Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend wrap and my HOTNESS at the gym!

So, first of all, THANKYOU for all the encouragement on my last post. I've "met" so many quality people through this blog who I really view as friends and truly appreciate you all!! I was in a bit of a funk for a bit there but I feel much better right now! A little warm weather, a little night out with my girlfriends, a little sleep and two girls playing in tournament championships does WONDERS. Oh yeah-throw in an 8 mile run with 6.4 at sub 7 which I've never done before today and I'm smiling!!!!

Reese's team (she's in the middle) won the Championship against a VERY tough team from the Twin Cities. She's back full force and played extensively in all 4 games this weekend! Amazing little kid hasn't lost a step with 5 goals!

Ryan's team lost a heartbreaker in a double overtime shootout to another awesome Twin Cities team. She's VERY competitive and this one's gonna burn for awhile. She played fantastic!

I haven't posted pics in awhile. I managed to make sure you all see how good I look on the treadmill (baaahhh) so now here's a sneak peak of me whooping it up at the gym. Very high quality cellphone pics here!

I know I'm flat chested, no need to point that out. Yes, I would get fake ones-that's another post. Those are 10 pound weights and I have superhuman strength..... See how my jaw is actually locked-SERIOUS effort people! I'm a fashion Icon with my cotton t-shirt (because I never sweat) and my unmatching charcoal and florescent yellow shorts! Don't want to give the gym boyfriend any ideas:)

I mean seriously...I need to photoshop some hooters on this one or something. Have I mentioned I'm also demon possessed with the red eyes....

So, if you haven't noticed I like to joke. I knock myself down in jest but I'm actually quite content with my appearance. I don't "need" artificial enhancements for reasons of self worth at this point in my life (I just want them-ha!) God gave me this palate to work with, I've worked hard to turn it into a pretty decent piece of art (there is just seriously no hope for the used and abused milk jugs) I feel I'm fairly confident and my husband could do much worse-ha! All this being said..... an eye tuck, a little lipo-a jump from an A to a full C perhaps wouldn't be all bad:)

Plastic surgery? If money was NO option. Yes, no, maybe?

Because I thoroughly plan these posts (hmmm)I'm just going to continue with the verbal diarrhea here.

Are you content with your appearance? Do you think others perceive you as attractive? What defines attractive in your book?

I am totally attracted to confidence. Not cockiness, but confidence in both men and women. In my opinion, confidence weighs heavily on even how physically attractive I find someone. If I shoot out a compliment ex. "You have great legs" and get a response "No I don't, I need to work on my quads, and eat a few less donuts, I think my tendency is to look for physical flaws." Accept the compliment and your hotness factor immediately increases in my mind! Draw attention to the negative and people will focus on that. Example, I am flat chested and have red eyes....Did you notice or did I make you look? OK-that one's obvious-you noticed-ha!! Anyway, everyone is given a something different to work with, but taking what you've been given, maximizing it, respecting it, and being proud of it can make ANYONE beautiful in the eyes of others. It's in the way you carry yourself. Truly, there are women I find INCREDIBLY attractive who may not fit the stereotypical supermodel stigma but because they are confident, strong, determined and value themselves enough to believe that, they become smokin' hot in my book!! If you want to BE hot, you have to believe you ARE hot!! (Disclaimer, I am human, I certainly have my struggles, and my confidence in ALL areas definitely waivers at times....)

How do you respond when you're given a compliment? I've not always been good at this but I'm working on it, and truthfully it does just wonders for your self-esteem to accept them!!!!!

A picture before my girls night out! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! You look fantastic even if you've cleared off an entire bowl of buffalo chicken dip and need to undo the button on your jeans:) Later!


the dawn said...

yay reese!!!! that's so exciting!

my entire body image changed after i started running. i started to see my body as a that can do amazing things! i stopped judging myself and feeling ashamed of how i looked because i was becoming so proud of what i could do. it's really reshaped how i see and treat myself.

i'm with you! i'm totally attracted to people based on their confidence and/or comfort level with themselves. i've noticed that i don't have a lot of patience for people who constantly need the reassurance of everyone to survive. my closest friends are people who know who they are and what they are bringing to the world. which frees me up to just appreciate them, rather than spending all kinds of time and energy trying to repair their self image.

ok, wow, didn't know i was going to get into all that....sorry for the long comment :)

Running and living said...

OK, first that run, AMAZING. I have high hopes for you @ your 10 miler, I predict 10 miles @ sub 7. Now don't disappoint (no pressure or anything).

About plastic surgery. I would probably never go for boobs (I actually like mine, or lack of), or lipo (I actually like my figure), but I would go for botox or laser or even a face lift (not now, but 10 years from now, if $$$ was not an issue, and if I would not be scared of something going wrong, sure).

About confidence, yes, I agree with you, though for me, the most attractive quality is a sense of humor. This is what I love most about my husband, we still laugh with tears, out of nothing.

