Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday Rambles a Day Early.....

Well, another week in the books. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting into my winter routine and forgetting LESS things...not to be confused with remembering MORE things....Last Wednesday morning, I got to work and I realized that I had forgotten to drop a hockey bag off at the rink for after school practice. I work 20 miles away from the rink... A random stranger ran an errand for me for which I was VERY thankful! I am back to driving with post it notes on my steering wheel reminding me of all the stops I must make. This is working!!

Life bullets that I'm totally pulling out of my A$$ while I type:

*My husband has been away working for 2 weeks and I've been playing hockey mom, chauffeur, maid, chef, homework helper, lunch packer, mediator, disciplinarian and marathon runner...I don't always feeling like I'm winning this game but I am so very thankful for these 3 beautiful kids that I have to play for:)

*Ryan's hockey team is right up at the very top of the state rankings. Little podunk town ranked way up above the handpicked talented teams of the metro. Really excited to see where this team goes in March. We were talking after her game last night and realized Ryan has never played on a team that hasn't made it to the state tournament. This is SO rare. Such an opportunity she has had to play with such great talent and such a joy it's been to watch her play! Have I mention I love being a hockey mom yet this year. Maybe not. Get used to it because I blab about it ALL winter...

*I was talked into late night happy hour with some friends on Thursday night and then a trip to the midnight premier of "Breaking Dawn". Now, this is totally not up my alley but being as there is actually nothing to do in this town we try to jump at any opportunity to justify a night out. I was also enticed by the thought of movie theater popcorn. Anyway, I cannot sleep at home but somehow I have NO problem sleeping through a movie about vampires and werewolves. My good friend told me she is going to bring a handtowel in her purse to put on her shoulder next time so I won't drool all over her suede coat again......

*Reese (11) lost her winter jacket. We live in Minnesota. This is just not possible. The next day she left her new Ipod Touch which she got as a birthday gift in the pocket of her jeans and it got trampled accidentally on the locker room floor.....I was a little frustrated after the Ipod incident and maybe lost my cool a little bit. I don't yell necessarily but my frustration was WELL known. We had the famous talk about responsibility and the less fortunate yada yada yada..... Anyway, prior to these unfortunate events, Reese had made her Christmas wish list and it was hung on our bulletin board. (My kids really are not demanding spoiled kids at all. They know ALL about the joy of giving and truly don't EXPECT....They are kids, however, and love and dream for things as kids do) For fun, I tell them to list EVERYTHING they would ever want even if they know I won't buy it and I often don't.....Her list included Bailey Button Ugg boots, an Ipod dock for the locker room, a new cell phone.... ANYWAY, I looked last night and saw she had now quietly revised this list. The big ticket items were crossed out and replaced with Nail art Pens and Colored Duct Tape. I am human and I actually shed a tear over this gesture (in private). She felt SO BAD about the Ipod. Not only was she upset that her prized possession was now broken, she was upset that she had disappointed ME.... It took me awhile to soak this in. Also, it's very easy in life to imagine what the right thing would be to do in terms of parenting and teaching and learning etc. but when it comes down to your own kid, it sure isn't easy sometimes. Not only do I want to replace the Ipod TODAY, I want to buy her the stupid dock to go with it even BEFORE Christmas.....This isn't a motherhood blog. I'm not sure where this holy ramble came from-ha!

*I am SO behind on Christmas. I'm usually at least halfway done mentally shopping and I even have my tree up by now. Now, my idea of fall decorating means putting a pumpkin on my front steps, so I generally put a little more effort into Christmas. We almost always have a holiday party here. I'm thinking a party elsewhere sounds wonderful this year.....

*Joe came home on Friday night. SO great to have him home. I don't believe he will travel again except for one week for the rest of the winter. Unfortunately our weekend reunion was cut short as he is traveling again today for an all day hockey coaching clinic.


About 70 miles

Monday- 5 lunch TM, 7.75 easy outside after work

Tuesday- 9 miles-6X1K @ goal 10K with about 2:30 AR. (4:17, 4:07, 4:11, 4:09, 4:13, 4:03) It was wet and snowy but not cold or windy. Hard to find pace and had trouble actually seeing my Garmin (dark) so a bit scattered but felt great after I finished. Really liked running a little faster and felt like I had a little more purpose to a run which I've been missing somewhat.

