Monday, October 26, 2009

A New Day

I woke up in a great mood this morning!!! Is it because Accuweather now predicts a slightly warmer temperature for my half on Saturday? Doubtful, as it also predicts rain and 22 mph winds with gusts to 37 mph. predicts 37 degrees and rain and snow but only 14 mph winds. (It never fails to amaze me how and can have such drastically different forecasts.) I haven’t decided which one to believe yet but I’m starting to believe this likely won’t be a PR race for me. With that in mind, I am determined to have a blast! I’ve realized my attitude lately has been less than stellar and I’ve given myself an adjustment!

I’m deciding today on how I want to run throughout the week. I generally never follow a training plan the week before a race because I believe I am smarter than the writers of these plans and therefore my plan is better. Not so much, but I do seem to have found what works for me and I don’t think I want to mess with it. So, my week looks like this. Sunday-10 @ 8:25, Monday- 6 w/3@7:15, Tuesday- 4@7:30-7:40, Wednesday- 3 @7:30, Thursday,2.2@7:10, Friday-off, Saturday-race. These paces are approximate and I refuse to stress over them.

I am also currently looking at my potential race calendar for next year. Ideally, I need a half marathon sometime in March, 3-4 weeks out from Boston. Doesn’t look like I will find one in Minnesota so I may be taking a quick weekend flight somewhere or worst case setting up a mock race and racing my sister who runs about the same pace as me. (I don’t like this latter idea as for whatever reason it does not motivate me to race her). So, I have Boston in April, and the Fargo half marathon on May 22nd, 2010. Now, here’s where the decisions come into play. At one time, I said I would only ever complete one marathon and with the goal only to finish. As I started training I changed this to completing only one marathon but qualifying for Boston to say that I did it. This soon changed to completing 2 marathons and actually running Boston if I qualified. After qualifying , this changed to running a spring and fall marathon every year . Now, an opportunity has presented itself to me to run a June marathon (Grandma’s in Duluth, MN) with a team from my sisters company for charity. Logistics are not finalized and this is not a “for sure.” I am unsure that I am interested in running a June marathon as my big goal will again be my fall marathon next year. Another wrench is, I will be running the Twin Cities Marathon for sure. However, if my dad can get his training to 3:45 and decides to use TCM as his possible BQ I may run this with him and race another. This moves my projected 2 marathons a year to potentially 4. I really don’t like all these decisions so I am going to try to put them on hold for awhile and try not to obsess about them.

One huge burden off my shoulders is my trip plans for Boston. Trying to finalize hotel reservations, flights, etc. etc. was really stressing me out. Now, I would not classify myself as cheap; I like designer jeans and Coach purses as well as the next gal but I almost had a heart attack thinking about spending $400 a night at a hotel in downtown Boston near the finish line while my kids ate macaroni and cheese at home! We have hotel points from my husband’s traveling but I couldn’t justify using them either as I could stay 20 nights on points for the price of one in Boston. I know there are cheaper hotels and one could stay in the suburbs which is where I first looked but I also wanted to experience downtown. I actually considered renewing my wedding vows to justify this! Anyway, yesterday I finally allowed myself to splurge and got this taken care of once and for all. I’m sure my memories will be well worth the cost and maybe add a little motivation for me to do better!


Genesis said...

i hope you do have a great experience downtown :)

i never trust the weatherman or anything online cuz they always lie to me. they say it'll rain but when I step outside the sun is shining and it is 10 degrees warmer than predicted. weather people are out to get me!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Thanks for your comment!! Amazing that you are running Boston.

Funny I am the same way...I always seem to add and add to my race roster.

HUGS to Splurging now and then.

FYI Giveaway on my Blog if you are interested.

Hey let me know which race you are doing and I will add it to high five Friday. I am praying for no rain here...UGH!

Suzy said...

IT sounds like you have quite a 2010 to figure out! I'm jealous of you running Grandma's. I've always wanted to but school schedules here don't work with getting back to MN for Grandmas. Plus, I'm where you were a while ago...I'm only planning on running one marathon (maybe VT in May 2010). Enjoy downtown Boston. You'll be happy you are there.

26.2 Princess said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. So glad to find yours too. And congrats on Boston! Dang, you are FAST! Have you gotten a confirmation yet? Still anxiously and impatiently waiting on mine...

momof3 said...

SO glad to find another person who is bold enough to claim 'smarter than the people writing training plans'.... because truly you know your body better than some generic training plan.

Last March I raced Shamrock Half in Va Beach. It's a flat, fast (fun) race & a decent destination *though in march there's not a chance of beach weather. The VB residents really come all out to cheer & hand out little dixie cups of beer (uh, yea, none for me thank you). Start weather last year was 32 degrees and sunshine.

I wish you the best in Boston!