Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites (seriously) and Shoutouts!!

So, I wanted to do a quick post this morning before the busy weekend hits so I decided to be really creative, try something no one has ever done before. A Friday Favorites post!! This will unfortunately not be a regular Friday occurence as I kind of feel I'm cheating on my blog and going behind it's extremely disorganized back. It just doesn't feel right... This week's (the only week's) Favorites are going to include some my favorite running things as sometimes this blog is about running......


These are the Brooks Launch! This is quite possibly the world's perfect shoe for me. I'm going to refrain from saying how many pairs of these shoes I actually own as there are children in the world with NO shoes and I just feel guilty! I've been wearing them for about a year and half. I do rotate through some other shoes such as Mizuno Waveriders, Nike Frees, Kinvaras but when it comes down to it, these are by FAR my favorite. I don't wear racing flats just keep a newer pair in the rotation for races. The pair I wore for Boston has about 50 miles on them including the 26.43 miles I put on them during the race. I have not yet removed my shoe chip and it will be removed as I replace it with my shoe chip for Grandma's! I'm stupidly superstitious and this particular pair of shoes will get me a PR in June and then be retired to the training pile (or perhaps bronzed and hung over the mantle)!


I am currently loving these Saucony shorts. They are soft and thin and the top folds over well. I have 2 pairs but green and black (because green and black obviously matches yellow and purple shoes) and I'm practically wearing them for every indoor run. They may even replace my standby Nike Tempos. For a race, the only shorts I think I've worn in the last couple of years are the Groovy Run Shorts from Lululemon. I LOVE Lulu. Seriously, I spent more time at Lulu in Boston than at the Expo....These shorts are awesome race day shorts they have a great pocket in the back which I NEED. I rarely train with gels but I will take 5 of them in a marathon (YES 5) and I need somewhere to put at least a couple. Great SUPER comfortable material!


I learned the hard way that I HAVE to wear a tank for a marathon. I can throw on arm sleeves if I need but I literally have SCARS underneath the back of my arms from sweating in the Twin Cities Marathon and wearing a stupid shirt with sleeves. My favorite-Lululemon and Underarmour.


I always wear a visor. My favorite Underarmour one smells like a dirty dishrag right now but I still wear it. Something has got to at least slow the sweat from burning holes in my retinas as I run. When my hair was short I tried the bandana thing but I don't really pull off the biker look too well:)

Me before my first ever half marathon! I really hate this picture but it makes me think of how much I loved that day! This was truly the most glorious running day of my life. No real time goal, no watch, but pure ECSTASY crossing the finish line! I wish I could just bottle the feeling I had that day! Yeah-bad ass bandana girl!!

My running partner-the Garmin 405CX.

My husband bought this for me when I was training for my first marathon. I like the velcro wristband and love looking back over my workouts that automatically download to Garmin Connect. I have the HRM that came with it but I've never trained with it. I am becoming VERY interested in HR training these days. I need a good book-suggestions please!!

My winter running jacket!

Like I said I sweat a lot. This Brooks vapor dry half zip is what I wear even in below zero temps and just layer underneath. I probably look like a big grape but then again I sometimes wear a dental mask running down the road so this is the least of my concerns!


Powerbar Vanilla (NOT chocolate) is the ONLY one I can swallow. It is runnier than Gu and I can just pour it down my throat. Absolutely disgusting but they work. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market from jelly beans, fruit snacks, candy, Shot Blox. Nope, Powerbar vanilla gels are what I'm stuck with come race day!

So, these are just a FEW of my favorites! What are some of yours?

OK- I need to throw a couple of shoutouts out there quick!!! There are many more I'm rooting for this weekend but quickly want to throw out these two!

AJH is running a half this weekend and I'm praying her heel cooperates for her! I know she'll do just awesome and have a blast doing it!!!

AM at Running, Tri-ing and Living is also running a HM this weekend. This woman is simply amazing to me! I've followed her for a LONG time and have drawn an ENORMOUS amount of inspiration from her attitude, work ethic, and of course speed:) I think she's going to have a fantastic race which will be followed by several more fantastic races until she knocks out every goal on her side bar! No doubt!

Good luck girls! Can't wait to hear about it!

In closing I will leave you a picture of my daughter this morning. It is spirit week, yesterday she prodded to school in my prom dress and today as a Green Ram Cowboy! Have a great weekend Y'all!!!


Emz said...


great post.

Love all of your items - I'd just have to change out the powerbar vanilla for Gu roctane! ;)

lindsay said...

You still have your prom dress? I just sent mine to the goodwill a couple weeks ago, finally. Although mine isn't as OLD as yours must be ;)

Jenn said...

Ha ha Lindsay! Yes my sequined mermaid GOWN with the massive shoulder poofs is perhaps older than yours!!! The bonus is, it still fits though!!!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon is where it's at...just sayin'

Small Town Runner said...

Gotta try the vanilla powerbar gel in coffee...I'm telling ya. =D

You look good in short hair, but long hair too!!

The shorts sound rad. I have never tried lulu anything....What's wrong with me??? I've never even been in a Lulu store.

Hope you have a great weekend running in the warmer temps.

wanaberunnergrl said...

Love your Friday Favorites! I can't do the Gel's ... I stick to the Shot Blocks.

