Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, a long run, and a BIG fishy!!

So, the cheesecake is FINALLY gone.....I can now stop chiseling off the side of it every 15 minutes. I hate holidays, they totally put a kink in my routine and I turn into garbage disposal!! I'm going to cut myself a break because I just knocked out a HUGE training week for ME and I just really just need to replenish right?(with crap).....

We hosted Easter this year. I was about the LEAST prepared person in the world and thank God I have a 13 year old who likes to cook and made half the food while I was on my long run the day before! Everything went off without a hitch and we had an AWESOME family day!

Saturday night I found this little note up on the counter from Max!

I seriously welled up a bit. If you can't read it, it says "Dear Easter Bunny, please give this dime to someone that needs it." I had absolutely nothing to do with this. Sweet sweet boy and I absolutely ADORE him as any mother does I suppose.

I've decided to maybe include a little more about my training on this blog since that is pretty much the reason I started it. I'm somewhat apprehensive to do this at times, not exactly sure why. Anyway, I REALLY appreciate the feedback I've gotten when I do. SO much awesome advice, so much knowledge to be gained!

Long run this weekend 22.73 miles/3:04:31.
Forecast showed it would be windy windy and I knew I would be somewhat tired after a full week of running and the bike so I decided to run this with a friend. A friend that I am now going to consider a training partner! I bumped into this little treasure, Katie, a few weeks ago on a run (I knew her somewhat outside of running). She is my age, has run for years but has NEVER run a race, not even a local race! Doesn't train specifically, just runs A LOT!!!! What I love about this little situation is that she has NO agenda, just along for the ride. I feel a COMPLETE lack of stress knowing she will just run with me at my pace, if she's tired, she'll quit, no hard feelings, just a good situation!! Well, DAMN!!! She pulled 22 of the 22.73 miles with miles 19-21 at around 7:25!!!! She NEEDS to run a marathon-SERIOUSLY!!!! This run was AWESOME. It wasn't about pace but I felt SO strong near the end. A MUCH needed confidence booster.

Yesterday, I ran 10 recovery miles at nearly 9 minute pace. 4 outside with my dad in GALE FORCE winds once again. I hate wind. I would rather run up mountains than deal with wind. SO frustrating!!!! Anyway, we were planning for 10 but he ate too much (so he said) so we ran the 4 and I finished up the other 6 on the treadmill while watching my favorite show "Little House on the Prairie"-ha!! My legs felt surprisingly good. My lungs were a little sore. I don't know if it was from breathing and the wind on the long run but it hurt a little to breathe?? I always run easy the day after a long run. Finished the week with 74 miles.

My kids didn't have school today and Max and Joe were off fishing so a perfect opportunity for me to go out for a little run with Reese. I am doing my speed tomorrow and since my training plan has almost officially become the "Jenn" plan this fit in well! I was doing an 8 mile out and back (4 more later today) so she joined me for the first 2 and then ran 2 back by herself(4 miles for her) So, 2 miles together. I did the unthinkable and put a piece of tape over my Garmin!!!! It wasn't a key workout and I just wanted to run and see how it went. I'm seriously so addicted to my Garmin-I need help. Anyway, I felt pretty good and was running at a pretty comfortable pace. I consciously picked it up in the last mile. I could tell when I finished that I was faster than easy pace but not tempo effort. Here's the mystery data!! I actually loved running like this. I will definitely be doing it more often.

1 00:08:25 1.00 08:25
2 00:08:14 1.00 08:14
3 00:07:54 1.00 07:54
4 00:07:40 1.00 07:40
5 00:07:31 1.00 07:31
6 00:07:20 1.00 07:20
7 00:07:09 1.00 07:09
8 00:06:48 1.00 06:48
9 00:00:02 0.01 06:06
Summary 01:01:07 8.01 07:38

I am SO computer illiterate. I want to figure out how to just show the Garmin split page from Garminconnect on here without having to link to it (which I suppose I can do). I see this on so many blogs and it just saves that extra step. Can't figure it out. My hubby is going to have to help me when he gets home. I had to cut and paste.

Max got pretty lucky today!!!

SO, I won't make all my posts about all this running gibberish! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I've been pretty behind with my blog reading! I'm excited to sit down tonight after the kids are in bed and finally CATCH UP!!!!!


Bethany + Ryan said...

what a SWEET note!!!!!!!!!! Great job on your long run!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

That was a sweet long run. Most long runs top out at 20. Plus a 7:25 is impressive to me.

