Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why do posts have to have a title?

Why do posts have to have a title? I bet I spend more time thinking of what I'm going to name this stupid post than writing it.

Another weekend in the books! Another boatload of money spent! Another pile of memories made!!!

Here's my weekend news:

Ryan played the 2nd ranked team in MN on Friday night. This team comes out of the Minneapolis St. Paul area and is probably a dream team of 13 year olds who are selected likely from over 200 that tried out. We don't have tryouts here in our little town of 2500. We just take the "Little Orphan Annie's" and skate the hell out of them until they can compete with these big schools. The game went into overtime. Ryan scored the game winning overtime goal. I can honestly say I was happier at this moment than when I qualified for Boston. Her team absolutely buried her on the ice!!

I won't discuss politics but will state I am not generally a huge fan of Sarah Palin. Her quote "The only difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull is lipstick" is truth however. My God, some of these moms are lunatics! I swear one mom (from the other team) was going to break the plexi-glass from banging on it and was screaming like a sailor at the refs. My daughter would totally disown me if I did this!! There is a girl on our team who gets paid for every goal she scores. Now, tell me how does your child learn self satisfaction when the only reason they are working hard is for cash rewards. I am so NOT a fan of this approach! I will say however, this girl is currently scoring a lot of goals so I'm advising her mom to keep this up because I really like winning!!

Reese had an interesting weekend as well. She also plays hockey and has been having a great year. To make a long story short, we got a call on Friday asking us if we would be willing to allow her to move up to a higher age group. She just turned 9 and would be playing with 11 year olds. To add to this, she is not exactly a physical force to be reckoned with at 54 pounds soaking wet. She is the most naturally athletic of my 3 kids and although she would be leaving all of her friends she did not even hesitate when we asked what she wanted to do. She moved up and I watched her play in a game today. She was the tiniest kid on the ice but she had a goal and 2 assists! I am quite certain this girl will be beating me in road races within 3 years.

Now, for running news. Today, I am VERY unmotivated to be training for anything. I am motivated to exercise, just not with a purpose. I was planning to run 14 on Friday but with the decisions to be made and my frantic schedule organizing I didn't run at all. Saturday wasn't any better as instead of 2 games we now had 3 in two different cities. Finally, this morning I got in my long run and did 16 outside @ 8:17 pace. It was beautiful out and the forecast will be in the teens and twenties all through Christmas break!! I've been talking to my husband about my lack of motivation! Like I've said before, I'm determined and I will continue to train for Boston but I hate that I'm not enjoying it anymore. I really just want to run 5 miles a day and watch hockey games through the winter! I can say with nearly 100 percent certainty that I will not be marathon training through the winter again until my kids are out of the house! My heart is not in it and I think in the long run I will be a better runner giving my brain and my body a break through the winters. Enough said. PS- You guys probably know me by now and this will all change in 2 days.....

I have compromised on a work schedule. I am working 3 permanent days per week in the new year and also filling in for vacation time. It's more than I initially planned but I will make it work!

Nothing else newsworthy! I will get up before work tomorrow for 8 and hopefully start my week in the right direction!


robinbb said...

I am sure your mindset on training will turn around. With such an awesome debut, I am sure it seems there is not as much to work towards, but once you see improvement at Boston, I can only imagine you will only want to see more. Training in the winter sucks, that is why I do a ton of running on the treadmill. It is really boring but it is temporary and so worth the return.

Congrats to your daughter. She obviously takes after her mommy with natural talent!

Katie A. said...

Yay for Ryan and Reese! Awesome!
You are one busy little lady! Glad you were able to come up with a work plan, I on the other hand am a little hesitant for the new year. I am wanting to change firms but thinking this probably isn't the best time to be doing it. Lots to think about.
Don't worry about the running, you're getting it in when it counts and for now with the weather that is awesome.
Enjoy the nice weather this week! I'll be sending lots of fast and warm thoughts your way! :)

Morgan said...

Your kids are rockstars!!! Good job!!!

I think we all go thru that period where we get burnt out. Maybe you should take a week off and just enjoy some quiet family time and then when you come back you'll feel "on" again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder they always say. :)

Genesis said...

Congrats Reese & Ryan! you girls rock!

I agree that posts shouldnt always have a title. i spend wayyyyy too much time thinking of something clever.

Lisa said...

Congrats to your daughter...she must have been so proud and happy!

I hear you on the crazy moms. I've seen my fair share of crazy parents and my kids games as well.

TX Runner Mom said...

Congrats to your kiddos on their awesomeness on the ice! That's so great! I know what you mean about training with kids - I keep saying that maybe I have time to train for an ironman and more marathons once the kids are grown...that is if I can even run then, lol! Maybe with a walker.

Mostlygrocery said...

13 year old all stars... I'm glad because they're 13 year old, its just fun and no ego.. ah those were the days.


Lisa said...

I know what you mean about the post titles. It usually takes me several minutes to decide what to write, too!

What great news for your daughters! You have some pretty talented kids!

I heard a storm is going to be hitting MN later this week! I hope it's not true since my husband and I are supposed to fly in on Thursday!

Melissa said...

WOW!! Congrats to your daughter and you. LOL at the hockey moms.

Velma said...

It will be worth it when you are in Beantown - I promise (not that I have been there).

Who pays their kids for freakin goals? Whatevs.

Here is to an early spring

Jill said...

Congratulations on both of your daugthers' huge victories this weekend - wow!!!

I can relate on the Boston training...I'm kinda there with you! I just finished Tucson and really, I just want to stay in bed for a couple months and eat chocolate ice cream. We'll have to keep each other motivated and inspired!!!

lindsay said...

lol about the hockey mom comment, and paying your kid? sheesh! but hey... let them break the bank so your team can keep winning, i agree :)

i feel the same towards titles... i despise trying to think of them sometimes!