Monday, February 21, 2011

This random bulletpoint newsbrief is not even worthy of a title......

Good morning! President's Day which equals 2 hours of morning coffee time while reading blogs instead of working! Glorious! Even better that my kids are in school because they have Thursday and Friday off instead for Winter Break! Home alone, drinking coffee and reading blogs=the perfect Monday morning:)

I'm not even remotely organized with my thoughts here and this past week has been a whirlwind. As usual, I will just throw out what comes to mind so HEREYAGO!! (This is actually a word in Minnesota and I have myself saying it on video to prove it. The Minnesota, Canadian, Redneck combination accent is really quite becoming!! We talk funny and eat hotdish and meatloaf up here-HELP!)

Both of my girls are now in hockey playoffs. District tournaments were this weekend. BOTH of them won their tournaments. Ryan's team will have the #1 seed in the Regional tournament in 2 weeks.

I was traveling with Ryan this weekend and Joe was with Reese. Ryan finished her championship game and we hopped in the car and drove 90 mph for 2.5 hours and made it to the last ten minutes of Reese's championship game and then hopped in the car and made it to the 3rd period of Max's game. I bought a brand new vehicle less than 2 years ago. It has 131,000 miles on it.....

I haven't seen my husband or talked to him face to face for more than 2 minutes in FOREVER. He is working A LOT and his days off are spent traveling with whatever child I'm NOT traveling with....

Don't pay attention to my Daily Mile counter, I always forget to update it.

I ran 64 miles this week. I am happy about that. My speed workout went very very well. My tempo run was the longest I've attempted thus far. It didn't go quite as well and my confidence level from the beginning of the week faltered a bit. You win some you lose some-MOVE ON! Much easier said than done......

I need a maid.

I am getting a massage on Thursday which I received as part of a payment for playing piano at a wedding. Yes-it is like "Little House on the Prairie" up here and this is how we roll. A massage....NOT cash but better than chickens:) Anyway, I am looking forward to this. I used to have a bit of a phobia about being touched or something, so I would never get one. Well, when I finally went for it, they couldn't even get me OFF the table! Touch away!!!

Baby Theo was released from the hospital! He is doing AWESOME! Such a peanut!

Disregard my nasty hair!

We are all so happy to have him home! His baby shower will be March 12th and his baby dedication at church on March 13th when all my sisters can be home. Perhaps some of you know, I was supposed to run a 10 mile race 6 hours away on March 12th.......None of my family knew about this....they still don't know. I've finished processing this situation and I will spare you the emotional rollercoaster otherwise known as my feelings. Just a race right? I will replace it quickly with most likely a HM. It will be just an awesome weekend to have all my sisters together celebrating the life of an amazing little baby!

Speaking of HM's. Ana Maria pulled off a fantastic one this weekend! Check out her PR in crummy conditions on a course that seems AWFULLY long to me!! If I'm remembering right she's knocked off like 20 minutes on her half in the last 3 years. AMAZING! I'm pretty sure she just sits on her butt and eats potato chips:)

So, I will end this uninteresting post. I am working on a different, hopefully more interesting post that I will put out there soon! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend:)


Stephanie said...

I actually LOVE reading random updates. It feels like you get to really know a person that way. :)

So happy about Theo!
I'm from Iowa so I still get the Minnesota jokes. Ironically I have a massage voucher from a friend who gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I haven't used it because I still feel weirdish about people touching me. I should just suck it up, right? :)

I need a maid as well.

Carlee said...

Yay! So happy Theo is home and doing better. What a scary time that must have been.

Lisa {} said...

i'm just glad to know that i'm not the only one with "random brain"! i enjoyed your post!!

Running and living said...

So yes, you and I get speedy by sitting around and eating chips, since we are so atheletic - tell that to your FB friend, that's all it takes, really:)

Yes, some runs are good, and others suck, but I do think that those who suck do make you stronger bc you work the mind during them.

Yay for Theo! Love the pic of you with him!

I can't wait for your March race, and even more for your marathon. I think the HM might be my favorite race, just like the M is for you:)

LindseyAnn said...

I think I'd like a massage more than cash sometimes ;)
Yay for lil' Theo! And, I am proud of my odd mix of Midwestern accents! ;) I guess I say "about" funny... too many years in the UP I guess! Haha! I haven't picked up the "hotdish" thing, yet, but I know what it is!
Holy racing around, and congrats to the kids on the victories!

Small Town Runner said...

I never thoguht I'd like a massage either- but, boy oh boy....

Really really I am happy that Theo is doing so well. Why didn't he consult your race calendar, though!?!?! He picked a horrible day for a dedication.