Sounds like you ran into an awesome training partner. Wonder why she's never raced before.

Julie said...

The Easter Bunny letter was in fact quite ADORABLE! I loved it!

XLMIC said...

Now THAT'S a WHOPPER!!! What a fish!

I was a major slacker as far as Easter went this year and a running slacker this weekend as well… but not a blogging slacker :P

WTG on that long run AND the big week…WOW! Really fantastic job :) How awesome to find a new, compatible running buddy, too!

That letter your son wrote is frame-worthy :)

ajh said...

What a sweet letter from your son!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great long run! I can't believe your friend isn't racing!!
The letter your son wrote is absolutely adorable!
:) said...

seriously? she's never done a marathon? i couldn't even imagine doing that kind of mileage without being on a training plan. you'll talk her into it, i'm sure!

Caroline said...

Sweet boy! I love it!
great long run! wow and that new need to get her to sign up for a marathon!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Jenn, you are so on with your training. These times today without your Garmin are awesome! Especially since you are coming off of a really hard week and no day off after that 22.74 mile run. I don't know how you do it. So, I'm thinking that Maybe I should try this slow 10 miles today and take tomorrow off instead. hmmmm. I don't know what is going on with me right now but just breaking 7 last week was hard for me and running my marathon pace was tough this sunday... maybe it was the hills but I run those hills every day so I would think that that shouldn't matter.

I think I'll try to not use a Garmin today. Wow, you pulled off a 7:25 pace that far into the run. Doesn't really surprise me with you though. You are on a track for a super marathon!

Way to Go Max! That fish is as big as you buddy! And Awesome to have daughters to help you cook!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

If I was super cute with great legs, I would say we were sisters - so many things in common - I hate the holidays too and do the EXACT same thing - garbage, garbage, garbage.

Max is so sweet!

Wow - sounds like you found an awesome running partner. YES, she needs to RACE. 74 miles - you rock girl! Little House - SWEET - love it! Great training week - don't worry about the garbage - you ran it off already.

Lisa {} said...

those moments of being proud of your kids for their kindness are the best part of being a parent!! bringing up kind kids is so important--yay for you!

i am, seriously, in awe of your training. i don't have think i'll ever take my running to that level, but i sure do love reading about it! incredible.

Small Town Runner said...

Boy...maybe i need to just put away my garmin now too! That's some good stuff, Jenn. You are really rocking the paces!

I am so so happy you have such a competent and reliable training partner. What a blessing! She must be a super athlete.

Max has a heart of gold...that's no coincidence, mom.

Have a great week, Jenn!

Kovas said...

How cool Katie doesn't care about racing but just runs for herself - I really respect that.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I LOVE more details about your are a huge inspiration to me. I hear you about holidays-my body goes into overdose and I can't stop. That is so fun that your kids help out with cooking. You rocked that long run and I can't wait to read all about your Marathon PR coming UP:) That letter is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Happy Runner Girl said...

Great week of running! I am also addicted to my Garmin...ugh. Love your blog!

Velma said...

the note is fantastic!!! Happy Easter. You need to have your friend run a race - at least one :)

Jill said...

You're so freaking fast, Jenn!!!! Woohoo!

That's your pep talk for the day, just that you're freaking awesome! You've even raised a wonderful young man to boot...amazing runner and excellent mom!! :)

(sorry, I'm at work and hard to write too much...but I thank you for your very lengthy message last week to me!!)
love ya!

Runnin' Momma said...

Love the note! Great long run! wish I could get more long runs, but right now it just does not work out too well with my schedule! You do a great job prioritizing your long runs! And, what a great running buddy to find! how awesome!


Julie D. said... much to comment on! First, the note to the easter bunny...the sweetest thing ever! You definitely should be a proud momma! What a great fish too!! your training is just plain rockstar. your new training partner sounds like she is GOLD!! She HAS to race.

lindsay said...

Umm. Don't make cheesecake if you can't control yourself from eating the whole thing? :) oh like I follow this rule. I bake a batch of cookies and then eat them all in one day. Don't feel bad.

Garmin... I know you can embed the info charts/graphs from if you use that version. Otherwise you can grab a screenshot (the ghetto version that I do).

Steel Springs said...

That's a great note from your son. Your long run with your new training buddy sounds wonderful. What a fish!