Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hump Day!

So, today is Wednesday, which is a particularly good day for me this week because I don’t have to work and all my kids are in school. This should mean I can do whatever I want but what it really means is I need to get some serious work done around here. Top of my list: sorting through all of the clothes bins in storage so we can drop them off at the Salvation Army! Fun, fun! I did however have a nostalgic moment as I was looking through a box marked dress up. My two little girls used to live for dressup! They were princesses in high heels and dresses every day and wore tiaras to dinner. Somewhere along the way this changed and now they listen to ipods, text on cellphones, and have “keep out” signs on their bedroom doors! My, how fast time flies!

Next on the list, getting my run in! Hockey is now in full swing! Three kids, 3 rinks, 3 practice schedules and over 100 games between the 3 of them. Why we chose hockey as their sport of choice is beyond me sometimes. The travel is outrageous as we live at the end of the earth, it is ridiculously expensive, and it is cold enough here already! Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in a warm gym instead of a freezing ice arena! Anyway, it is the thing to do up here and all of my kids LOVE it. They have actually spent 7 hours on a Saturday playing pickup hockey only getting off the ice for a drink or quick snack. Back to the run… Yesterday, I planned on running 4 miles after work while my kids were at practice. I brought my running clothes and even got dressed into them after work. I have felt like something hasn’t been quite right with me the last week or so-my kids have been sick a lot lately but I rarely get anything more than a nagging head cold. I’ve been extremely fatigued, out of breath, and somewhat discouraged since it has been more difficult than usual for me to hit my running paces . Anyway, I made a last minute decision to take the night off. This was a good choice because I felt much better this morning. My plan was just 3 miles today. I was planning on running the first mile in about 7:40 to see how I felt and the next 2 about 7:30. Mile one, I never looked at the Garmin once-just wanted to run comfortable at what I thought was about the right pace and see where I ended up. 7:09. Wow, I felt great, I couldn’t have hit this pace 3 days ago in a full sprint. Mile 2- 7:12. Still feeling good although I was beginning to feel a little winded. Decided to pull it up here with the race on Saturday and slowed mile 3 to around 8:00. My confidence is back, today anyway!

Race is on Saturday. Temperature will be in the 30’s but realfeel in the 20’s. I’m not too afraid of the cold except that breathing in freezing air hurts my lungs. I’ve run in 30 degree weather a few times this year already and I’ve been OK. What I am afraid of is cold, rain or snow, and wind combined. Accuweather had 50 mph gusts for Saturday last night. Fortunately, it is down to 20 today. Miles 9-13 will be into the wind which sucks because these are the toughest miles anyway. I’m still not exactly sure what to wear since I know it won’t be my Halloween Costume. BTW, my husband is running as well and he IS dressing up. I wish races were as much fun and stressfree for me as they are for him. I ran a half 7 weeks ago @ 7:26 pace. Since then, I’ve run a full marathon and continued training hard. I have to believe at least that I can match my current PR if the weather isn’t too bad. We’ll see. I’ll give it my best shot. If I get it, maybe I’ll reward myself with Halloween candy and if don’t get it I’ll drown my sorrows in Halloween candy!


Genesis said...

hey either way you get to have candy :) always a win win situation!

i really despise running in cold weather. here in washington it's supposed to be snowing sometime soon, and I am not looking forward to it.

btw, you are one fast mama! 7 min miles!

TX Runner Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love "meeting" other running, working, moms! Hmmm...either way you have halloween candy, so it's a win-win! :-) My hubby would be in heaven if our kids ended up playing hockey. He absolutely loves the sport, which is a little odd when you live in Houston. We have an IHL team - the Aeros, so we go to several games every season.

Suzy said...

GL this weekend. You are awesome and it sounds like taking a day off was just want you needed.

sam said...

I have never ever had to run or do anything for that matter in such cold weather. i am a so cal girl so i can not even imagine what it would be like!

oh my goodness 7 min miles!! that is amazing to me! I am trying just to get away from double digits!

Good Luck this weekend! Can't wait to here how the run goes!