Sunday, October 30, 2011

Runningsane not Ramblingsane or Ramblingrunningsane.....

Had a really wonderful weekend. Maybe even better than I had hoped for....A reminder of how fortunate I am to “Like” my husband. I love him, of course, but I really do “Like” him. We are complete opposites in some respects but this weekend was a great reminder of how I married my perfect match. Our marriage isn’t perfect (no one’s is), but I do believe we match up well and to risk sounding sappy and smitten, I feel really lucky. What does it mean to marry your perfect match???…..It means I can be on a weekend getaway, have an amazing time together but yet spend over 6 hours of it APART with NO hard feelings!!! It also means I get to run this:)

This is my longest run since the marathon. Started as a 6 mile loop which turned into 8 because 8 is better than 6 and then 10 because 10 is double digits and then 13.1 because why not make it a training HM and then 15 because 15 is more like a real long run and then 16 because 16 rounds up to 20:) I loved this run, every minute of this run (lying but I like the way this sounds…...) I could feel my loss of running fitness and frankly miles 13-15 sucked ass were less than enjoyable but at the same time I felt motivated and READY and EXCITED and well, the rest of my day was a freakin’ PARTAY!! (My party’s include 2 hour naps and 2 hours of HBO while lying under a down comforter and drinking classy wine with a screw off lid out of the mini bar).

So, finally a bit of a running post . A LONG LONG random bullet running post because well, because I’m riding in the car for 6 hours and why not....

Quick background:

*I’ve run 4 marathons. Averaged in the 45-55mile (peak) for the 1st, 55-70 for the 2nd, 60-80 for the 3rd and then this last one was pretty much a mess although I did have 7 quality weeks…. 3:25, 3:18, 3:20, 3:31. (and if you're waiting for a race report for the 3:31, it's not coming:)

*I’ve had 3 somewhat significant injuries in 3 years. A torn hamstring stemming from running a HARD 26.2 in training 6 days after a lifetime long run of 13.1(my first HM) and then following it with a 20 miler 6 days after that(slightly overzealous???), a femoral neck stress fracture which I’m attributing to not properly recovering from Boston but in reality I’m not sure what caused it, and a gluteal strain that I think really wasn’t even a running injury. None of these scare me as far as my mileage is concerned as long as I keep my head on straight! I do realize that I’m 36 years old and I need to take care of my body here. I’m very aware of this. Today I can say I feel 98% healthy!

Where I'm at Now:

I finished this week with 55 miles-my highest in a LONG time. More than I planned for but then again I’m not following a plan! I’m mostly running easy with some VERY unorganized “stop sign, light pole, mail box” fartleks. For now, I’m mainly just allowing my body to do what it feels comfortable doing-no agenda, usually no Garmin. Some days comfortable means VERY SLOW (like EVERY day last week:) Other days, my legs almost surprise me and I go with them a bit. I’ve completed 3 weeks of my little program at the gym and I’m starting to see and feel the benefits here. One more week and then I will change my focus a little bit, maintaining core workouts, but focusing more on running. This break of unstructured running has certainly left me hungry....EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

*As I often mention, (so I can gather your sympathy it may seem) I am embarking on my extensive weekend travel season with hockey. I’m also very busy with games and practice in the evenings during the week. I refuse to miss my kids games for a training run (the occasional race perhaps) but not a training run. I’m working more and I’m also hoping to dedicate more time than EVER before to my training. I'm presented with a personal challenge here. (Little disclaimer* I certainly know many people with MUCH MORE INVOLVED jobs and equally busy lives who make it work. My issue is time, not work stress) On the upside, although the travel is a bit consuming, I actually sleep very well in hotels without the constant temptation to do other things….. I am OK to miss a few late night parent social hours on a hockey weekend for a hotel treadmill run or an early morning outside run! I’ve been incessantly teased about my role as a “party pooper” on these trips but then it only takes ONE weekend to totally redeem yourself…..Yes, I will never live that one down...I believe my picture was actually imprinted on a T-shirt....I have mean friends...Maybe I will do a giveaway!!!

This is the place where I should insert another BOLD header with a list of related points below. Yeah...It is not, but I will put it in bold so this whole post is more aesthetically pleasing to my readers.

