Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mess:)

So, it's Monday AGAIN. A new week and I've not yet cleaned up from the last one. 'Tis the busy winter and truthfully the only thing I want for Christmas is someone to come and clean my house.....Problem is, I would FIRST have to clean the house myself to save me the embarrassment of someone else coming to clean it.....It will just stay a mess..... Just someone please tell me, how is it that girls can live in FILTH? Boys perhaps, but girls??? Appalling to walk into my daughters' bathroom and see the disaster in there. My word, I have no idea how they even get ready there is so much hairspray and makeup and SH*T all over the mirror. OK-my kids already heard all of this this morning with a few adjectives added in there so I will stop my rant.

Moving on.

Busy weekend again! Lots of hockey. My husband has been working in Minneapolis all last week and also this week so it was nice to see him over the weekend.
The only minute these two boys settled down for the ENTIRE game was for this picture.

Ryan started early morning hockey practice this morning. This puts a bit of a crimp in my style as I have to drive her there at 5:30 am but also pick her up when she's done, bring her home, and then drive the kids back to school before work which makes it difficult for me to run some mornings. Very thankful for my work option on those days.

Speaking of running, I'm jealous of people and their trails and their reservoirs and their maple leaves and their fall colors......

True northern Minnesota Beauty and what I run DAILY:)
I tell you it is really a relief to have all these trees to block the wind around here....

I run in this weather wearing this. This is usually the heaviest jacket I wear even below zero. I LOVE this jacket even though it now stands up by itself because I have worn it for EVERY winter run and EVERY race for 2 years. I do wash it regularly but it's just at that point where I should probably BURN it. Anyway, I have approximately 50 1/2 zip pullovers I could replace this with but I only like running in this one so it's hanging around a bit longer.

I am going absolutely nowhere with this post so I'll resort to a couple of training bullets and then sign off on my Monday mess!

Finished last week with 59 miles. Less than I planned for but fine at this point.

Ran a 5K on Saturday. Interesting morning as for about the 500th time I've realized that a GPS in your car is not always the answer and it's helpful to do some research, perhaps actually look at a real map at times..... EVENTUALLY made it to the race start which was OK in a sense as I had little time to stand there and get cold and panic-ha! This was a benchmark race for me after doing almost NO speedwork so I wasn't anticipating a PR and a PR I did NOT get:) I was happy with my run though! 3.16 miles/20:26. This was pretty much where I predicted I would run.

Ran 16 miles yesterday morning at easy pace. I had a partner for about 9 miles which was nice. Ran another 4 miles late last night very slow and I must say I think I will continue to do this.

I'm planning to run both an organized speed and tempo workout this week which I haven't done since....well, since forever:) Feeling good-Bring it!!


middleagedrunner said...

59 miles- AMAZING! you are a lean, mean fitness machine...
My house is a complete disaster too. I had my cousin to stay this weekend- his MOM is a newt FREAK so anticipating that she would come in to get him settled I had everything spit shined on Friday (well, the shit was thrown into the closet. good enough!) Needless to say, she did NOT come in Friday but did when she picked him up on Sunday night when there were dishes in the sink, dog hair everywhere, scum on the stove, half filled glasses all around.... UGH!!!

Allison said...

I feel so much better than your girls are pigs. My boys' bathroom is like a toxic waste area. DISGUSTING. Don't get me started on the condition of the toilet.

Oh girl, that snow stuff looks AWFUL. You are one tough mama to train through that! I guess your winters are like my summers. HELL!

Shawn said...

I remember living out in the prairies and driving on those roads during whiteouts...running them must be pain in the a$$...and no friggin relief from the wind....I'll take my trails instead of that anyday!!!

2 would not believe some of the gross stuff they do

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

You've got snow? Oh, man! I ran in shorts and sports bra @ 7 this morning (don't hate me!) Come run trails with me anytime:) That was a great 5K and it would have been a PR on a 3.1 course. That is OK, though, I know you saved the PR for later:) Max is SO CUTE! I can see his energy in that picture. And laughing at your girls. And laughing that you need to clean up before getting a maid...yup, same here. 59 miles with 20 on Saturday, and a 5K. Nice, Jenn! Super excited for Wednesday next week!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Wow, how scenic your runs are! :) Sorry. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...ha! Crazy crazy crazy with this driving kids around thing. I really don't know how you do it all...I know i say this a lot but I truly wouldn't be able to do the schedule you do...I don't think. But I guess we do what we have to do to fit it all in and I'd probably adapt.

Jenn, if you're running this type of 5k off of very little speed or training, watch out world here comes Jenn! You've got more fast twitch mojo than you lead me to believe...I am excited to see what this special run with Heidi will bring!

Bring it! I like hearing this! So glad you are feeling good Jenn! Wish I could come visit you...or nevermind, screw the snow and wind...wish you could come visit ME! Darn distance and hectic schedules!

