Monday, December 28, 2009

Boston Plan-Day one

Day one down and in the books. 8 miles (7:48) and just finished the blasted P90X Abripper! I woke up ready to go and with a much better attitude than 2 weeks ago. (Who would plan to start their plan 2 weeks before Christmas anyway!) On the docket tomorrow, 6 miles in the morning and 45 minutes on the bike at the gym after work. (I am meeting my super fast pregnant friend Jess and we are going to bike and yap!!) Good times!!

I was hoping to do my long run outside on Thursday since I don't work but looks like the wind chill might get the best of me. I'm hoping to get at least half of it done outside and then move inside to my new best friend, the treadmill. Mark my words, I will not run 1 stinkin' mile on this SOB next summer!

I've made some decisions for 2010. $585 worth of decisions in 10 minutes to be precise-who said this was a cheap sport? Here goes:

I am running the Fargo half on May 22nd but not the 5K the night before. I've decided to cheer my mom on in her first race as well as my two girls! I like to spectate and it's not all about me all the time!

I am running the Manitoba Full marathon on June 20th. Holy Crap, I swore I would only ever run 1 marathon and now I'm running three in one year. Not so much for some of you crazy running fools but a lot for my crazy schizo brain. Manitoba turned out to be the perfect fit as it is only 1 hour and 45 minutes from home and a very easy race to spectate. I also really enjoyed the course for the half last year! Yes, the idea that I could have even the slightest chance of finishing on the podium here if I have a good day did factor into my decision.

I am running the Ragnar Relay in August and I think I will be running about 17 total miles. This will be difficult as all of the miles will be run at more like 10K pace not marathon pace. I think this will be one of the highlights of my year!

Finally, I will be running the Twin Cities Marathon again for my fall marathon. I love the fact that it was a huge family weekend and I'm not ready to give that up. I'm laying it all on the table for this race...

I will likely run the Dick Beardsley half in September, the Monster Dash Half in October, and a few local 5 and 10K's. I won't register for these until much closer.

That's it for the running news!

I'm off to Fargo this weekend with Reese. Her 'new' team has a tournament there! Joe is with Ryan and Max so Reese and I get another weekend to ourselves! It's hard to split up all the time with all the traveling but I do enjoy having individual time with my kids. Most of the communication in my marraige however takes place via text message lately and I will be very excited to head to Boston for more reasons than just the marathon! Time to cheer on the Vikes and fold clothes! Yippee!


Julie said...

It sounds like you have your running schedule all figured out for the season. I am still trying to figure out what half marathons to sign up for. I have for sure signed up for the Lake Minnetonka half, Stillwater half and the Napa to Sonoma Valley half. I wish I knew what all of the courses were like so that I can make solid choices. Have fun tomorrow with your sounds like a good time:)

TMB said...

Sounds like a great start to training!! And the calendar looks great!

I'm going to start p90x next week (hopefully), do you love it?

Suzy said...

First, I was floored this morning when I saw the Vikings-Bears score. What happened?? Of course, being a die-hard Packer fan I couldn't be more pleased.

Second, what a calendar!! You have a lot going on this year and you'll love it.

Melissa said...

What a race schedule!! That's amazing!
Have fun with the hockey!

Staci Dombroski said...

That sounds like a busy year to me :-) I have learned very quickly too that it is NOT a cheap sport :-)

Running and living said...

So glad you got your mojo back! I've heard of the P90X - seems intimidating to me, though such a great strengthening workout! Wishing you a mild winter, with little snow and ice!

Katie A. said...

I so know how painful those race fees can be!! Good for you for registering early, I love that!
You are gonna rock it this year - so excited to take the journey with you. Now only if you lived closer!!!!!
I was just thinking about how you and the hubbs manage it all. You are two of the most self-less parents out there. Pat yourselves on the back. Your kids will thank you some day, I thank my parents all the time for all the time and money the spent driving me to my competitive soccer games.
Have a great New Years and great job on the runs! Oh, and have fun with fast prego friend!

Jill said...

Day 2 of Boston training and I'm sore from day 1. Hum. Too many 3-way lunges caused the glutes to scream a little. I admire you for doing the P90X while running massive miles...I thought about it - for about a minute but since I'm sore from my own stuff anyway, maybe I should reconsider. I'm doing 3 marathons next year also, I think. Great minds :). Excited to hear how your daughter's weekend goes!!

Running Diva Mom said...

Sounds like we will have LOTS to read about in 2010!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the journey!!

Lisa said...

Congrats on making those decisions. Now that you know for sure, it gives you something to look forward to and to train for. You've got a busy year ahead of you but should make for some good times.

Morgan said...

Not even 2010 yet and you already have quite the race schedule! Woo girl! Get it done!

Boston here you come!!!

Keri said...

What a great schedule! That is cool that your sister spells her name the same way as me. I always tell people it is Keri like the lotion!

You are so speedy! I hope you kick Boston's booty and have a fun vacation with your husband!

Mary said...

Yay!! Good for you for signing up for the races!! I was thinking Ragnar last year and wanted to for 2010 but it is the week before my first Tri. Congrats on a great year of running, you are so fast! I love it!