ShutUpandRun said...

Love reading about other people's favorites. Gives me some great ideas.

Did I tell you I ran 15 miles this week??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Amanda@runninghood said...

I love this post. Especially since I was just thinking about shoes yesterday. Seems that I over pronate...according to my chiro and the Saucony is what has been causing my issues lately...what I thought. I thought I had the Mizuno wave riders but a I guess they are the Inspires (more support)....Not sure what I think but I'd like to go with the launch shoes..but the guy at the running store yesterday told me that I'd have the same issues with them as with the kinvaras...??? .I'm confused about shoes. I need to do some major reading. I've never had a lot of fancy fact most of my clothes for running ahve been from Target or hand me downs from my mom but I'm ready to start getting some favorites so I will be coming back to this post to read in more detail later!

How many miles are you supposed to put on a pair of shoes?

Caroline said...

I like that post!!
the gels and all...I almost tried them all..that one powerbar vanilla does go down better for me also..but I found a new thing no gel. EFS liquid shots. Trying that in a few weeks..right now long runs are under 10 miles so I save that $$ stuff for a real test!

Stephanie said...

LOVE seeing what other people are running in and using. You just reminded me that I need to get my prom dress out of storage for moments like that! I might just wear it for fun on the weekends too. :)

MuncherCruncher said...

I love all your favorites! I think You look darling with the bandanna!! I am also impressed you can handle to gels. I feel like i'm downing fluoride from the dentist, so i have to stick with shot blocks and energy beans. Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo

Running and living said...

THANK YOU for the shout out! Now everyone is going to expect me to run fast race and be dissapointed (LOL!).
I have the Brooks and I like them, but not as much as my Nike Frees. I have skinny feet and the Brooks are a tad too wide for me. Love Lulu, of course - you need to get the Run Speed short, don't shy away! You are your daughter can exchange the shorts, since it looks like you are the same size (At age 12 I wore my mom's wedding dress in a dance performance!).
I don't take gels in training, either. I still have the powergel from you:) I love Gu most flavors but race only with vanilla or pineapple Roctane. Have a great weekend!

Meg said...

Your daughter is SO cute, I love her spunk...just like her mom!
I'm loving my Launch shoes, so light! It's fun to go back and forth between my other Brooks, Ghosts, and the Launch because I can feel the differences and they serve a purpose for different work outs. I have a discount thing so I can buy two pair, otherwise, yikes!!

Have a fun weekend, thanks for those shout outs, I forgot about the half marathons going on!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I'm an Adidas girl and an older model, I'm being very tempted by all of the newer shoes out, but I've had such good luck with these, think I will have to stay "old school" until I can no longer get them.

I've been bored with the Nike tempos for a while, but really haven't found a good replacement. I'm liking the Saucony pic - need to try some.

I'm a HEAVY sweater too, urgh! heavy sweater and heavy humidity = that's always nice. I like Adidas and Nike visors.

Gels - I use Gu gels - I don't like to waste energy on chewing and the chewy things stick to my teeth - Gu- was chocolate now I'm loving the jet blackberry, my new fav. I also use the Accel Gels - citrus orange (just in case the protein helps????) I carry 5 also, but I use them in my training runs too. Like for my body to get "used to" them. I wear a belt and look like a dork.

ajh said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! Aren't you sweet!

Jessie said...

I just tried the power gel and I like it a lot better then the Gu itself. I love all the blogs with helpful advise about clothing brands and such! Its super helpful to us newbies!

XLMIC said...

Love that Green Ram Cowboy! I always did love Spirit Week in school.

This was a good read... favorites. I took some notes... really.

My faves: I have a shirt that now stinks to the high heavens like cat pee (my sweat is weird). It needs to be replaced. I have fleecy running pants that are now so pill-y and linty that I look like a old, thrown-out stuffy. They need to be replaced. My shoes... love 'em. Don't know what they are. My faves of all time were the NIke Air Skylon... the first time they made that model. The second generation sucked... for me. Super high-arched foot and no motion-control issues for me. No headwear. I look really unattractive in any headwear... I am beauty-challenged even without, but headwear accentuates my lack of good looks. I do LOVE my new running watch. It has a 50-lap memory and can do intervals. Love it. Don't know what it's called. And I LOVE my new Christmas pink iPod!

Jill said...

I didn't know you were a Brooks Launch superstar...hey, not sure where you get your shoes but ZBSports has those Launch's for $71 and then you can get a 10%discount code (holler if you can't figure it out and I'll show ou) so then you can get them for like $64. And no shipping and no tax - yay!!

I have 30 pairs of Nike Tempo sorts. No, I have 32 cuz I just bought two pair yesterday. Do I have a problem? I think I should blog about this little addiction problem, yes??? And tanks? It's all I ever wear, too. Never ever ever ever ever wear a shirt with sleeves in a race, unless the race is really short and it's really cold.

We are like twins!! :) Only I'm blonde. Not fast. 15 lbs heavier (but I'm working on that. Are girl scout cookies good diet foods?)

Korin Lopez said...

I loved your list of favorite items! I think my favorite part of blog hopping is finding such awesome tips that I would have never even thought about! Thanks for sharing!!

Michelle said...

I'm going to have to try those shorts!

Love the green cowgirl!