I'll save the rest for an e-mail. xo

Amanda@runninghood said...

oh, and my house is so trashed and disgusting right now. Makes me sad. and kind of mad. But I"m on it...right now.

Happy Runner Girl said...

Great 5k and weekly mileage! Glad the doubles are going well. Maybe the winter will go by fast since you are so busy!

Caroline said...

I want the same thing for Christmas but I am to ashamed to actually ask for it because then someone would actually know how much I suck at cleaning my house.
this week I kind of have to clean since I will have a guest staying over on Friday...good motivation to clean a little...

I am now in the best time of year for running weather..sadly it is very short. The heat always come back way too soon

that is a fast 5k!

Julie D. said...

add me to the trashed house list. it's really quite disgusting. 59 miles? and driving kids to practice at 5:30 in the morning? You have confirmed the fact, you are truly hardcore. love it. Congrats on a stellar 5K!! Awesome, way to get after it.

Raina said...

That race is something else. I noticed the long course on your daily mile yesterday :) Just imagine with a few weeks of specific speed work and a low mileage week...HA! Oh yeah, I forgot that's not Jenn. I am not sure you'll ever have a low mileage week ;)

Your schedule would kill me. But if I wasn't home, maybe I could keep my house clean...maybe not :)
Hm...I used to do housecleaning to make extra money, but no way I would let anyone in my own home with a white glove!

Is that jacket water repellant? Maybe you don't need that??

Yes. I think you need to take a vacation to Oregon and train here for the winter. :) BRING IT. :))

Jill said...

Oh goody, more scenic pictures of rural Northern Minnisota, I am not sure why everyone doesn't flock to your neck of the woods. :)

The last time I ran a 20:26 5K Oh wait, that's not true...I ran a couple sub 20's when I was your age. Just wait is all I can say. Hahah. JK, you will still do awesome when you're older than dirt, like me...and I'll still be envious!

My soon-to-be 21 year old (Wed!) is a complete slob! I don't get it. She moved out in Sept and she still have crap all over her floor here and I beg and plead for her to come clean it up so I can move the treadmill out of the basement to her bedroom ;) but whenever she comes home, she doesn't even touch it. But heaven forbid if I touch anything myself! I never understood why anyway liked having to tiptoe over things and not know what you're stepping on. I guess it's a good way to get in some lunges so as not to step on anything on the floor. I just wonder if her apartment looks the same (I've only been inside twice right when she moved in...I just go pick her up now and don't park b/c parking is atrocious where she lives). Anyway, I can so relate...and don't think it's going to get better as they age! Unfortunately!

Max is precious beyond belief!!

I feel for you and those early morning COLD drives back and forth. What we do for our kiddos, huh? Just remind them of that when you're in a nursing home and they don't want to spoon feed you your oatmeal!

Happy Week, Jenn! :)

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Jen @ Run for Anna said...

How in the world do you manage to fit in 59 miles with your schedule? Maybe if I were fast like you, I could work that in.
And, even in northern MN, I think it's a bit too early for that kind of picture.

lindsay said...

here's an idea: buy a few more pullovers like that one? :) i'm the same - i only have 1 that i really wear in the winter. but then again, south carolina's winter is probably a heat wave to you!

i'm not a clean-living girl... but that's mostly because i'm too lazy to dust / properly wipe down things. i have said for a year "i should really clean the baseboards"... josh is on board for hiring a maid service, but i don't trust them!

TX Runner Mom said...

Wow, I don't know how you run in that snow. We're still sweating our arses off here in TX. As for the clean house, we used to have a lady that came every other week and I hated doing the "pre-cleaning" before she came...I miss her and hope to bring her back after the holidays!

Nicole Wagner said...

Uuuhhhh 20:26 girl? U ate going to bring me to shame. I am hoping and predicting a 20:40-20:50 for my 5k next week. You ate awesome. And I am glad it is just not my girls. They ate seriously disgusting! Their bathroom is always filthy, as is there room. Monday night was a 30 min rant from me going on and on about how I am tired of picking up after them and how they should know better!!! I keep saying "am I failing as a mother? Bc these kids don't pick up anything!!!" lol. Sigh. Anyway. Great mileage. You are gonna Rock Boston Chica!!!

Nicole Wagner said...

Okay stupid auto correct. All those "ate" should say "are"!!!

Britt said...

wow, that's some great scenery that you have there...i think i'm jealous. so many vivid colors and so much to look at!

mighty nice 5k split! i have one coming up on dec 3rd...feeling kinda iffy about it at this point. hope the speed work fairs you well this week!

Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I have a full-time job, 2 children, a pilot husband, and I'm starting a new training schedule....CRAZY but so worth it for my mental health! Thank you for helping me to keep it real regarding my kids' rooms! Why do I want a pristine home?? I imagine that everyone else has a home right out of a Pottery Barn Christmas catalog at this time of year, but the reality is that our homes probably look like a Christmas bomb exploded (boxes and mismatched decorations). Thanks for the inspiration-that mileage is something else!!