Wednesday- 5 lunch TM easy, 6 outside in the evening-brought final 3 to MP. My legs felt REALLY good the whole second run and I almost wish I would have just gone with them. I held back a little at first as I was initially planning to run a tempo on Thursday.

Thursday- 9 easy

Friday- 11.2 tempo attempt of sorts. (8:41, 8:21, 8:18, 7:24, 7:17, 7:02, 7:12, 6:48, 8:47, 6:44, 8:28, .2-1:41) I felt VERY rough during mile 7. I had slept about 2 hours the night before and this run felt WAY harder than I wanted it to. WAY harder. Was not planning to take a cutback mile at 9 but mentally, perhaps physically I had to.


Sunday-13 this morning (1:42:41), Will run about 4 easy this afternoon.

I'm running easy tomorrow and then I will rest Tuesday before I run a HM TT on Wednesday. Not sure what I'm expecting out of this since I'm not trained for a HM but I'm trying to view it as a simulated race opportunity. Pretty hard to simulate a race without water stops and other runners etc. at least for me. Even so, I think I can run well. I have a generous speedy friend pacing me and she has a history of bringing out good things in me:) Thank you friend!

Anyone interested in a Christmas Bloggy gift exchange head over to Run with Jill to sign up!!! I did this last year! It was fun:)

Best of luck to a special friend currently at about mile 5 of a HM:) CHEERING for YOU!!!!!


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

You have GREAT kids.
Petru spent 3 days making his Christmas boo - basically copying all Thomas catalog items! He has no concept of money and basically wants everything. I am hoping this will change. Ah, Reese. I think with her you don't even need to say much bc she already feels bad, ha? SO thoughtful to change the list. And yes, much easy to think about how to react in a situation, but then when put in that situation, the stress of it all can get to you. I do think that to have a kid like Reese, so thoughtful, you had to do some great modeling and great parenting:)

Awesome running week for you, Jenn! Awesome tempo, awesome intervals, 3 quality days aside from the long run. And yes, it will be hard to simulate a race on Wednesday, which should only make you believe that in a race you'd be able to run much faster:)

Hopefully Joe will be back in time for morning coffee:)

Yes, our dear friend is done..wonder how she did:)

Caroline said...

70 miles! That impresses me and with 3 kids and no husband and work. I admire you a lot.

How can this blog not have motherhood sections...? you have 3 kids! I love reading about all the motherhood events of your life.

I would be just like you with the I touch...I would want to replace right away after seeing the revised list.
it is something to see when our kids "GET IT" and the realize on their own that they made a mistake.
To me this "incident" shows how good of a mom you are. You are raising good people. That is HUGE. Worth a lot more then the Itouch right?

I also let my kids put anything they want on their lists and I tell them that Santa will NOT bring everything and that he just picks something. They still believe so I need to be careful with that!!!

thank you for your very nice comment on my last post.

I am doing Jill's exchange also!

ajh said...

I LOVE Monday rambles a day early. I published my three things Thursday on Wed. last week!

What did we do before Post It notes? They have saved me many times!

I love what Reese did with the list. I would totally want to run out and buy the IPod now.

70 miles Yowzer! Good luck on the HM time trial.

Jenn said...

So, I did order an Ipod through Apple at a reduced replacement cost but I haven't gotten it yet nor will I give it to her immediately when I do. I tell you, it will BURN a hole in my pocket though......

Stephanie@Soggy Runner Girl said...

I think you are superwoman!! Seriously, I don't know how you do it. Do you sleep? Anyway I am so impressed by your dedication to all of the things in your life. You seem to have a good balance. You are going to rock Boston!

Amanda@runninghood said...

ha ha, no Stephanie, she doesn't sleep. :) I just got home but will be back for closer reading in a bit. Excited to sit down and read this with my feet up!

Raina said...

