Monday, November 7, 2011

4 minute Monday morning ramble

Well, I must say it felt GLORIOUS to wake up at 5 am this morning and know I could just roll over and lay in bed sipping coffee for another hour and a half. I completed my 4 week program at the gym on Friday and although I could keep up with my early morning routine here to prep for upcoming more serious training, I opted to give myself this morning off. Dang, this could become a habit. As far as what I've accomplished in my early morning sweat sessions, I really feel a strong groundwork has been set for me. I dropped pounds, I dropped inches, I gained strength and I know what to do continuing on here. I'm hoping this equates to a reduced injury risk and seconds off of my marathon!

Quick random

Hockey and travel is in full swing. Busy Busy. Constantly sharpening skates, and washing equipment and packing bags and food and water bottles, and hauling kids to and fro and my FAVORITE, fundraising. Anyone want to buy some chocolate covered almonds or mints? It is not fun staring at 150 boxes of these on my table and trying not to eat them-ha! How about a raffle ticket or some pizzas? I'm sure I will have jewelry and candles soon if anyone's interested...Kidding obviously but I hate asking people for money which is why I of course, chose to put myself currently in a job in which I deal with collection accounts.

Parent teacher conferences are tomorrow. I always look forward to these. Once again all the teachers will think I'm a single mother as Joe can't be there yet again. Reese and Max have such great teachers this year. SO thankful for that. Both of them really like school. Ryan and I talk VERY little about academics. I'm honestly not even sure what classes she's taking (I sound like a great mom here). She's always been on top of this, has more of a connection with Joe here, and if my involvement is not needed, I'm quite happy to erase that from my to do list.

There is snow on the ground. Just a taste of what's to come!! I really do love snow. Snow on the ground, 30 degrees, sunshine, no wind. Truly my winter fantasy.....Alas, this never happens in Minnesota.

Quick Training

I ran 64 total miles this week-2 doubles. Almost ALL easy except for a few 400's at a little under 5K and a 10 mile run with a pick me up in the middle. I ran 18 miles yesterday at a more comfortable non-pushing pace. I feel GOOD! I'm running both a 5K race and a HM time trial with a speedy friend this month! Really excited about both!

Minnesota runners: Anyone run the Securian Frozen 1/2 in January, Lace up 1/2 in Rochester in February, or Get Lucky 21 K in March?

So YES, I know I've been completely out of Blogworld as I try to get organized here! So many people to catch up with! Congrats to the NYC runners yesterday!


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Just a quickie here before I get on a work call...

So hot coffee in bed is better than working out? Hm, I would think so!

Your pre training is going amazing and you put yourself in a sweet spot with the strength training! SO EXCITED for you and SO want you to kick Boston's a$$ with a HUGE PR, which you will. I can't wait to celebrate with you and see a HUGE smile on your face.

Ryan sounds like me as a student. Wish my little guy was like that...except he is not!

64 miles, an 18 miler comfortable (and I know your pace and it is kick us for this early before Boston). You are on a roll. Must be all that coffee....

Amanda@runninghood said...

Good Morning Sunshine!! So great to have coffee with a Jenn Ramble this morning. Snow already?! Sheesh...well, it is November so what am I talking about? I remember in Colorado we'd have total blizzards in October.

You sound really happy and in control here Jenn. Strong is the vibe I get from you....despite all the stuff you have going on. This makes me happy. Great week. How are those showers at work going? I'm assuming one of your doubles involved a work shower. :) And I bet you look GREAT!

Hope your conferences go well. I'm sure they would be nothing less than awesome considering the Jenn and Joe offspring.

xoHappy Monday!

Happy Runner Girl said...

Great week on miles!Love the new picture on your main blog page too!!

Runnin' Momma said...

Snow, poor you! I am not ready for snow! I am thankful that it has been nice in SE MN so far and there has not been any snow! I have done the LUABC 1/2 in Rochester and I have liked it. It is quite small, but well organized! I did not do it last year out of fear that I might injure myself before Boston, but probably will do it in 2012.


Julie Arts said...

Love the new header!!! So FUN!
Stay sane, girl...and don't forget to boogie, Hot Stuff.

XLMIC said...

I also love the new header! Sounds like you are doing really well :) I'll bet it feels good to have completed those 4 wks!

Britt said...

you really must love's winter here on your blog! 64 miles in your off season AND waking up at 5 am, wowzers you are my idol. i barely made 30 last week, and those 30 were awfully tricky.

Raina said...

Fantastic header!! lol Mine would be in MUD and leaves, done that way!

More in a few. I smell like menthol cigarettes. MUST SHOWER.

Raina said...

Ah....your days of sleeping in and drinking caribou are OVER. I knew it wouldn't last long :) Hope you enjoyed your day off!

Fundraising is no fun...but all those little things sound like great sellers. Good thing too for the crazy hockey expenses.

Looking forward to these races you are mentioning. When is the frozen tundra half marathon again? Maybe I should come visit. :) Can't wait for your 5k!!!

robinbb said...

Love that your easy, base week is a max, wow, I can't believe I made it that far week. Good luck with conferences. :)

ajh said...

I may have bought a couple more 1/4 zips in recent shopping adventures. I always think of you when I do this and know there is someone out there with more than me.

Caroline said...

I love that new picture for your header!

I have parents-teachers conference tomorrow and Wednesday and I also go alone.

I want some snow!!! at least I get cooler temps these days!

I am allergic to fundraising...I hate asking people to buy crap..I also dont want them to ask never ends...

Anonymous said...

You blog looks great. Makes me feel like snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and hot chocolate.

Base training is off to a great start!

GoBigGreen said...

I think last year for the winter carnival half it rained and the year prior it was -20. Pick ur poison:) flat course along Shepard road with a quick pitch back up to finish. I've never done it. The weather has been too unpredictable. Check Steve in a speedo's archives he usually races it!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

such a cute header pic! (not jealous about the snow)

i've really enjoyed the weights/cardio workouts. It does make me feel strong. I agree with Amanda - "the strong" is coming through....such a good thing.

woo hoo 5k racing...good luck!
I ran a PR this past Sat @ a 10k (need to blog) and I hope to race a 5k before my Dec. marathon destroys me for a bit.

lindsay said...

i'll buy if you come knock on my door and give me the sales pitch ;)

Jill said...

Awk, I missed this post!! :( I hang my head in shame!!

If you dropped pounds and inches, you must be all skin and bones, good lordy girl! I think I've lost about 2 lbs in this marathon!! I really need to start focusing but really lack the desire. Maybe you can give me some tips...or a kick in the butt! :) A year hiatus from running did nothing but up the weight and marathon training's doing nothing to get it off. WTheck!?!?

Hope the teachers conferences went well, though I am sure they did. You have such good kiddos, I know you're super proud of them.

Nice mileage! You are just a freaking rock star. One day, I swear, I am going to grow up and be as awesome as you!!

Ok, sorry I missed this post...I must have been day dreaming about my skinny, fast running days, and clueless what was happening around me. That sounds about right.