Friday, February 4, 2011

Pity Party Rant and Trying to Turn it Around!

Well, I've been out of commission here for a bit. Apparently, the Christmas gift I asked for of 4 extra hours in every day must be on backorder.....

So, this blog is a running blog obviously but also quite an outlet for me to vent pretty much everything that comes to mind. I'm a pretty happy, positive, go lucky personality on the outside but I'm definitely human and sometimes stress gets the better of me and I need to detox (lucky you if you're reading:)....As a general rule, I find it so draining to listen to people complain. I am so unattracted to chronic negative personalities. Because I am perfect and my life is a little bowl of cherries, I NEVER have anything to complain about and I just can't relate. Umm yeah-here's my dump for the week!

My Official Pity Party Rant

I've worked all week, leaving my house at 7:30 am and getting back in the door around 6:45pm . (I am the only person in the world who has to work and everyone else has it so much easier than me)

After work, I immediately start my part time job as a chauffeur for 3 kids, so they can hit a small black disc around with stick.....(I love this, you know it!)

I had to bake "release time" church treats for 50 kids on Wednesday (no other mom's have to do this....ummm-whatever)

My husband's coworker (6 kids) lost his house to a fire last Saturday night, so finally when I found time at midnight on Wednesday, I made his family supper for Thursday night that my husband could bring to work and they could just bake later...(My house did not burn down, I have food and clothing and my kids are safe....)

I've had 2 hockey tournament planning meetings in which we decorate crafty little pictures to hang on the wall of the rink. I am NOT crafty! I HATE paper and scissors and glue. (Reese was so excited about how the decorations looked)

I had to make 3 more pans of bars for the massive spaghetti feed our team is hosting on Saturday afternoon in between the 5 hockey games I have to attend (Again, no other moms had to do this, just me...kidding obviously).

I planned a run on Wednesday night with my hubby. We haven't run together since September and I was looking forward to it. It was SO D*MN WINDY and COLD that we couldn't even talk and I just felt angry and frustrated. (We got 10 miles in, my hip is not broken)

Those who followed me last year know by my middle of the night online shopping posts, that I have an insomnia problem. It has reared it's ugly head this week and I am absolutely exhausted. My new rule is not to go on the computer when I can't sleep. Therefore, I've discovered there are 6472 little 1 inch tile squares on the wall behind my dresser. I've counted and recounted......always 6472...(at least I have a bed)

I have had to minimize this post about 400 times since I'm supposed to be working and it's annoying me (I have a job and I have free dental)

Every now and again, it feels good to just get a little selfish, whine a bit and then actually look at how ridiculous I sound. Please refrain from commenting on this... Look at the glass half empty and it will definitely be half empty....

Now, for what keeps me getting up in the morning! The things that are going AWESOME in my life! The many things I am thankful for!!!!

Reese has been cleared to skate and she will dress and play limited shifts in her hockey tournament this weekend! She is SO excited.

I am going out with the girls tonight after the game! I'm thinking we will get all dolled up and hit some big club with loud music! Yeah-I'm old-not happening but we'll have fun playing bingo and drinking wine out of mini bottles with screw off lids (pathetic) just the same!

My hubby is taking me on an overnight out of town date next Friday for early Valentine's Day. This will give me something to look forward to for the next 8 days!

My sister's baby is due this week and I can't WAIT!!!!!

I found out my son is reading between a 3rd and 4th grade level and he's in first grade. I have spent very little time helping him which is a GREAT testament to our school system and fantastic teachers.

It is 31 degrees outside today!!!!!! I only work until 1pm today and I'm heading out for a long run before school's out! Woohoo!

Both of my girls got invites for the MN Elite hockey tournament down in the Twin Cities at the end of March. It is a select tournament of MN kids (17 on each team from the North/South/East/West). They will both play on the North team for their respective levels. I'm so proud of them.

I have a fantastic marriage, my husband is not a couch potato, and he has quite a nice butt to prove it!

I am healthy, I am strong, I am determined, I hit a few bumps in the road like everyone else, but I CAN run and I CAN make it work and I AM improving..I think!

Have a great weekend!


Small Town Runner said...

OK...everyone is entitled to a little rant every once-in-a-while. =D

Right now I must say that I am MOSTLY happy I don't have hockey to look forward to any time soon, unless our pool freezes over in single digits like it did last year.

And sorry. Your hubby can't possibly have the best butt. Mine does!!!!

Shawn said...

Jeez...why are you holdiing back so much? You really just have to learn to get all those frustrations out and get it over with! Just tell us how you really feel.

Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

I think someone needs a hug...or a little text message to the hubby ;).

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Reese can play again wahoo!!! You are going to have so much fun on your weekend getaway and girls night.....can I PRETTY PLEASE COME!! Good to know you are human and woman you do 549 times more things than me. I am a lazy bum compared to your amount of working hours PLUS being a MOM!!! I am in awe that you can do it everyday and you deserve to complain....goodness gracious. Here is a virtual hug for you and just want to say I think the WORLD of you and you are such an example to me!!! LOVE YA!

Suzy said...

Congrats to the girls!! I can only imagine how proud you are of them. BTW, I tagged you for an award on my blog.

