Friday, March 11, 2011

Strictly Running...Kinda....

So-I've been out of commission here for a bit! Just working out hard, lovin' up on my kiddos, and enjoying a much anticipated date night with my hubby! Life is good and I have to remember to LIVE it sometimes!!

To the Workouts! I've had a great week thus far. I'm following a modified training plan but don't even try to make ANY sense of it until after next weekend. I have SO many adjustments I've had to make with travel and time constraints that it's a bit of a mess but I think I know what I'm doing:)

Monday: 10 miles easy outside (8:14), Skated a full hockey game against my daughter and I tell you this is WORK. A couple of mom's died out after the first period so I was CONSTANTLY on the ice. So fun and AWESOME forced exercise.

Tuesday: A.M- lower body strength and core at the gym. My legs and butt were still a bit tight from the Duluth Hills and I didn't overkill it. P.M.-17 mile fartlek with approximately 5 minute intervals at about HM pace thrown in (7:54 overall avg.) This was supposed to be 9 miles w/4X5 min@10K.....I was feeling GOOD and so I deviated from the plan. I need a little discipline here...On the otherhand I felt just awesome during and after this run and it was worth it at this point.

Wednesday:-8 miles and it SNOWED a lot. First 4 very SLOW and remaining 4 at moderate pace. I was totally trudging the first few miles. I'm SO sick of snow.....Upper body strength and core.

Thursday:9 miles: 2 mile warmup (5K-21:04-tried to crack 21 at about the 2.5 mile mark but no luck) 1 mile 8:57 and then 2@ 7:19, 7:22 and cooldown. Pretty tired. 20 minutes random pushups/abs and then out for a late dinner with my hubby in which I ate my calories back in artichoke dip and cabernet!!

Friday:-today. Going out for 18 miles with my sister. It has been over a year since we've run together. She is doing 15 and I am doing 18 to get my long run done since the weekend is busy. This will be a bit tough after yesterday. It is snowing but will be nice to have someone to visit with and pass the time. I'm not concerned about pace but we generally run pretty similar.

Saturday-recovery run-Should finish my week with 68 miles.

Other quick bullets:

My last workout day off was last Friday. I will have Sunday off this week so a longer week without a break. Next week I will also have Thursday off. Like I said, don't try to make sense of this but it's how I have to make it work.

I'm noticing the more I work my legs the better they seem to respond. I honestly think I have a rougher time after a rest day sometimes.

I like the feeling of tired legs. The tight feeling makes me feel like I'm working hard.

My son keeps climbing in my bed at night. He hasn't done this in 2 years. He rubs my arm and snuggles me which is the ONLY time he does that anymore and I refuse to kick him out.....

My husband is awesome! I am so lucky. He is so thoughtful and always "listens" to me. He was looking over my shoulder on the computer last week while I was Lululemon shopping (or browsing rather) and I mentioned something briefly about liking a pair of shorts. He brought me home not one but TWO pairs and a sportsbra! Yes, some women want diamonds and flowers, I want running clothes!! Lulu was not close to where he was working and he took the time to dig through my drawers to get the right size. (not so hard to figure that one out with the sportsbra-ha) Really, it's not about material things because we sometimes don't even exchange birthday gifts but he is just REALLY thoughtful and I REALLY appreciate him:)

My other sister gets to town this evening and a big baby shower and dedication! So excited to hang out with my sisters!!! Little Theo is such an adorable little man!

Sarah is an AWESOME photographer!

So-super good luck to all those racing this weekend!!! If you are waiting to hear from me, I promise, I haven't forgotten I'm just working on my balance here!!


Amanda@runninghood said...

So glad I checked in really quick to find your post. It has been nice to be off the blog world for most of the week but I do feel out of the loop with a few people! Luckily, you're not an every day poster so I didn't miss out. :) These pictures are precious. Thanks for sharing. Um, your husband is amazing. So sweet. I keep meaning to get down to Lululemon to get some shorts too but 1. it isn't short weather yet and my legs would scare everyone 2. I haven't had a moment without kids and refuse to take them to places where I want to slow down and son just doesn't let me relax. :)
You are so sweet to think of me and e-mail me this morning bout my 5k. I'd be happy with a 20something. But not happy about morning running and spring forward.
Your training sounds great! I don't think I've ever run over 65 miles a week. I'm sure Fitzgerald will have me doing int soon but who knows. Love that you just went with a 17 miler when it was supposed to be 9.
Aww, what you said about your son is so sweet and true. These times are precious...especially when they don't happen often. Thanks again for checking in on me. You've become a "real" friend Jenn!

Caroline said...

Oh those pictures made my day and it is just 8:18 am here!
what a talent this photographer has and this little guy is awesome!

that is serious training. I admire you to find not only the energy and drive but mostly the time! I still have one kid at home and I struggle with that. next year will be easier!
I am with you, I prefer running or sports clothes over any flowers or jewelry!!!!