November 7th I will start somewhat of a “pre- plan” for about 8 weeks. It will be pretty flexible but a general WRITTEN guideline of what I want to do and a good “practice” for how I will be able to manage my time and workouts come January when I will start my actual Boston plan. I will be building my mileage back up in here and also reintroducing some speed and elevation. I have been somewhat injured since August and haven’t run a high mileage week OR an actual speed workout in quite some time. I did have a strong base for the months preceding and I’ve continued to run so I’m not starting at square one here. I’m kicking this off this 8 week “pre-plan” with a 5K race:) I will likely SUCK this up but right now I’m in the perfect place to handle that. I’m excited to race, I’m excited to start having something to work on, something to “beat”, something to fire me up!! I can confidently say a 5K PR is not even REMOTELY in my sights here (I'm quite realistic and I have run, let me see…ZERO miles at 5K pace:)

I have a really awesome opportunity with my work to fit in a few extra miles some days. Or maybe not even extra miles but just a means of getting what I need to, IN. I’ve done a test and can pull out over 45 minutes on my lunch break on the treadmill and still be back to work in 1 hour. Yes, I even shower:) You can imagine how HOT I look for work in the afternoon. I’m speaking literally ….. I’m not new to doubles. I ran TONS of them in recovering from my hip but I wasn’t in a training plan then and just running by feel. I often ran a slower morning run and then my harder run later in the day. I found my legs felt REALLY good most days I did this. I’ve not done many with only a 4-6 hour turnaround though so this lunch running double will be new! I obviously won’t do this every day but a couple of days a week if it works would surely help me with fitting in my miles.

I read an article in Running Times found HERE about incorporating a second run later in the day on LR days. A slow second run that should be run not for mileage but for time-ex:20-30 minutes very easy. This makes sense to me. I used to always take the day after long runs off and then realized that my legs would not cooperate as well as I would like on Tuesday (LR Sunday) when I attempted speedwork. I found that running easy the day after a LR did WONDERS for my legs and I have done that my last 2 training cycles. I’m really buying into the fact that a really easy run later the very SAME day, very slow may leave me in an even better place in terms of recovery. I also think this will be quite helpful as I will long run on Fridays and then travel often 5-7 hours for hockey in the car. A nice shakeout later in the day will maybe work it’s magic! If I find it doesn’t work, I won’t do it!

I’m not quite ready to shoot out mileage goals or training plan specifics YET although they are definitely in the works......I have MANY hopes and potential plans but these can be adjusted if I don’t feel that I’m ready for them. I do enjoy the structure of a plan. Something to put an X over at the end of the day but I also know how much I need to incorporate flexibility. I’ve never been one to follow my plan to a T. I will definitely have key workouts I want to hit but there will be some elbow room....

Super excited to have some really dear friends also training for Boston or another spring marathon! So fun to have that camaraderie and accountability and support and encouragement and well, you know who you are!!

So-kudos to all of you who made it to the bottom of this post! No mentions of deer, hotdish, or meatloaf and you're still here. I'm grateful...


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Love, love, love!

I think as long as you don't run 26.2 milers followed by 20 miler you are all set no matter how high you'll go up with your mileage (I anticipate V HIGH, knowing you).

I bet you still look cute with only 15 min of putting yourself together after the run. This is so awesome that you can run during lunch. And, as always, your priorities are RIGHT ON: family first!

Yes, you and Joe, perfect match. So happy you had a great time away and recharged your batteries. And Joe knows that a long run can only make his wife even happier.

So excited to train together! !!

Good luck with the 5K. You are very brave. I will not show up at Fresh Pond unless I get at least a couple of miles of decent speed. Me=chicken.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Oh, and those are really good splits Jenn, particularly since you did not run long or fast in a while now. Awesome!

Nicole Wagner Makeup said...

Great post! yes I read EVERY word:):)
great 16 miler! I love how it started as a 6 miler lol...that is totally somethign I would do! but my husband would pitch a fit if I ran on our weekend together, you ARE very lucky indeed!;)
I agree about the 20-30min easy run..I actually asked a few friends about that a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out how I could take my 50 mile week to 65...and 30min of easy running each night on the treadmill was my solution to fitting in the extra 15 miles.
I have no idea how higher mileage is gonna go for me..but I do worry about injuries again:( especially with this wonky right foot of mine! grrr.
can't wait to hear about your training plans more and good luck on the 5K. I am running one on thanksgiving and likewise, no 5K miles here, but whatev's! should be FUN!!
have a great car ride girly! xx

Nicole Wagner Makeup said...

p.s Boston is going to be so fun and YOU are going to do AMAZING!!!! can I tie a rope around your waist and just hold on?;)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Can't wait to get the kids to be so I can devour this hot reading material. I feel like I need a P.s comment since AM and nicole started it so let's make this one my P.S (pre-script) and my next comment will be the real meat. :)

Meg said...

Sweet Jenn,
Thanks for your encouraginig comments. You are such a dear, special lady and I was touched by your love.
Thank you so much.

Yes, you are SMITTEN. Embrace it.

Your paces are awesome, you're on your way!
What? Not sharing your 3:31 marathon experience? No wonder I couldn't find it in all of those old blog posts of yours that I've missed. I get it :) . Some things are just better left un- said.

By the way, I think you should write a book about your hockey days/nights! You really crack me up.
Big hugs!

Amanda@runninghood said...