Jessie said...

If Im going to read someones pity party yours was at least entertaining! I agree with @Small Town Runner, because MY hubby has by far the best butt around! lol Enjoy that long run and hopefully by the end of it most everything will be put into perspective. Im really sorry about the fire! Thats awful and I cant even imagine!

Shawn said...

That was a joke by the way...this time of the winter makes everybody nuts...blogs are overflowing with rants.

Hang in there

Caroline said...

Oh I like you a lot.
We could friends in real life like Janea would say!!!

So happy for Reese!

It is so normal to vent, come on now! Once you give birth you get special venting passes.didn't you know this?

About the reading: I get it! Will's tested the same as your son and he is also in the first grade. He is in a 1-2 combo, only 4 1st graders in the class and he scored second highest in the whole class for reading! that makes a mommy happy right?!

ok happy weekend to you..and oh the no sleeping thing..I got that also...when it gets bad I take something otherwise nobody would want to live with me..

XLMIC said...

I know exactly what you need to lift you up...


I am sure that my culinary artistry can figure out how to put those two faves together ;-) If I freeze it solid and then send it priority, it should be okay by the time it reaches you, right? Probably be thawed and ready to heat! lol

I like your rant... makes me feel like I am not alone ... even though being in a ranty place is not something I wish on anyone ;-)

How great for your girls!

Nice butts are always ... well... nice!

Girls' night out AND a Valentines overnight? No! You are the luckiest lady ever! here's a fun link about GNO... (warning: language... 4-letter words... but hysterical)

Small Town Runner said...

Just wanted to come back and say that you are just a FANTASTIC LADY, Jenn!! A genuine treasure :)

I have found your training advice and encouragement to be priceless and so glad that Reese is back on the ice.

I hope you have the BEST WEEKEND EVER. ( Kindof jealous about the girls thing. )

Running and living said...

Love the refraiming, nice work on that. I too dislike negativity, but even if you tried, you could not come close to that! Pity parties are good sometimes. I think you need sleep. May I suggest getting out of bed and doing something boring instead of sitting in bed? May I also suggest making a to do list the night before, a plan for how you will get things done, so that your brain wonțt have to ruminate on that all night long? OK, I will take my work hat off now....very jealous of your free dental insurance)

ajh said...

As a teacher thanks for appreciating the school and teachers but take some of the credit yourself. Do you read to him, show that you value reading, play games etc! What fun when a kid is reading well!

Bethany + Ryan said...

yowzers, you are a busy lady! What a great attitude you have and what great multitasking skills you have! glad to hear it was 31! that's nice! Hope you find some downtime next week!

Running and living said...

Jenn, I really am not that smart...for ex., I have no idea how that email from comment thing works. I am a clinical psychologist, do half research half clinical work, research in interventions for pain, clinical anything from adjustment to illness, pain, affective disorders...I try not to talk much about this on the blog, certainly don't want to be viewed as an expert, etc, bc I am not. I really am far from perfect, I do skip workouts, and am feeling particularly tired now, which means I might have pushed the envelop too far. I wish I could make my blog more real, but I worry a bit about privacy, etc, even though I don't use my last name. OK, gotta go for that run. Thanks for your sweet comments. I think you are one of the smartest, hottest and interesting blogger out there. Not to mention awesome fast runner:)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Way to show us all how to turn our thinking around to focus on the positives in life Jenn. Loved reading this post. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Ha! I would be grumpy on that run with my hubby too! Pissed at the wind, the cold, and the fact that I couldn't talk to my hubby on our only run together. grrrrr. So great that he runs though. I am thankful for my hubby being active and having a nice ass too. :) And your kids, they are amazing. Way to go to your little guy...that's impressive. All your kids must make you so proud. You're a rock star Jenn. Love reading about your inspire and motivate me in so many ways!

the dawn said...

you do more in a single day than most people do in an entire month. wow. the pity party, rant, whatever is 100% understandable. just remember to breathe.

so exciting that reese gets to get back on the ice where she loves to be!!!

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

I loved your post. Well let me refrain that I love how your post ended..that with all the crap-o-la that can get in the way you are still so up beat and positive. (even the venting was funny with your little comments!) I have to say..NOT that I am at all comparing myself to you, bur truth be told during my race last sunday I was looking at my watch very often to see where I was in the race at the 3:18 mark (that was your boston time right?) You are a SPEED DEMON! Someday I want to run a race with you...I hope I will be able to see you as a speck way in front of me...but at least a speck that I can keep my eye on. SO great about your girls and their hockey. You must be so proud! enjoy your date away with the hubs next weekend and the excitement of a baby arriving at any moment!

Meg said...

A baby on the way and a husband with a nice butt...girl, you've got it GOin' on!!! I really don't know how you do it without crying every're working, driving those kiddos all over AND traveling all weekend...oh, and training and hitting amazing paces all over the place. Grrrrr, I should be jealous but I'm not because you are also such a TOTALLY cool girl who is also helpful and inspirational. Thanks for saying the right things at the right time, you are AWESOME!!!

AnnaMac said...

Totally understand the need to rant -- we all need to vent. And what a great I'm-thankful-for list!