Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy morning!

What a morning! I got up early to a downpour and no power. OMG-it is sooo hard to get 3 kids and myself ready in the morning with no power. No water either which means no showers and bottled water to brush our teeth. No coffee, no toaster, no stove and no way to fix my unruly hair!!! Fortunately, I have about 3 million candles in the house so we were able to see somewhat. Finally ready, we loaded up into the suburban and found out the automatic garage door didn’t work because why…. We have NO power. I couldn’t get the d*mn door open by hand so we unpacked and loaded up into my car which is below empty and has a broken windshield wiper from the horrendous rain/wind storm we had last week. Eventually, Jeff Gordon, Pajama Girl, and No Halloween Spirit Tweenager made it to school in one piece! Thank God for cute winter hats!

I have a zillion things to do before heading out of town today but here I sit. We are heading to Minneapolis right after school. I can’t believe I am driving over 6 hours again just to run a race. We can’t leave until 3:30 because I don’t want the kids to miss their Halloween parties at school so we will likely arrive at our hotel at about 11:00 pm. There is a big part of me that wishes I didn’t sign up for this one! A nice relaxing weekend at home sounds mighty appealing since we won’t have one again until April. The finisher jacket and medal is killer though! We also get a chance to go trick-or-treating with my niece which makes for a fun time for the kids!

I’m feeling OK about the race. The last two days my runs have been great-short but great. I am not running today and I haven’t done any workouts other than running for 3 days. I should be ready to go. Somewhere in the midst of all this marathon training I managed to gain weight-not to the point of overweight but not my comfortable weight. Anyway, I managed to knock off 4 pounds since the Twin Cities Marathon and feel A LOT better. Don’t know if this will help me tomorrow morning in the race but it will help me shopping for jeans tomorrow afternoon!

I will make it through the race and I will do fine. I’m more worried about next week. I LOVE running. By “running”, I mean getting up at the crack of dawn to beautiful 50-60 degree weather with birds chirping, calm blue skies and green everywhere. I don’t consider dressing up in 18 layers of clothing and stumbling down the road into a 20mph headwind and blowing snow “running”. This is called “laboring” and it sucks. It takes all the joy out and turns running into a stressful job that pays for crap and leaves you dreading every minute until you have to do it again. I DO know I am determined enough to continue training throughout the winter and head to Boston prepared. I DON’T know that I will like it very much. Next week I will fumble through my Daniels, Pfitz, Higdon, and Yasso bibles and try to come up with a feasible plan.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Good luck this weekend. HIGH FIVE!!

I would get a rush seeing my name too. One of these days I HOPE HOPE to qualify for Boston...the funny part is that with one income a living in Washington State I highly doubt we could afford for me to go to Boston.. I guess it is still a good goal.

Genesis said...

you're gonna do great this weekend. i can imagine how great it feels to see your name on the list :)

Mary said...

Jenn! Yay!!! I saw your comment on my costume post and am SO excited that you are doing the same race!!! I would love to know what town your in, about 6 hrs out of Mpls? I am about a mile from downtown! :) Congrats on your amazing running and the marathon and good luck tomorrow, it should be a beautiful race!! Thanks!

TMB said...

If I woke up with no power and couldn't get the garage door open I would have taken it as a sign to go back to bed! Hope your day gets better!

Good luck this weekend. Can't wait to hear how you do!

26.2 Princess said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I'm still waiting for my name to show up on the Boston list. Ugh!

Suzy said...

Have a great race this weekend! I can't wait to read about it next week. Enjoy the Cities...I miss the midwest. :)

Rookie on the Run said...

I'm amazed you got your kids to school at all with all the stuff you had going on this morning! In fact, I high-fived you on my blog.

Have a great race this weekend! It sounds like fun one!