So much to comment on! Man, this run is great! Is this your "base" pace that you will run most of your easier every day/non keyworkout runs? The pace you will shoot for at least? I know this was a non scheduled training run but just curious. Ha ha could write a running version of the famous book for kids called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. If you give Jenn a long leash with the runs, she might turn 6 miles into eight because it is longer and then make it 10 because it is double digits. And if she runs 10 then she might figure.... ha ha. My mom could illustrate it and we could make millions with the running community. ha!

So glad you had a great weekend with Joe and that you just GET each other and like each other....this is key. I feel this way with Waylon. He always knows that his chances of having a happy wife are way better if I run...happy wife, happy life.

Excited for your training Jenn! I know that our plans will be pretty different based on our differences as runners/running type but I'm excited to be virtual teammates.

Wow, rereading again how you injured yourself so many times...good grief. a 26.2 after not much training...ha sound like Waylon. No wonder he is hurt right now...his heel (maybe achilles). :(

Okay, so much more to say about you and your sweaty work self, two a days, etc. but I'll save it. You've inspired me to go out on a night run here. Kicking off a new week of running...I think I'll start my weeks on Sunday and do long run on Saturday. Bring it! Now I have to play is safe and slow so I don't burn out! But I'm so stinking excited...have not been this excited about training in a long time! Waylon is just now out there cleaning the garage and making our running/workout space. Then my part...Here come the vision collages and dream boards!! ha ha. :)

Caitlin said...

new reader here from Jen @ run for anna's blog and wanted to say how awesome it is to hear the positivity and excitement exude from this post!! i get a super endorphin rush after a long run too and know how great it feels to feel like, "finally, i'm getting back into it!" injuries and other life things that can hamper my running get me down, so i know the feeling of being stoked after a great run and being even more excited about the thoughts of what is to come!! best of luck and keep it up!

also, i kno when i get married u better bet my hubs will understand that i need time for my running! :)

Caroline said...

I am so happy you had a great weekend with your husband! we need one of is so hard with no family around to help with the kids!

so I dont train for marathons but I do subascribe to the running easy the day after the LR, if I dont I feel a lot worst on Tuesday, really heavy legs.

Julie Arts said...

Holy Moly that was long ;-)
You lost me pretty much at napping, down comforter, HBO and screw cap wine. You're living my dream, my dream!

...and whadaya mean my marriage isn't perfect?? :p

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

Love everything about this post. I was secretly hoping for a hot dish/meatloaf recipe or something, though. :)

Raina said...

No squirrel pie??

I know I owe you some sort of super long comment, so here goes: saksjdghaud ialsdhfg;a a;sdhif;a a;idhfa;iey a;oirtawouy ashdga;p ;aoiut9238hoe a087wiasu 80a7uwut a9s7uha a a8wuo;ea a;34[a'0 apdujfi a9eru q093jfs'
Put it into bablefish and it will make perfect sense!

Seriously- great 16 miler!!! You should have ran it HERE with me though!

I like your "flexible" outlook. And the base-building plan WILL pay off!! The best plan will be the one that works for YOU.

Glad you both had a great weekend :) I am in a candy coma and going to bed.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited a handful of you girls are all at the same stage of your Boston plans. Shakeout runs are key for me as well. I've never done one the day OF a long run, but I almost always do them the day after. It just seems to flush out the toxins or something.

I'm glad you had such a great weekend with your hubby. Your right - you fortunate to *like* him :)!

robinbb said...

I am so jealous of those splits. I was proud of myself when I managed 15 miles in 2:08 but that was with 8 miles at marathon pace, I would never normally run that fast. Oh to be as fast as you.

Boston, Boston, let the training begin!

Jill said...

I read this last night but am fighting with the lack of an operating keyboard on my laptop (minor detail) so couldn't comment. I have hijacked the keyboard off our desktop computer downstairs and plugged it into my laptop and lookie there, I can now communicate with the world. Glory be!

Man, Raina knows how to make the comments long....I should try that! :) I am always amazed when I come over to your blog and Amanda and Ana-Maria have left a novel and I feel so inadequate because I'm not a huge, long comments leaver. I just like to write from my heart (and I apparently don't have a big heart since I leave short comments - ha).

I can't wait to hear about your winter training...nothing beats ditch trail with 10' of snow on it...or the 20 miles on the treadmill where you have half your house camped out next to you. I sure am going to miss you at Boston next year :(. But very excited, and happy for you. I know it's going to be a great race for LOVE that course! Nothing will match the post-race birthday party with me but hopefully you'll still have fun...just will be about half as fun :).

Ok, this comment isn't making much sense but felt I had to write a lot as that appears to the the requirement over here. It's ok, I still love ya! :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Just back here rereading this. I definitely got more out of it the second time. :) So amazed by you! So driven and dedicated to the things you love.