Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to the random..

Bit of a boring nothing post before the weekend!! I've been rambling about too much running crap when in all actuality my other life is SO much more exciting.....

*Actually got up to watch the Royal Wedding. I was 5 years old and even remember what I was wearing when Charles and Diana got married. My aunt had a VCR which was almost unheard of back then and she taped it and I watched it probably 100 times. I'm also Canadian and remember singing "God Save the Queen" every morning after "O Canada" in school. The music in the wedding-ahhhhh! GOOSEBUMPS!! I'm not one of those "National Enquirer" types who is even remotely interested in the lives of wealthy socialites but this is different!! I DO appreciate the beautiful tradition. Fun for my girls to see!

*Snow in the forecast for tomorrow.

*The wind ALWAYS blows from the NESW in Minnesota

*I am back at work and getting readjusted to my routine. Early morning running again. This will take some adjusting as although I get up early my motivation to run just isn't there. I can go to the gym, even bike, but running....I'm working on it.

*Leaving on a hockey trip this afternoon. My break from the travel went WAY too quickly! Now, to add to the hockey we have J.O. volleyball and baseball. Also trying to fit swimming lessons in here.

*My husband recently changed his work and is not traveling as much so this is a HUGE blessing.

*I lost my phone in the water on a 4 wheeling ride through the gravel pit. I am now painstakingly trying to get all my contacts back.

*Reese is running the mile for gym class today. I want to hide in the press booth above the track and watch just for fun. Still considering this....

*I am still undecided about racing a HM. This distance, which used to be my very favorite, seems very stressful for me right now. Every distance seems stressful. I'm leaning toward racing the 10K I'm running with my hubby the weekend after instead. If I can get my head in the right place, perhaps I will run both all out.

Today's workout.
Was planning to run long today before the weekend but arranged to run with Katie on Sunday afternoon instead. (To clarify from my past post, Katie has not run races due to social anxiety-hates crowds (she OK'ed me to say this) She was a high school track and cross country star.) ANYWAYS, this put me back on track for my threshold run (3 miles easy, 3X10 minutes at HM/10K pace w/4-min. active recovery, 3 miles easy). Off to run:)

Big shoutout to Julia at her birthday half!!! I always love to celebrate my birthday with the torture of a HM-ha!!! Caroline, Happy Runner, Ginny and the MANY others-Good LUCK!!!!


Running and living said...

Here is one thing we do not have in commong, I am not a wedding person. In fact, I threw away tradition at mine, design my own dress (gold, backless, long), wrote my own ceremony and vowes (with Chris), and had friends speak up and sing. My mom and MIL cooked, and a friend Djed:). I had a patient call and cancell a morning apt bc of the wedding, which I thought was v funny!

Race both the 10K and HM! Do it, you will PR in both.

Tell Katie that I predict her anxiety (is it social or agoraphobia?) will decrease and even go away if she makes herself do races. I had a water phobia which I self treated with exposure to the feared stimuli (and learning to swim):) Or maybe tell her you have a know it all blog friend, ha, ha!

I am sure you'll adjust to your new work schedule, no problem. Did I read on Amanda's blog that you are giving up sugar? Really? Why?
You might need that given your high mileage and upcoming races. Just saying!

Love that workout. It's a Hudson special, right?

Have a great weekend. Hopefully no snow. We have 73 degrees today and I am going to swim later. yes, great timing!

Running and living said...

OK, I won't even try to correct all the spelling errors in my message. blah!

Tricia said...

Same as above for me,not into the pomp of weddings :) I eloped, got married by the JP in Vegas, had random strangers I found in a pub stand as witnesses, and dont have a single picture of the whole event. :) but I have my hubs.

have a great weekend!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I have been following the royal hoopla and will definitely want to see a "replay" of it! Did it rain like they said it would?

You have a busy busy week/weekend! I am in awe of how you running mamas do it all!!

How funny if you hide to watch Reese's mile!!

Small Town Runner said...

I enjoy your nothing posts :) ! I am totally out of it. I used to teach social studies and now I don't even watch the news or read the paper. I thought the wedding was last week...?!

I would totally be hiding in the bleachers with a video camera!!!! Stalking..

Glad hubby is around more. Yay! I bet that is nice. I would need to adjust, though. :)

The workout sounds GREAT...I love that type of thing. I need to figure out how to do "workouts" on the G. Figured out the connect thing - and autolap =D. I am no techno-genius here. Have a great LR with K!

I know you're going to make a good decision with the races...=D

Amanda@runninghood said...

I'm not feeling too wordy but I did read every word. :) I am about to see if I can pull up coverage of the wedding now as I put my heel up and relax. I like the sound of this threshold workout. Sounds much more manageable than my 2 x 4 mile tempo run at half marathon pace that seems way too hard for a workout! Does this type of workout do the same thing?? It seems as if these tempo runs on Matt's plan get harder and harder and they seem more like an actual race than a workout. I mean 8 miles at half marathon pace with 2 miles warm up and cool down??? This seems too lofty for me.

