!

Enjoy your break from running and Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

WOW! Good luck on all the decisions!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get some rest and relaxation. :)


Velma said...

Take a break and relax! It looks like all of the decisions are great ones. I would go with Grandma's - I have heard it is so fun! People either love or hate Chicago. I went with hubby last year, and we had fun in the city and it is on 10/10/10 this year :) Happy Holidays

Lisa said...

Lots of decisions to be made but a free half entry and a birthday marathon weekend sound like winners to me :)

Taking a few days off from running won't kill you and you even said you are already in marathon shape so think of it as a mini taper.

Jill said...

Your thoughts are all over the map, as are mine! I'm limited cost-wise in 2010 so I'm so all over the place trying to decide. Plus, 17 races this year has left me understanding that key races are more important than quantity right now. I AM considering Chicago because I like the little 10/10/10 entry...how fun is that!! And it's on your birthday is even more of an atraction!!!
Happy Holidays!!!

Running and living said...

I think it is smart to take a little break. You have been doing long runs and high mileage non stop for a while, it's hard to keep the motivation. I have always used a 16 week plan for marathons and I like the lenght as I am never burned out! I'll start Boston training on Monday (wow!). I, too, have a hard time figuring out races to do; I have some planned up to Boston, but if I plan more right now, I will probably change my mind anyway...

aron said...

you have so many fun options!! cant wait to see what you decide for sure :)

Keri said...

What a fun year you have ahead of you! Congrats on Boston!

Wendy said...

I did Chicago this fall for the first time and LOVED it! The spectators were amazing. I don't remember one single mile when they weren't there.

I've always wanted to do Twin Cities!

That free entry is sounding awesome too!

Joni said...

I can't decide on my 2010 plans either! Grandma's is a great course...a great experience.

My husband and I are really considering Chicago. If I run two marathons before then, it would be our 10th on 10/10/10. We know quite a few people planning to go, I think it will be great!

Did you get my email address last week? Would be great to converse.

Treadmill running is pretty new to me as far and during a training plan. Do you run at an incline? How do you find your paces on the treadmil vs. the GPS?

Enjoy Christmas! A 16 week training plan will be fine!

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow lots of questions :-) i think you should run the 5k the night before fargo! go for the extra medal!
i think it would be cool to race and try to place overall! How many marathons do you really get a chance to place in? i know in New England that chance is slim to none!
Whatever you decide i'm looking forward to following you and seeing what you do!

lindsay said...

i am awful at making these decisions... i come up with ideas and then usually never actually register for the race and run different ones. sigh. there are lots of races i want to run but i know it'll always come down to my schedule and i can't plan for that this far in advance! :)

Lisa said...

The good thing is, even though it's almost 2010, you really don't have to decide all this before Jan 1. That's just a date on the calendar. You can take a few more days to decide what you really want to do. I've been trying to set my goals before the 1st, but I almost think I'm setting goals just to get it done before that date and not really thinking about it and making sure they're attainable and what I really WANT to do.

My husband & I are supposed to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow to see my family and really hoping the storm isn't too bad! Happy Holidays!