I go through these moments of motherhood where I realize what you did...usually it's at night when they are asleep and not fighting with each other or destroying something. I know you want the best for her- she does too. :) You are a GREAT mom, Jenn. A GREAT mom.

Would you come decorate for me?? While you are at it, could you dust too? I might get a tree the week before Christmas. Nathan is requesting "Thanksgiving lights" already. Maybe I should dig around in the garage. Feeling inspired now! :)

I am thankful for you to have Joe home for most of the winter. What a blessing!
We should go to a movie together, since we are similar in our viewing habits. Only thing is, I will have to choose. I would be freaked out by vampires and werewolves. We'll get a re-fillable popcorn :) and LOTS of napkins.

Sounds like you are doing some big tempos stuff! This is good! Nice 1ks!! Fantastic Mileage. Double mine this week :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

I'm back. Most of this I already talked to you about. So sweet about Reese...she has a good mom and dad that have raised her well. All your kids seem like such good kids! Love hearing about them.

Your fall decorating is the same as mine...pumpkin on the porch. But I'm always like that. Pathetic. Sometimes I do think it would be fun to have a holiday party or two. Or at least get invited to some. We are still in that stage of life where people stopped inviting us since we said no so many times...popping out babies and having young kids doesn't get you a lot of holiday party invites. Or maybe it is just us.

Thanks for chatting about running with me tonight. I love having you to process with!

TX Runner Mom said...

Yay, you saw Breaking Dawn. I went with my running BFFs on Sat. Sounds like you have awesome kids and OMG look at your mileage. I am doing good to get in 30 miles in one week!

Jill said...

I lost my iPod at the gym...will you buy me one and a holder for it to go in, too! Maybe they have a discount for buying two? :)

You're such a great mom. I have a tremendous amount of guilt when it comes to my kids and wish I could buy them everything. You know, though, I really did indulge them way too much (I can't now cuz I don't have the resources to) and my daughter is so very careful with her money now that she's out on her own. I think they learn the lessons they need to...she didn't really learn by me I don't think - ha! She stops and thinks before she buys everything now whereas when it was my money, the thought never really occurred to her.

Great week of running, girlie!! You are doing fantastic (jealous!!). I know it's so hard to squish it all in being a single parents - I love your dedication and determination. So inspiring.

So, sounds like I need to go see Breaking Dawn if I want a good sleep, huh? I'm heading there now!!

Looks like your special friend did fantastic in their race - yay :).

Really tired so I apologize for the rambling comment....nothing new there, huh? ALways love reading your rambling posts. I think it's time for Jill to do one tonight!

lindsay said...

that is awesome what reese did. glad she 'learned her lesson' (not in the sense that she needed to, but that she did realize that she needs to be careful). i'm just glad you're not raising them to be entitled to everything like it seems all the other kids are... :)

how though, does your kid only own 1 winter coat in mn?!? i have like 5 and i am only in SC... haha.

Nicole Wagner said...

Oh...I am teary from the post about Reese:( I really want to know what you plan to do? you can email me in private if you like. I had all the same thoughts as you. She is SUCH a good girl and it WAS an accident and so I, like you, would want to go replace it right away. I struggle with this. I know kids need to learn that if they are not careful...things like this happen and they can't just get a new one yes, I see the dilemma...knowing me, i'd buckle and after a week, i'd buy her a new one...or maybe i'd wait til christmas..but who hard. she is such a good girl:(reminds me of my Meg.

oh..and the running stuff...all I have to say is: 70 miles. you are the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Catching up here....

Did you use zebra duct tape? Either way - I LOVE THEM!

I'm amazed at your dedication to run in that terrain. And the snow isn't even the worst of it. I couldn't imagine running on those open roads all year. Your dedication and love for the sport is so inspiring! Major kudos.

I was so touched by your story of Reece. I know this isn't a motherhood blog, but I so enjoy hearing stories of your family. You have fantastic children who are not perfect. Who is. Certainly not us. You handled it exactly as I probably would have. Loose my cool? Never. HA!

Glad your hubby is home for the duration of the winter. That's a big job over there.

Great job keeping up on the training ON TOP of everything else that was going on. Your kinda my running hero.