Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little trip, little training:)

Finally back home! I always look forward to getting away and then can't wait to get home! I've decided to let my suitcases unpack themselves here and sit back for a few minutes.

I actually wrote a really good long deep blog post in my mind on my run this morning. Apparently, when I stop running, I lose all logical thought so it's tucked away until one day when perhaps I will do a "Run with Jenn while getting inside her mind" post-ha! Hmmm-may lose a few followers after that one but I'm OK with that as I noticed I've already lost a few lately...Not of great concern to me.

Random Trip Tidbits

*Had a really fantastic time with my own family and my sister and her family. Fishing, picnics, hiking, exploring, Frisbee, baseball, walks, sushi, wine, running, even waterslides....FYI-swimwear companies. There should be a tag on ALL swimwear stating *This item is appropriate for waterslides. It will NOT ride up or fall off!!

*Went to the movie Bridesmaids with my sister finally. Oh Wow, we were bellering SO loud in the theater. I'm laughing just thinking about it....

*Got to spend a ton of time with my adorable 2 and 1 year old niece and nephew which reinforced to me how thankful I am that I had no more children! Gosh-I forgot how much work little kids are!! We were having some trouble having a conversation so we set my niece Liza up with 17 pairs of underwear to keep her busy. It worked.

Random Training Tidbits

*Since my last post, I've managed to stick to my training plan pretty well. I run 6 days a week and although I rarely take a full rest day I usually give my legs a full day off anyway. Last Saturday was a scheduled day off but I ended up on an impromptu bike ride with a friend. What I thought was going to be a short joyride turned into a 32 mile ride at much harder effort than I was imagining. It's been over 8 weeks since I rode more than 20 miles. I really enjoyed this and since my scheduled long run was only 13 miles on Sunday it was OK.

*I ran early on Sunday morning before we left. I was WAY short on time as I didn't plan very well. Decided to ignore my planned workout and ended up pushing my pace for time. Felt rough for the first 5 but then able to bring my pace up and avg 7:36 for all 13.

*The last 4 days have been a lot of hills! Not long hills but short constant hills. Up down up down up down.

*Managed a speed workout on Tuesday. A little over 8 miles with 5X3 min@5K uphill. Well, the numbers on my Garmin were NOT agreeing with McMillan's. This run was SO tough for me. I felt like I was pushing HARD and man I felt rough!! My following easy run was indicative of my effort though because I was SLOW as molasses and tired on that run.

*I went to set up a RunningAhead account. I follow some people's training through this site and thought I would be interested in doing it. Upon trying to register my email, I was alerted that I already had an account. An account which I had logged like over 50 runs in 2008. Am I completely losing it!!! I have no memory of this!! I know it's me as 2 of my races are logged and the times are right!!

*Planned to run a track race tonight when we got home. I'm tired, my legs are tired, my butt and my hamstrings are tight. I was actually in running clothes in my car and decided at the last minute not to do it. I'm kinda pissed at myself right now since there is no track next week because of the fair.

*Got my new race shoes in the mail. I've never worn racing flats. I wear almost exclusively Brooks Launch these days just rotating pairs. I usually have about 4 pairs going at once. I ordered these for shorter distance and I'm considering giving them a whirl soon.

OK-off to organize and catch up with all of you after dark!! Peace out


Raina said...

I love that photo of Liza, Jenn! hah!! I have probably 20 pairs of underwear for Levi and he would put them on all at once if he could. And mine too! heh...gotta keep em busy :)

Glad you had a fantastic time with your sister :)

Sounds like a great ride! And ...look at your elevation profile - bet that was a FUN run for you.
I cracked up about the RA account. That is something I would do- but forget the password. :D

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great vacation! It sounds fantastic! I hear you about bathing suits. One of mine always falls on when I swim (both parts).
I don't really care about followers either, well I do care in some sense, but not enough to affect my writing. I'd love to read/listen to that post:)
Bridesmaids, yes, laughed so hard! Loved the main actress, loved her!

32 miles on the bike is not nothing. And running 13 at a great pace next day. You are on a roll.

The 3 min uphill were at 5K effort not pace (if we use the same plan). Huge difference. I suck at these intervals and yes, my butt screams for days after. Still Hudson thinks hills are "da bomb" so gotta listen.

I think the decision not to go to track is a good one. You want confidence boost performances over there, and running when you are exhausted won't give you that:)

Love those shoes and have heard great things about them. Enjoy!
P.S. Now when you email me I will actually be able to respond from my own account!

ajh said...

You have been doing some amazing workouts that you call nothing. Whew. You are hardcore lady!

XLMIC said...

Ha! Miss C is all over the layered look with underpants, too :P So cute! Sounds like a fab fam time … and some butt-kickin' training. Hills are rough stuff but so good. Followers, shmallowers…lose a few, gain a few… the ones who count are still here ;-)

And you've been tagged in a game over at my blog…I really hope you'll play :) heh heh (that's my slightly evil laugh)

Allison said...

We're going through an underwear layering phase here too. Lol!!!

Always amazed at your training and your speed. Amazed. You really are a gifted runner. Not that you don't work your ass off or anything... You know what I mean!

Lovin' the Brooks. Want to know more about the Launch and your new ones. I'm in Glycerins now. Love them too but trying to go more minimal...

Caroline said...

thank you for your comment today
makes a lot of sense to me...
the followers...Marjorie is right..I am more like you for is all if I lost you that would not be good though!!

Hills...I struggle with that in races. It breaks me. I try to do more in trainng these days only on the TM because well you know why you read my blog today...

I want to see Bridesmaid!!!! I need a babysitter!!!

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

Glad you had a great vacation! Always good to get away and always good to get back home. I'm leaving for a little getaway to your neck of the woods, actually, tomorrow! A music conference and visiting with my sister. Can't wait, but it looks like it will be HOT while I'm there.
I honestly can't believe people say things like "I only had 13 miles on my schedule". :)

Britt said...

I love those flats. I've been thinking about getting a pair myself lately as well.

So 32 miles on a bike??? Wow, I don't think I have ever biked that much in my entire life! Maybe I ride the bike wrong or I'm just weird, but long rides kill my gal parts. It ain't fun.

Amanda@runninghood said...

This shot of Liza is hilarious. So true that it is hard to have a conversation...I just have to hope for some kind of entertainment that will hold their attention long enough for me to talk. :)

I can't believe you didn't remember having this account!! so funny!!

Your trip to visit your sister makes me want to go visit my brother and his family.

WAter slides...yeah, no thanks. :) I'd lose my top or something and then get kicked out because it would be bad for business...if I lost my top. ha!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh and 7:36 pace for 13 miles! Impressed!

Johann said...

Sounds like training is going good. I thought you were doing nothing when I read the title. I have many deep blogs in my head and it seems that is where they stay...

Susan said...

That Liza picture cracks me up! And I'm glad I don't have babies in my near future!