Kovas said...

Busy busy and still time to get in 68 miles - nice job!

Julie said...

To Jenn's Husband: You are awesome!! REALLY!!

To Theo: You are too precious!!

To Jenn: Have an awesome weekend!!

Joanne said...

You put in some great miles this week. Good for you. Have a great long run.
Those photos are amazing.

trisha*n said...

You are rocking it out there even with a busy schedule! So awesome! And I think it's great you are spending some quality time with your family and not so much on the blog. That is what is important! But it is always great to hear from you :)

Rochelle said...

First off- just reading that exhausted me. I can't wait to have weeks like that!
Secondly - Theo is adorable!! Glad he is doing well!
And Thirdly - you freaking rock...I can't imagine getting on to do a 9 and almost doubling the mileage...haha - I went on for a 4.5 mile urn and did 7 and I thought I was crazy!

OH and side note - my three year old has been getting into our bed recently too. I half love it cause I work all the time - and half hate it cause he does the horizontal stretch during the night!

akjenniekt said...

those photos are great! he's an adorable little guy :)!

Jill said...

When you come out to Colorado, Jenn, we are hitting up Lululemon and Title Nine (next door to one another)...and Boulder Running Company and Runner's Roost - then we may have our fix, unless you want to go to PI up in Boulder :). Of course, I may not be running, but I'll still wear the attire!!

Nice job lady squeezing in all that running with your crazy busy life, but I know you can do it as it's just a matter of necessity!!

I remember the days when my daughter used to climb in my bed not long after the twins were born (jealous, I suspect) and I wouldn't trade those tiresome days for anything.

Happy weekend!! :)

Stephanie said...

i just got tearful after reading this post and i'm not even sure why! Maybe it's because I love reading about your snuggly boy because soon (very soon) mine will be getting too big to want to do that and yet I also miss those newborns days like baby Theo and so glad your family was blessed with Theo's health. :) Also because your hubby sounds like Ryan...his gifts are always THOUGHTFUL if not always timed according to the calendar date. It's not the's the work they went to to make us smile. :) have a great weekend Jenn!

ajh said...

A husband who surprises with you with Lulu - a keeper for sure. Have fun on that date night. And 68 miles sounds incredible!

Small Town Runner said...

Theo is adorable!!! He is really lucky to have such a wonderful auntie that she'll sacrifice a half marathon to sing for him.. :)

Nice score on the lulu shorts. Major Hubby points to be awarded...

Get those snuggles while you still can. =D

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

so awesome to fit in the high mileage with the crazy week. I sometimes think the busier I am, the easier the mileage becomes - weird!

super sweet of the hubby - I have a super sweet one too, but he would never even think to do that for me. he does clean house, often, so I'm a happy wife.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

AHHHH THEO IS SO CUTE!! I hear you...I would much rather have lulu clothes than silly diamonds. Girl, you are a machine! I want to see these shorts that you got!!!

XLMIC said...

Just adorable pictures! A.Door.A.Bell. I want another baby now! Darn you for posting those :P

You are a training machine and a mom extraordinaire! I am continually just blown away by how much you give to everything you do :) Awesome!

And you definitely have a keeper in that man of yours ;-)

Hope this weekend is fantastic!

Meg said...

Such a sweet husband!

Love the little baby pictures, you can see his personality already!

I LOVE tired legs. If I go to bed and my legs aren't tired, I think something's wrong! Going to be tonight with really tired ones, yes!!

Have an excellent weekend, show us your shorts! Mine are the gray ones with stripes on the top stretchy part. I love them!!!

middleagedrunner said...

Crazy mileage- you are a fricking machine! I'm always so impressed/scared by your workouts. MAN.... Way to go!
love your Hubs- what a terrific guy, I guess you'll keep him around for a while longer! :-)
love the baby pics too- so teensy!

Running and living said...

Awesome mileage! You rock! Love the motivation and determination bc I know it is not easy with everything going on in your life.

Joe = really sweet+ smart! My husband would never do that, mostly bc for sure he would pick something I do not like (I am picky like that, although I have to say it is pretty hard to mess up with Lulu).

Theo = adorable. Glad he is doing so well. You should link your sis's business - she might get some work through the site.

And yes, I want to know which shorts you got. I need to go to our Lulu store, on line they only have the big sizes!

lindsay said...

you're right - it's not that he bought you the stuff, but that he thought of it all by himself! and looked at your current clothes to figure out a size! so cute :)

baby teddy is cute. the last pic looks like a womb-shot or he was caught by a spider.

i hope your doms faded faster than mine. i mean, you're so much older and all ;)

lindsay said...

wait that didn't make sense. haha. anyway. yeah.

Velma said...

I love the pictures!!! I took a blog break - it helps sometimes.