I am a little glad that you will do a HM instead, since I am pretty sure that PR time is COMING DOWN!!=D There is only one 10 miler (a big one) about 3 hours away, but the timing is horrible for that one for me too.

I love how you talk!

Your rig has some SERIOUS miles!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Your kids are so blessed to have you and Joe as parents to support and do what it takes to help them be successful in their sport. Way to go mama!

i hope you and your hubby get some good face to face time soon. Must be so hard to have so much time apart. How do you do it all?! Seriously, how do you do it all without losing your head...being an awesome runner and fitting your training in with your kids' schedule AND work?

Theo is precious. So happy that he is doing well.

Um, random, but are you naturally that tan?! I mean I"m so white my skin probably blinds you when you see pictures but you always have nice tan skin and you live in MN so what's up??? :)

Enjoy your massage. I'm wishing I could play're so talented. What else do you do?!

Love your randomness of the things that make you you and make me love reading your blog and feeling like I get to know you better each time.

XLMIC said...

Random updates are often the best :)

Glad little Theo is doing well... what a cutie! Love the skinny legs... my kids were like that.

Did you get that recipe I sent you? ;-) Meatloafhotdish... doesn't get any better than that! lol

Congrats to your girls! Hoping Regionals going as outstandingly well :)

May you and your husband get some togetherness soon!

Caroline said...

there is a picture of a baby who made it through his first hours like a warrior, that cannot be uninteresting.

64 miles! Great job! to me that is so many miles!!!

I also need a maid. Mine (me) quit because the pay and benefit here are not good at all :)

Running and living said...

Me again, somehow I missed the race situation! Was it the St Patrick's race you did last year? I think you are going to be fine holding the 10 mile pace just a little's "only" a 5K more.

Enjoy a little time for yourself! Hope you and Joe will get some time together soon! Your kids are awesome and such selfless parents. And hm, how did you manage to run 64 miles with all of this?

ajh said...

Great news about Theo coming home!

yeah for your kids being in the playoffs!

Yeah for Monday morning perfect. I thought of you today on my Monday perfectness as I ran on the ocean, ate out and shopped and bought yet more 1/4 zips which is when I thought of you!

Did you know that I ran the same HM as Ana Maria? I had never seen her blog. It was fun to read her report. She rocks it for sure!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

that IS the perfect Monday morning. I had some extra time too and LOVED that.

You are so crazy busy and still manage to get that awesome mileage in - awesome!

I totally LOVE a massage, which reminds me that I should get one this wk.

I know you time with the family will be great, and you will be happy with the tough decision.

Jill said...

I'm so sitting on my butt and eating chips, I'm sure it will pay off for me like it idd to Ana-Maria!

So relieved baby Theo is doing so well, I know y'all are glad to have him home with his family.

Your hockey playing kids are just amazing. Totally embedded in their gene.

Took me a long time to feel "Comfortable" with the MT...especially when my piriformis was acting up. He kept yelling "release your glute so I can get to it." Um, awkward!!!! Here's the AMAZING thing though, Jenn...when you heel won't let you run 60 mpw anymore, all those annoying aches and pains in the glues and the calves, etc. magically disappear. Hum.....

Glad you had a great blog reading day. :)

Katie said...

Wow 64 miles! Sweet distance, especially when you're coming back from a stress fracture so recently!

So glad to hear Theo is doing well and home! Every time you mention him, I get all teary eyed...

TX Runner Mom said...

Glad Theo is doing well! Great random post...sometime randomness rocks!

Emz said...

Love the photos.

I love seeing girls play hockey. So. freaking. awesome.

Maids. rock. Highly. recommended. Once every month = heaven for me.

wanaberunnergrl said...

SOO glad to hear baby Theo is home and doing well!! That is fabulous news!

64 miles last week! Amazing!

lindsay said...

Umm that's what texting is for ;) and we wouldn't expect anything less than the crazy "organization" here at running "sane"! AM eats chips? Woo let me try out that training plan! Don't think I'll have any motivation trouble with that one.

SueMac said...

You look precious holding Baby Theo..... just precious! Glad he's home and doing so well!

Andrew Opala said...

life is so awesome ... we really need to respect ourselves and each other much more ...

Keep the hockey pictures coming too!

You'll have a blog friend for life :)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Your posts are ALWAYS interesting to me. I am so happy Theo is going home. Girl, your hair always looks perfect! 64 are a machine:) Both girls in the play-offs...that is AWESOME!!! Such an athletic family. Yay for a massage, I might have to copy you!! Have an amazing day!