I feel confident most of the time. I have always given a confident impression, but was certainly not confident in my 20s. I love my 30s, and how comfortable in my skin I have become:)

And you look smoking hot no matter how you dress:)

Caroline said...

compliments: I am the worst! I drive Bill my husband nuts. The only compliment I can accept with a shy thank you or smile is if someone says I am smart (I am a genius you know right?! just kidding) Am I ok with my looks. I did not used to be but now with 70 lbs gone I am. I also lost a few size cups...well ok I lot like from DD to B...and I could not be happier!!! Bill that is another story. Is that too much info? maybe...anyway I think you are Beautiful just the way you are dear!

ShutUpandRun said...

I'd like to think I'm pretty confident. I learned a long time ago that I would never be a head turner or drop dead gorgeous. So I set about making up for it in other ways. I'm flat chested too and my eyes are always bloodshot.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

6.4 @ sub wonder you feel better. freakin awesome! Endorphins=love.

I'm not a social butterfly AT ALL, so I really don't have a good sense of what others perceive of me. I try to be positive, and helpful. From time to time, I blog about my fluctuating weight because it makes me angry with myself. I can run 50-75 miles per wk., but I can't focus enough to "keep the weight" @ "race weight" which is where I would love for it to remain year around. Maybe that's totally unrealistic, but it makes me MAD.

If I had $$'s and guarantees of health, I would totally have some lipo on my hips, and it appears that soon, I would like to have some wrinkles on my face taken care of. With the lack of $$s and guarantees, I will learn to live with it, and age gracefully, I hope.

You are beautiful in every pic, and in my opinion large boobs make most woman look heavy. I would NEVER have anything increased in size!

XLMIC said...

Sounds like a fantastic run! And a great weekend overall.. that's a lot to feel good about :)

You look so cute and sporty at the gym! And gorgeous all dolled up for your GNO!

I've pretty much always wanted to get a new nose... ever since I found out that sort of thing was possible back in fifth grade or so. Really just not grooving on it... ever. As to other plastic surgery, I really just need a good rejuvenating skin cream for the time being :P The big girls are no longer as 'proud' as they once were, but that makes running a little easier now... though they still need 2 running bras to properly tether them into place. Chesty running is NOT something you want.

I definitely find people attractive for reasons other than 'perfect' looks. My husband is hotness personified to me... and he is balding AND has a hairy back. Yikes. Never thought I'd go for that ;-) But he oozes confidence and good humor. He is one of the most socially at-ease people I have ever met.

I've been working on the graceful acceptance of compliments, too. It's coming along.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh, I just love this post. You ask some great questions my lovely blog friend! First, congrats to Reese. Sorry Ryan. :( And You look smokin in your picture before girls night....your arms, your arms...oh, you make me want to start doing weights again. This JIllian Michaels stuff just isn't cutting it. :)

6.4 of your miles at sub 7??? Who are you? I'm so impressed. I don't know that I could do this...I'd like to try though. :) See, that's what you do to make me want to get out there and kick some Amanda ass and push myself to new levels! Thank you!

I beat you in the small boob department. Trust me...I pretty much beat everyone. I am a little self conscious about them sometimes and there have been times that I wear a padded strapless bra under my sports bras/tops..don't laugh...I actually hear they make padded bras like this for runners just like me. I really don't care that much but it does make me feel a little sexier with a little bit of boobs and when I feel sexy I think I run faster. :) Like in indoor track season in college, we ran in these speed suits and it was like running in my swim suit but I felt like a hot sexy bitch! ;) I think I looked it too back then.

Which brings me to do I think I'm attractive now? yes, I feel attractive and my husband tells me that I look attractive. I feel great about my body (even my small boobs really) and I feel good about how I eat and how I live my life. But I'm certainly not cocky and don't think I'm the hottest person around...I just feel beautiful in my own skin and I'm happy with what I've been given. Thankful for me.

My husband joke about the boob job. I'm sure he would love it but he loves them as they are too. I don't think I'd do it. I never liked the feeling of big boobs when I was prego and nursing but I guess that is different. If I did do a boob job, it would just be to return to my perfect B cup that I had before kids.

I think I find people to be most attractive when they are loving and kind to others and when they are happily using their gifts to make the world a better place. This usually goes hand in hand with confidence in many ways. I am also attracted to people that take care of themselves...physically, emotionally, mentally and with the food they eat.

Alright enough of my blog on your blog. You get such long comments because you always give the best comments. :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Okay, I'm just slightly embarrassed by my loooog comment. Im tempted to remove it but that wouldn't be very confident of me. ;)

Kiley said...

Awesome running! I'm always jealous/impressed with people who run that crazy fast!

I think ever since I got married I have a MUCH more confidence. Running def makes me love my body too.

AND no way to plastic surgery...unless it was to reduce!! My chest is opposite of most runners...and I wish I was smaller! If I could share I would :)(is that weird?!)

