Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bandwagoning......My ABC's

It's Official! I can scissorkick 4 feet off the ground from a still standing position. I have MANY MANY witnesses! Michael Jordan NEED be jealous of my vertical!! My daughter scored the gamewinning goal yesterday with 2 minutes left in overtime to put us in the championship game this morning! Winner goes to the state tournament in 2 weeks! We are beyond excited around here and I'm so proud of ALL of the girls on this team!! (*the scissorkick may have only been 18 inches but 4 feet is just SO much more respectable:)

In equally fantastic news, I took second in a limbo contest last night. Sadly, I was only drinking water and still entered this thing.....We'll just leave it at that:)

Now, because I'm entirely original, off to the ABC's of me:)

Age: 35
Bed size: King-still not big enough
Chores I dislike: cleaning bathrooms. I have a little boy.
Dogs: none. I can't even afford my kids:)
Essential start to your day: coffee coffee coffee
Favorite color: Black, Chocolate brown, charcoal gray....I'm daring like that.
Gold or silver: Gold. I'm actually considering pawning my wedding ring to pay for hockey travel.....
Height: 5'8.5''
Instruments you play: piano and trumpet well. I'm teaching myself guitar, not so well:)
Job title: Part time office manager/dental assistant. Full time chauffeur
Kids: 3 Ryan-almost 13, Reese-10, and Max-7.
Live: Minnesota
Mom's name: Deb
Nickname: Jenny from the block
Overnight hospital stay: 2 C-sections, gall bladder surgery
Pet peeves: dogs that chase me, people who criticize my parenting or take shots at my kids.
Quote from a movie: total blank
Righty or lefty: righty
Siblings: I'm the oldest of 6 girls!
Time you wake up: If I go to bed, 5:30ish.....
Underwear: Running never. Otherwise, usually:)
Vegetables you don't like: cooked carrots
What makes you run late: I HATE being late. Forgetting something at home....
Xrays you had: teeth, hip, lower back
Yummy food you make: see my food post:)
Zoo animal favorites:Peacocks

There you have it. Have a great Sunday!


Shawn said...

Good luck in that game today

Have 2 boys...twice the misses

You never said anything about running those Duluth hills???

Too busy scissor-kicking?

Julie said...

Hi Jenn,
I loved this! I hate cleaning bathrooms too....seriously, the worst chore in the house! I used to be 5'8, now I am lucky if I call myself 5'7.5:) You sound like a mamma bear too...I hate it when people put their digs in about my kids. It will go on until the kids stop playing sports.

I actually got my butt out and did a 6.5 miler yesterday and it went well. I thought that I would be in pain today but feel great:)

Take care Jenn! Hugs!

ajh said...

Hate cook carrots too. Love them raw. Congrats on the hockey game.

trisha*n said...

pretty sure I love gray and brown and black as well! they go with everything!

XLMIC said...

Love these! So fun to learn these things about you!

What makes running 'special'? ;-)

Jill said...

Wooot! Here's to the Cooked Carrots Hater Club!!

Congrats on the big win for your daughter and for the entire team! That is sooo cool, Jenn - I know you are one proud momma! And I'm one proud meeter of the momma :).

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Congrats to your daughter - SUUWEEET!

Congrats to the MOM too - limbo - wow, my back doesn't bend - I'm impressed!


Seems you need to contact LuLu for some commission. You've sold some shorts for them in blog land. I wore mine for the marathon this weekend and LOVED THEM! Thanks! What the Jenn recommendation for jeans? or maybe you can be my personal shopper? I hate to shop. Ha!

Running and living said...

Blogger just ate my comment, will try again:)

Congrats to Ryan! Awesome! Can only imagine the feeling of watching her score the winning point! Pride, through the roof!

Cooked carrots - yummy with olive oil and dill! In fact, I think fresh dill is a magic ingredient:)

How did the hilly runs go? I secretly hate hills (secretly bc in fact I tell myself "you love hills, you love hill"). Seriously, I always feel my butt is pulling me down the hill..hrrr!

Rest up Jenn and spend some special time with Joe:)

Nicole Wagner said...

A scissor kick is impressive! I am SO no flexible like that. I can't even touch my toes!
and I LOVE a clean house but like you, HATE cleaning the bathrooms! gross!!

Heather said...

WOO HOO! Congrats to your daughter, that must have been so exciting to see her score the gamewinning goal!!!

The oldest of 6 girls? Wow.

Ugh! I dread cleaning bathrooms, it's disgusting after 4 boys have been in there...

Stephanie said...

Wow---I thought 4 of us girls was a lot! FIVE sisters! Wowzers! I love reading these so thanks for playing along! (Don't pawn that ring...haha)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Cleaning bathrooms is the worst!!! I love wearing black....I do almost every day, I think I am goth. I am all about gold too. We are the same HEIGHT!!! We are meant to be best friends!

Small Town Runner said...

This is fun! YAY!!! I am so happy for the game win! How did the championship go? Or is that still coming?

OK...the abc's were fun! You and I are the SAME height. I bet we are the same weight too...or you are lighter without underwear on running. Hahaha.

So peacocks? really? very interesting......Is there something Freudian about that I might be missing?

I will clean your bathrooms if you put away my laundry!!!

lindsay said...

As usual I love the randomness. Limbo and scissor skills, you never cease to amaze me.

35. I thought you were older for some reason -- in a MATURITY thought now, don't go getting offended. You dont look old for sure! Although now that I think about it, you're not really that mature either ;) I guess I think people with kids = older. Again, don't be taking offense. You do only weigh 88 lbs remember!

Aron said...

yay so glad you did this post :) I love this ABC one going around!

wow SIX girls... can't imagine what that was like :)

I used to hate cooked carrots until recently, but they can't be too mushy!