I say go watch the mile race for sure!!! I get to watch my daughter do her jogathon next week and I'm even excited for that. ;) I even found myself coaching her on not taking off too fast but pacing herself. So funny. A kinder jogathon should be hilarious.

I said I wasn't too wordy today so really I should stop but now I'm on a roll. What time did you get up to watch the Royal WEdding??! ARe you dragging today?

I hope you race these upcoming races! I think you'll feel good about that decision. Or be like me and don't have a plan announced until the day of the race and then race it but go in with the pressure off like you're going to just use it for a workout and then you'll fly! :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

ha ha, so maybe I am feeling wordy today. I just needed a little warm up.

Julie D. said...

I got up too...but way earlier than you had to!! :) I thought it was so much fun! l'm a huge people watcher and I felt like I was sitting in a corner people watching in the Abbey! :) So glad your husband doesn't have to travel as much...that always takes the pressure off mom. What a pain about your phone...believe me, I know the feeling (x3) ;( I hope you went to watch your daughter!! I would totally do it!! Have a great weekend!

Jessie said...

Not that I have a whole lot of running experiance but my running coach says if its not a "goal" race and you have the bug to RACE go for a shorter distance. The recovery time is less. He says about a day for every mile if your putting your whole slef into it! So Id go for the 10k. Its such a great distance. Short enough to run fast but ling enough of the EFFECT, lol!

This week marks my first week of A.M. running and I tell you I am dragging but it hasnt been as bad as I thought it would be. Good luck!

Ummm.... YUCK for snow in your forecast, although here in MI we are pretty much flooded! ENOUGH of the percipitation already!

Caroline said...

you are so SWEET!!!! THANK YOU!
I also remember getting up for Diana's wedding I was 12. This time I did not get up but I will watch the news recap. I posted pics of the craziest hats on my blog today..some scary stuff!!!

I am sure Reese (did I ever tell you I love that name, I just think it is perfect not too girlie but feminine) did great for her mile!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Ok sis, rub it in about the temp. Seriously, no envy of the snow, but so jealous of the great running temps.

Yes, to one or both races. Maybe race one and use one as a tempo run, if you can go to a race and not RACE. I'm thinking that may be HARD for you???

Add me to the eloped list.
Yes, maybe racing will help Katie. She can pick smaller races and then can be social or not so social. She has such talent.

Thanks for sending good luck my way.
Have a great weekend.

ajh said...

Hope you do NOT get snow!

XLMIC said...

I so dearly love your randomness :)

Baby is screaming now so hopefully I can comment more later :P

Jill said...

Amanda's not feeling wordy? Is she running a fever and thinks that dissertation isn't lengthy? ;)

I'm being in total slug-mode and watching the royal wedding, despite looking at 3000 pictures today at work. What did you think of the dress?

Sorry you're back to work...I keep thinking I have 5 more weeks and then freedom!! I'm just wondering if I'll survive thsoe 5 weeks. Ha.

I totally understand about your race anxieties...once you do one though, it'll be better.

Have a great weekend, Chica!! Back to the life you love so well!! :)

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
You know how much I love your random!!! How have you been....I have missed reading your blog.

So seriously, what and the hell is up with this freaking crappy weather that we have been havng?! I am so over it....can we just have one nice 60 plus degree day? Is that too much to ask for? Keeping my fingers crossed for nicer weather. Take care and hugs!

Julie said...

You are so freaking funny! Of course there will be a race report:) Actually, life has been a little bumpy for me...thus, lack of running and blogging.

It is going to warm up....I can feel it:)

Irene said...

Snow? really? This is one weird

It sounds like you'll be fine with the 10k.

It's funny, but I've used 10ks for training, but have grown to really like that particular distance.

lindsay said...

ew snow? gross. high of 82 today... course that comes with some awesome suffocating humidity too...

does jo = jr olympic? that was the only thing i could think of. your kids are so athletic. hope reese's mile went well and that you went to spy on it ;)

hooray for hubs being home more!

kristen said...

I was so happy to see the wedding too. To see it come and go! So not into the hooplah.

That letter your son wrote - I welled up too. So sweet! Good job with that one mom!

Excited to see how Reece does. I'm sure she killed it. Like mother, like daughter.

Julie said...

I didn't watch this royal wedding, but I totally remember Charles and Diana. She was so beautiful and the whole thing amazed me back then. As a child, it was like a true fairy tale.

GoBigGreen said...

thanks:) It was misearble but not as miserable as the folks that ran sunday in 20 mph winds and sub freezing temps. I got wet but it was 50:)
Not where i want to be yet but considering i have been running around in a full length snowmobile suit i will take it.
Hope you have a good week!