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

6.4 miles at a sub 7 pace... Awesome! I doubt I could do that, but I'm not too far off. However, I'm flat chested too, and don't even bother with a bra. lol

Honestly, my hair is thinning, and my nose is too big for my liking, but other than that, I'm happy with my appearance.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

CRAZY FAST RUN GIRL!! HOLY are AMAZING!! YAY FOR REESE!! That is so cool. LOVE the gym pics, girl you are so gorgeous! It is definitely been a learning process to accept compliments. I love what you said about the palate god gave you...I could not agree more!! I think big boobs would slow us down ha:) LOVED this post and how honest and open you are, you are my hero!

MuncherCruncher said...

You are absolutely beautiful! For reals! I loved this post. You always make me laugh.
I agree with you on the confidence being an attraction factor. It's amazing how up and down I think we all can feel with our self confidence, but I would definitely say that for whatever reason exercise gives me confidence. Maybe it's because I feel like I can accomplish something? Maybe it's because I think it makes me look better...which I do...Maybe it's because it's "my thing?" Not quite sure. Give Reese a big "good game" for me! ;) You're darling!! xoxoxo

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

I am so excited for your sub 7 min pace.... your milage has been so high and it is so great to see how much that handwork really does pay off.

Your girls and their hockey is awesome. I can't wait for my boys to be involved in travel sports. I loved my youth and the camaraderie and experiences of traveling with soccer. Many of my fondest memories are of the friends I made, the fun times with the families and how much I loved being involved in something that my whole family got to do together...

With regards to the boobs and plastic surgery...I am someone who LOVES having no chest. I can't imagine running with a huge rack on the front of me. I would though like to have my chest back where it belongs...after nursing 2 babies for a long time...they are definitely not where they ought to be....I just want the girls to go back to their "home."

I am very happy with my appearance...yes I would like more sleep so my eyes aren't puffy and all, but I think I view myself really well. I don' always take compliments well, but as the years have gone on and I have grown up I am working hard on listening to what others way and truly believing what they way.

OH and ought to be in Runners World...the mom who does it all, looks amazing and is seriously one of the best runners I have ever "known?"

Hope your week is less chaotic than last....any baby yet?

Small Town Runner said...

I have heard that red eyes and flat chests are the key componenets to a REALLY REALLY fast race.

Or, I think i heard that somewhere...=D
You are picking up some good speed!!

I really dig the photos of you at weight room. I like the shorts! I like that color of green/yellow.
What I like best is your EFFORT.

So---you ARE beautiful. =D

Now that I said that, I get uncomfortable at compliments that are not +earned+ and have trouble with that. That's what I calssify as flattery. If it's flattery - I have either the desire to dismiss it, or eat it up and blow upp my ego for no good reason.

Praise, on the other hand, is earned and I feel good about hearing it and also giving it out. It just seems more genuine.

Really, it's hard to take either in person, but I am working on it.

Small Town Runner said...

and I still can't type well early in the morning =D

Emily said...

6.4 at sub 7? holy fast and awesome.

I'm content with my appearance whenever I'm being healthy. I'm sure I don't actually gain weight or change looks at all when I stop working out and eat crap for days on end, but I feel like I do. The healthy lifestyle definitely gives me the confidence I need to be satisfied.

Jill said...

Congrats to your girls...even to Ryan who I'm certain put up a good fight. Hard as a parent to see your kiddos sad when they don't win but also good for them to learn early on that life isn't all about winning! :)

I think I need a stress fracture in my hip so I come back faster...cuz this post heel pain return to running has clearly painted a painful SLOW picture. I'm trying not to let it frustrate me, but it's very hard.

Larger boobs I will never want, my A's are prefect with me (easier to run :)) but having had twins, my stomach will NEVER go back to it's former unwrinkleness, especially when my weight is down (which it isn't right now) so I'd love to fix that. But I never will have the funds to do so. Right now, no, I don't like my body after not running strong for 11 months but it's not horrible and I'm pretty motivated to work on it again. Could we just switch bodies? :)

Small Town Runner said...
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wannaberunnergrl said...

WOW! 6.4 at sub 7! Amazing!! That should definately put a smile on your face and cheer you up!

Plastic surgery? No way. And it's not because I'm totaly content with myself but, going under the knife ... by choice ... NEVER!

Shawn said...

I think plastic surgery is over rated...I'll take natural over fake any day of the week because beauty comes from within. Now, with that being said, we are all atracted by looks first which does usually blend in with outgoingness (word?) and confidence. Most males are also impressed with beer swigging ability! run like something is chasing you...impressive

ajh said...

Funny - and interesting post.
I am trying to respond to compliments by saying thank you instead of disagreeing with the very nice person who said it. It's hard to do for sure though!
Am I content with my appearance? No! Could be worse but it could certainly be better. Do I obsess over it? No, overall I am pretty happy. I look a lot better now than I did 20 years ago! Being fit does a lot for my confidence.

lindsay said...

Lol at the gym attire. I don't match ever. Pretty sure even for work... I can appreciate the sarcastic humor. It's kind of annoying when people read so seriously all the time! I am bad at accepting compliments... Usually I just spit back a "whatever". You need to put a photo in that frame.